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九年级英语首字母填空 中考英语.doc

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九年级英语首字母填空 中考英语.doc
2014 年新版人教版九年级上册(1-8)根据首字母或汉语提示完成单词第一单元1.Can you speak a____? I can’t hear clearly.2.The nurse is very p__ to the people.3.Do you have a partner to practice c____ with?4.It improves my speaking s____. So I can speak much better now.5.Can you understand the e____ on his face ?6.I don’t know the correct ____发音 of the world.7.Mr.Black is a teacher with rich _____知识。8.There are two____化学 labs in my school.9.Research shows that ____成功的 learners have some good habits in common.10.I learn Chinese by reading the_____教材。11.Do you learn English by______(watch) English-language videos?12.It’s too hard ______(understand) the voice.13.What about _____(read) the text aloud ?14.Have you ever____(study) with a group ?15.I never study g___. It’s too boring.16.He put on his coat and went away q____ as soon as he heard the ring.17.I don’t have a p___ to practice with.18.He doesn’t know how to increase his reading s___.19.You need to practice____(say) “th” in front of a mirror.20.Why don’t you ____(listen) to English songs and repeat the difficult words.21.He has no a___in that kind of work.22.The population 人口 of the world is i______ very fast.23.Lucy pays more _____(关注) to the news.24.Do you know the s____(秘诀)of success ?25.A good language _____(learn) should have lots of practice.答案:1.aloud 2. patient 3. conversations 4. skills 5. expressions 6. pronunciation 7. knowledge 8.chemistry 9. successful 10. textbook 11. watching 12. to understand 13. reading 14. studied 15. grammar 16. quickly 17. partner 18. speed 19. saying 20. listen 21. ability 22. increasing 23. attention 24. secret 25.learner第二单元1.There are many beautiful flowers in the g_____.2. My uncle is a boss. He went to shanghai on b____.3.Anyone who break the laws(法律) will be p____.4.My friends give me some p___ for my birthday.5. The police caught the thief while he was s____ money.6.Santa Claus s____ love and joy everywhere he goes.7.Don’t talk to _____(陌生人) on the way to school.8.On Mid-Autumn night, families eat mooncakes and ___(欣赏)the moon. 9.Little Tom was so sad because his pet dog was ____(死亡) 。10.Mr.Brown went to the town to visit his ____(亲戚) 。11. How heavy is this bag? ----It’s about 25 p____.12.Do you usually eat ____甜食 after meals ?13.Do you prefer _____music or pop music ?14.Athena is a well-known _____of wisdom.15.Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Chinese t______ festivals.16.It was cold. They went out of room to enjoy the w____ of the sun.答案:1. garden 2.business 3. punished 4. presents 5.stealing 6. spreads 7. strangers 8. admire 9. dead 10. relatives 11.pounds 12. desserts 13. folk 14. goddess 15. traditional 16. warmth第三单元1.Can you tell me where the ____(洗手间) are ?2.He lived in a town b____ the sea.3.Excuse me, how much is a _____(明信片) to France?4. P_____ me, did I tread on your foot, Miss?5.She went into the b____ and took a shower.6.My husband is a s____ collector.7.I s____that he put an advertisement in the local paper.8.The train leaves the ____(中央的)station at 14:15.9.The river flows through the city from e____to west.10.Do not r___ or you may have an accident.11.Could you please tell me you e-mail a____?12.Do you know how to ask for d____ in big cities?13.The shopping center is near my house. It’s c____ to get to.14.I found a wallet at a street c____.15.He ____(建议) we go to the museum.16.He likes collecting _____(邮票) 。17.I have to r___, or maybe I will be late for the class.18.Does he think people would help him if he asks for help p____?19.The teacher taught the students to get the c_____ answer.20.There are many important reasons why the u____ is safer than the overground railways. 答案:1.washrooms2.beside3.postcard4.Pardon 5.bathroom 6.stamp 7.suggested 8.central 9.east 10.rush 11.address 12.directions 13.convenient 14.corner 15.suggests 16.stamps 17.rush 18.politely 19.correct 20.underground 第四单元1.The film is _____(幽默的)and moving.2.Would you be good enough to keep ____(安静的)?3.She needs to win this point to level the ___(得分).4.Get the fall in the ____(背景) , will you ?5.They ____(采访)people from all works of life.6.The tour took in six ____(Europe) capitals.7.Most ____(Africa) people are black people.8.He used to ____(live) in London.9.John s___ gets together with his friends.10.My sister used to be quiet. She was always s____ in class.11.Our school life is very busy. We don’t have much p____ time.12.Don’t speak loudly in p____.13.The conversation with the teacher _____(影响) his life.14.We are ____(骄傲) of Li Na , the tennis player.15.Could you give me an _____(介绍)about the machine.16.As a young man, you really r_____ a lot of talent and hard work to succeed.17.All the strangers should be stopped by the g___ at the school gate. 18.Our head master will give us a s____ at the meeting this afternoon and he will be the first speaker.19.This pair of shoes is e____(确切地)what I wanted.20.He was no longer interested in studying, he was often a___ from school.