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新人教版八年级上册英语第二单元精选练习题附答案Unit 2 How often do you exercise?第一课时 Section A(1a~2d)01 基础过关Ⅰ.根据句意及汉语提示填写单词。1.My friend sometimes watches movies on the ________(因特网).2.Do you often help your mother do some ________(家务活)?3.There are lots of ________(秋千) in the park.4.The bus is ________(满的) of people.5.We went to Hong Kong only ________(一次) .Ⅱ.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。6.The old man is so tired that he can ________ walk.7.I visit my grandparents six ________ a year.8.They are all my favorite TV ________.I often watch them.9.His uncle ________ every day. He is very healthy.10.Last year Mary went to Beijing ________—the first time in May and the second time in October.Ⅲ.单项选择。( )11.—________ does Linda watch English movies?—Once a week.A.How often B.How many C.How far D.How long( )12.—What ________ your mother________ on weekends?—She usually goes shopping.A.is;do B. does;do C.do;does D.do;do( )13.—May I put the books in the box?—I'm afraid not. The box is ________.A.old B.new C.full D.expensive()14.Sport News is my father's favorite ________ and he watches it every night.A.program B.movie C.book D.newspaper( )15.—Would you like a cup of tea?—No,thanks. I ________ drink tea.A.ever B.still C.hard D.hardlyⅣ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。16.你明天有空吗?________ ________ ________ tomorrow?17.今天怎么会下雨呢?________ ________ it's rainy today?18.你喜欢哪种水果? w W w . x K b 1.c o M________ ________ ________ fruit do you like?19.迈克的表弟几乎从不做运动。Mike's cousin ________ ________ plays sports.20.现在萨利正忙于学摇摆舞。Sally is busy learning ________ ________ these days.02 能力提升Ⅴ.情景交际。从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(其中有两项多余)A:Hi,Anna!B:Hi,Wei Fang!A:__21__B:Yes. I came here with my parents years ago.A:__22__B:Once a year.A:Do you like Chinese food?B:Yes,I do.__23__ I think it is very hot.A:You are right.B:__24__A:Yes ,very often. I always watch TV when I'm free.B:__25__A:It's Animal World.21.________ 22.________ 23.________ 24.________ 25.________第二课时 Section A(3a~3c)01 基础过关Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示填写单词。1.I'm not sure. M________ she is an English teacher.2.Sam plays soccer at l________ twice a week.3.—What do you often do on w________ ?— On Saturday I often do my homework,and on Sunday I often play basketball with my classmates.4.My grandmother is very h________ because of her good eating habits.5.I'm b________ now,so I have no time to play tennis with you.Ⅱ.根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。6.She goes to the movies ________ ________ ________ (一个月一次) .7.It's bad for you to ________ ________ ________ (熬夜到很晚 ).8.Mr. Green's daughter often ________ ________ ________(帮助做家务).9.The old man always ________ ________ ________ ________(睡觉早).10.Does your best friend enjoy ________ ________(做运动)?Ⅲ.单项选择。( )11.—How often do you dance?—I dance ________ a week.A.one or two B.once or twiceC.once and twice times D.two and three times( )12.—What does Lisa do at home?—She usually ________ the Internet to watch movies.A.use B.used C.uses D.will use( )13.Becky is a good student. She ________ late for school.A.is never B.never is C.is always D.always is( )14.—Does your sister often go shopping?—________.She has no time.A.Yes ,she did B.No,she didn'tC.Yes,she does D.No,she doesn't( )15.—________?—Five times a week.A.Where is the music clubB.When do you go to the music clubC.How often do you go to the music clubD.How do you go to the music clubⅣ.按要求完成下列句子,每空一词。16.I usually play baseball on weekends.(对画线部分提问)________ do you usually ________ on weekends?17.Mike watches TV twice a week.(对画线部分提问)________ ________ ________ Mike watch TV?18.Tom does his homework after school.(改为否定句)Tom ________ ________ his homework after school.19.We like watching Animal World.(对画线部分提问)________ program do you ________ ________?20.Many students play sports every day.( 对画线部分提问)________ ________ do many students play sports?02 能力提升Ⅴ.配对阅读。请仔细阅读第 21-25 小题中五种获得健康和快乐的方法,从 A-G 中选择出相应的标题,其中有两项为多余选项。We know health and happiness(快乐) are important to our life. Here are some ways to get them.( )21.Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and less meat. Don't eat too much junk food.( )22.You should exercise at least twice or three times a week.( )23.It is best to get about eight hours of sleep a day. It is very bad for our health if we don't have enough sleep.( )24.It stops you from having bad habits. To keep yourself busy,you can work around the house,spend time with your pet,write letters to your friends,do a sport,or do anything you enjoy.