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八年级上册 unit1-2 单元综合测试卷一、单词拼写1. I often ______ (购物) on weekends.2. We must ______ (保持) our classroom clean.3. Katrina doesn’t often _______ (喝) coffee, she likes green tea.4. Does your brother study at Green _______ (中学) School?5. go along this street and turn left,you can see a high___________(build )next to the bank6.we usually take part in all kinds of______________(activity)?7. ______ (垃圾) food isn’t good for your health.8. My favorite ________ (节目) is the CCTV news.9.Although life is f_____________of difficulties,we should overcome them10. There are some _____ (不同) between the two pictures.11. Mr. Smith felt ______________(饥饿的) after he walked so long.12. linda’s _________(健康)has improved greatly since she started on this new diet13. My mother works in a (杂志) for children.14. — Nothing __ (好像) impossible (不可能的) in this world.— I agree with you. 15. I don’t have ( 足够的) money for this skirt.16.it is raining outside.please take the u_____ _____with you.17. I like listening to music on the (网络).18. (尽 管 ) the old man doesn’t have much money, he often helps others.19. His uncle is a farmer and his aunt is a (write).20.I was ______ ____(boring)with that bookIt is really a waste of time.二、选择填空(25)( )1.—_____________do you exercise? —Hardly ever. A.How many times B.How often C.When D.How ( )2.Jane______stay up late because she didn’t finished his homework. A.had to B.must C.should D.must to ( )3.Tom studies _______. He _______plays with his friends.A.hard; hard B. hardly; hardly C. Hard;hardly D. hardly; hard( )4.Jane is __________ high school student in the United States.A.a 18-year-old B.a 18-years-old C.an 18-years-old D.an 18-year-old ( )5. ___it was very cold, _____ my friend still went swimming in Jialing River this morning. A. Although;but B.Although;/ C.But;although D./;although ( )6. —How often do you drink milk? —I don’t like it,so I _____drink it. A.always B.usually C.hardly ever D. often ( )7.“85%of the students in our class like English.”means “ ___students in our class like English.” A.All B.Most C.Few D.No ( )8.Does Antony always finish his homework on time?—Yes,of course. He_____ leaves today’s work until tomorrow. A.also B.never C.only D.usually ( )9— _______ do you use the Internet a week? —Twice.A.How often B.How soon C.How long D.How many times ( )10.—How often does the train run to Jinan ? —_____twenty minutes. A.Any B.Each C.Every D.Another ( )11.It’s too dark in the room.He can hardly see anything,______? A.can he B.does he C.,can’t he D.doesn’t he ( )12.It was _____ lovely weather _______ we decided tospend the day on the beach. A.such a; that B.such; that C.such; as D.so; that ( )13.There are a few____but little_____in the cupboard. A.apples;coffee B.coffee;apples C.apple;coffees D.apple,coffee ( )14.My dad ________ a teacher when I grow up . A.wants me to B.wants me to be C.wants me D.wanted ( )15.I left my keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in______the window. A.In B.through C.over D.across ( )16.Mr.Li asks the students_____in the river, because it’s too dangerous. A.swim B.to swim C.not to swim D.to not swim ( )17If you have a toothache(牙痛),you can go to see a _____ . A.doctor B.dentist C. teacher D.policeman ( )18. Reading aloud is the best way___________ English. A.to learn B.learning C.to learn D.learns ( )19.—I can’t find my CDs. —_______you put them in that bag.A. Must B. May be C. Maybe D. May ( )20.Peter is my best friend. He often helps________ science. A. me with B, my with C. me on D. me of ( )21.—What about_______ a rest? —OK!Let’s go for a walk. A. to have B. had C. have D. having\( )22.—How many books in the bag are yours? — __________ of them is mine. A.No one B.None C.Not one D.Noone ( )23.____do you watch TV every week?—Less than two hours. A.How many B. How much C. How long D. How often ( )24.What do you usually do__________ weekends? A.on B.of C.in D.with ( )25 Tony studies very ______.He often does his homework until 10:30p.m.,but his brother Tom______ does homework. A. hardly ;hardly B. hard;hardly C. hardly;hard ( )26 _______ the bad weat her, the swimming match had been put off. (2007 山西)A. Because B. Thanks to C. With the help of( )27. 28.I like sports , basketball and volleyball . A. such as B. so as C. as well( ) 28、The best way ____ English is to use it.A. learning B. to learn C. learn( )29. —Is there on the Internet ? ---No, nothing . A. something special B. special anything C. anything special( )30 The book isn’t for me to read . A. enough easy B. easy enough C. easily enough ( )31.