答案:1.humorous 2.silent 3.score 4. background 5.interview 6.European 7.African 8.living 9. seldom 10.silent 11.private 12.public13. influenced 14.proud 15.introduction 16.require 17.guard 18.speech 19.exactly 20.absent 第五单元1.She was wearing a blue _____(衬衣).2.Is it made of____(棉花) ,silk or wool ?3.Jim is going to collect______(材料) for a new book.4.Both New York and London have ____(交通) problems.5.The calm water s___ is very much like a mirror.6.They built a wall to a____ soil being washed away.7.I’m pleased with your___(产品)8.The Internet has become part of e____ life.9.Our Chinese always use c_____ to eat, but the English don’t use them.10.______(法国)is an beautiful country.11.She met with her student at a _____(当地的) church every week.12.Each different part of China has its own special f___ of traditional art.13.The clay pieces are fired after drying.Then they are P____and painted. 14.May I use your m___ phone? I want to call up my friend.15.Your hands are cold. Please put on your g_____.16.People in western countries eat food with knives and f____.17.We must c____this work today.18.Some l____ from a nearby bush fell into the water.19.When t____lights are red, we mustn’t cross the street.20.These cars are made in G____.答案:1.blouse2.cotton3.material4.traffic5.surface6.avoild7.products8.everyday 9.chopsticks10.France11.local12.forms13.polished14.mobile15.gloves16.forks17.complete 18. leaves19.traffic 20.Germany第六单元1.Please l___the door when you leave.2.The students in every class are d___into eight groups.3.Tom, s____is waiting for you at the school gate.4.The temperature is l___. Please put on your coat.5.He set up a ____(网站) to help the disabled people.6.Many people lost their lives in the ____(地震) .7.The wine has a pleasant s____.8.You are a h____in my heart.9.The names are l___on this piece of paper.10.The book has been t ____ into more than ten languages.11.Wu Mochou is famous. Her name is always m____by young people.12.Reading filled my life with p____.13.You can see clearly far away with this special i______.14.One c____ means a hundred years.15.After giving rose to others, fragrance r_____ with the hands.16.He put salt in her cup of tea by m____.17.He is without d____ the best student in our class.18.The T-shirt on sale has many popular s___ in the shop.19.At that time, she didn’t look like an scientific p____(先锋)20.These grapes are too s____, I can’t stand them.21.There are many c___ in the restaurant at noon.22.The man is a C___ doctor and he lives in Ottawa.答案:1.lock 2. Divided 3. Someone 4. low 5.website 6. earthquake 7.smell 8. hero9. listed10. translated 11.mentioned12.pleasure13.instrument14.century15.remains16.mistake17.doubt 18.styles19.pioneer20.sour 21.customers 22.Canadian第七单元1.John got his driver’s l____ last month.2.We all a____ with what you said just now.3.The boy fell off the bike and hurt his legs. He couldn’t help c___.4.We are supposed to give him a h___(拥抱) 。5.It’s a good c____. I won’t miss it.6.The box is too heavy for me to l____. Who can help me ?7.Which team will you ____(支持)?8.If you don’t study hard, you may f___.9.David’s dream is to be a p____runner.10.The policeman told us the i_____( 重要性)of obeying traffic rules.11.I r____talking back, not listening to mom.12.Li Bai wrote many p____.13.Although he is young, he can m____his own life.14.I had an a___ dream last night because I watched scary movies.15.S___ is our family. We are all members of it.16.Everyone should love his own ___(社区).17.Teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to s____. It’s bad for their health.18.Tom made a good c____(选择).19.The baby is hungry, so he is c____ all the time.20.We mustn’t cross the street when the traffic lights are red. S___ is important.答案:1.license2.agreed 3.crying4.hug 5.chance6.lift 7.support8.fail9.professional 10. importance 11.regret 12.poems13.manage 14.awful 15.Society 16.community17.smoke18.choice19.crying 20.Safety第八单元1.Last week , I r____ a letter from my old friend.2.I feel s___ . I want to go to bed now.3.W____ book is this ? It’s tom’s.4.It’s so cold outside. Please put on your c___.5.I don’t have anything v____ in my schoolbag, just some books.6.I don’t know how to e___ my feelings.7.Stonehenge has a m___ purpose.8.Yesterday I a_____ a concert and I enjoyed it very much.9.They are celebrating a v____ over the enemy.10.The Great Wall was built over a long p___ of time.11.The strange noises made the people in this area feel u____.12.When people have a p____, they eat a meal out of doors, usually in a field or a forest, or at the beach.13.Though grandmother is 80, she is full of e___ and never feels tired.14.Stonehenge is a rock c____.15.They are doing chemistry experiments in the l___.16.In my mind, chairman Mao was one of the greatest ___(lead) in the world.17.I can understand his meaning by reading the ____(express) on his face.18.These books are not ____(suit) for me.19.Wearing masks can p___ people from catching a cold.20.The bike b____ to Tom.答案:1.received 2.sleepy 3.Whose 4.coat 5.valuable 6.express 7.medical 8.attended 9.victory 10.period 11.uneasy12.picnic 13.energy14.circle 15.laboratory16.leaders 17.expression 18.suitable 19.prevent 20.belongs



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