____ Linda is only five years old,_____ she can look after herself.A.Athough, but B. Al though, \ C.Although, so( )32--- What do you want to do this weekend? --- I feel like ____ fishingA. arriving B. to arrive C. arrived三、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。1. Help (you) to some fish, Linda.2. — What a lovely model plane! Where did you buy it?— I made it by (I).3. I can’t see (something) in the room. There is no light.4. — What is the tall (build) next to the post office?— It is a library.5. I usually go to the cinema with my parents (two) a year.6. There’s (little) air on the top of the mountain than at the foot of it.7. What are the (different) between the two books?8. I think Animal World and Weekend Talk are two interesting (program). 9. He seemed (boring) after doing it five times. 10. — Why do you (like) math? — Because I think it is difficult for me. 11. It was cool yesterday, so we (decide) to go hiking.12. Her grandpa is over eighty years old, but he is in good (healthy). 13. At last the dog (die) in the park. 14. These little (duck) can swim very well.15. There are a lot of (activity) in this club every weekend.四. 选用方框中的单词填空。bicycle, wet, dentist, everyone, wonderful, such, through, housework, together, maybe1. This is a film. I like it very much.2. Linda usually helps her mother do the in her free time.3. is here. Let’s begin. 4. This is a difficult problem that few students can work it out.5. Tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s go to the movies .6. I don’t know his job. he is a doctor.7. Try not to get your shoes .8. — How do you usually go to school?— By . 9. His brother works in a big hospital. He is a .10. I could see their garden the window.IV.句型转换(10 分) 1I always eat junk food,(改为否定句 ) I __________ eat junk food. 2.I seldom(几乎不)eat junk food.(改为同义句) I______ _________ eat iunk food.3.Mary is 16 years old.(改为同义句) Mary is ____ ____________________ girl. 4.I go to school five days a week.(提问) _______ _____________do you go to school a week? 5. I sleep nine hours every night. (对画线部分提问) ________ _______ do you sleep ? 6.Do you want to come? (同义句) _______you _________________ to come? 7.She usually watches TV for over two hours a day.(同义句) She usually watches TV for_____________________two hours a day.8.He never goes shopping on weekend,________________________?(改为反意疑问句) 9She has a healthy eating habit.(改为同义句) Her ________ _______ _________ healthy. 10. She eats junk food once a week.(对画线部分提问) ________ _______ ______she eat junk food? 五、用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空,补全短文。Yesterday (1) (be) Jenny’s birthday. We (2) (have) a birthday party for her at her house. Jenny’s mother (3) (make) a birthday cake for her. Jenny (4) (play) the piano. Lucy and Lily (5)(dance) and sang. We were singing when an old man came in. He said, “I (6) (live) next door. Would you please not (7) (make) so much noise (噪音)? I can’t (8) (sleep).” Then we (9) (find) that it was 11:50 pm. We said sorry to (10) (he) and everyone left.六、阅读理解Although English people don’t care about what they eat ,they care about the place where they eat .Rich families usually have a nice dinning room .English people like to eat out . The rich go to big restaurants. The poor go to small ones or fast-food restaurants .There are also a lot of foreign restaurants ,such as Italian ,Chinese ,Indian ,Japanese and so on .A good restaurants is usually big and clean . Waiters and waitresses wear uniforms and are friendly and polite . When you are eating , you might hear gentle music .Small restaurants or fast-food restaurants are nosier but clean and pleasant ,too . In summer ,English people like eating outside .people bring basketball of sandwiches and sit on the grass in the park ,enjoying the sun . Some English kids’favorite food is pizza ,and most kids hate vegetables .Some of them like eating the most famous English food ,food and chips .根据短文内容,判断正误。正确的打 T,错误的打 F.( ) 1.The English always like eating at home .( ) 2.There are a lot of foreign restaurants In England .( ) 3.Waiters and waitresses in big restaurants always wear uniforms . ( ) 4.In summer ,English people like to eat in the open air . ( ) 5.The most famous English food is pizza.七、书面表达:根据汉语提示及要求,以 Sally’s Dream 为题写一篇短文.提示: 1.Sally 是一个中学生,她想成为一名职业演员.2.她同时也是一名志愿者,经常参加一些志愿者服务活动,业余时间她还上表演课.3.现在她遇到了一些麻烦,无钱上表演课.她想出了许多办法,如: 打电话给家长、主动辅导孩子的美术、张贴启事寻找工作挣钱等。4.问题解决了,她可以继续上课了,她的梦想回实现的。





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