( )25.Spend time and have fun with them. Talk with them,but don't talk about anything bad. You should stay with the people who are healthy and happy.A.Have enough sleepB.Eat healthy foodC.Keep yourself busyD.Get up earlyE.Go out and make friendsF.Keep the room clean and tidyG.Remember to exercise第三课时 Section B (1a~1e)01 基础过关Ⅰ.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。habit,sleep ,healthy,coffee,vegetable1.The old man is 90 years old,but he is still in good ________.2.The boy likes eating ________,but he doesn't like eating fruit.3.This kind of animal always ________ at night.4.Staying up late isn't a good ________,I think.5.Her brother enjoys drinking ________ very much.Ⅱ.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。6.The girl ________(visit) her grandmother once a week.7.Susan often ________(help) her mother clean the room.8.At school Tom never ________ (play) sports.9.Sometimes Ms. Hand ________ (have) lunch at school.10.The Greens always ________ (read) newspapers in the morning.Ⅲ.单项选择。( )11.________ Susan ________ some bread for breakfast every day?A.Do;eats B.Do;eat C.Does;eats D.Does;eat( )12.Vegetables are ________.They are good for our ________.A.health;healthy B.healthy ;healthC.healthy;healthy D.health ;health( ) 13.Eating more vegetables good ________ your health.A.are ;to B.is;to C.is;for D.are;for( )14.—Would you like some ________?—Yes, please. I like drinking it.A.noodle B.beef C.pear D.coffee( )15.My teacher wants us ________ a diary in English every day.A.to keep B.keeping C.kept D.keepⅣ.看图片,根据所给英语提示写句子。16.Li Lei and Wang Ming,every evening________________________________________________________________________17.Tom,often,at home________________________________________________________________________18.my mother,sometimes________________________________________________________________________19.the children,usually,after school________________________________________________________________________20.Mike,hardly ever________________________________________________________________________02 能力提升Ⅴ.任务型阅读。Paul and John are sportsmen,but they are different. Paul is a runner. Every morning he goes swimming for one hour. Then he practices running. He likes fish,beef and eggs. He eats a lot of fruit and vegetables,too. He hardly ever eats junk food. Paul says he can't be fat,or he can't run fast. John is a sumo wrestler(相扑手).He weighs(重) over 150kg,because he eats a lot and sleeps a long time. John only has lunch and dinner every day,but he eats much. And he usually sleeps from the early evening to the next noon. He only practices in the afternoon. The training is usually very hard. These habits help him keep fat and be a good sumo wrestler.根据短文内容,完成下列句子,每空一词。21.Paul ________ and ________ every morning.22.Paul doesn't like eating ________ ________ at all.23.John eats ________ ________ and sleeps a long time.24.John eats ________ a ________,but he eats much.25.John's training is very ________ and he only practices in the ________.第四课时 Section B (2a~2e)01 基础过关Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示填写单词。1.Going camping is good for your m________ and body.2.Her grandfather likes reading newspapers and m________.3.It rained hard,but n________ of my classmates was late for school.4.My mother sometimes spends the evening watching t________.5.They walked t________ the forest and arrived at the small house yesterday.Ⅱ.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。die,almost,together,write,dentist6.Jenny and Alice are good friends. They always go to school ________.7.The poor girl ________ on a snowy night.8.Bob's parents are ________.They work in a big hospital.9.Mr. Smith got back home at ________ ten last night.10.Lu Xun is my brother's favorite ________.Ⅲ.单项选择。( )11.Mona often eats junk food,________she knows it's bad for her health.A.although B.so C.and D.or( )12.The old man is very rich(富有的),________,he isn't happy.A.but B.so C.however D.or( )13.It's good to learn English by ________ English TV programs.A.watch B.watches C.watching D.watched( )14.Thirty percent of the students in the class ________ watching game shows. They think they're interesting.A.likes B.like C.dislikes D.dislike( )15.—Do you know the ________ of the test?—Yes. I got an A.A.rule B.place C.time D.result02 能力提升Ⅳ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。16.我喜欢运动,例如游泳、跑步和篮球。I like playing sports,________ ________ swimming,running and basketball.17.格林先生已经住在北京超过三年了。Mr. Green has lived in Beijing for ________ ________ three years.18.我的爸爸昨天晚上熬夜到很晚,他睡觉少于 5 个小时。My father stayed up late last night and he slept for ________ ________ five hours.19.老师告诉了我这个问题的答案。The teacher told me ________ ________ ________ the question.20.放松的最好方法是看书。________ ________ ________ ________ ________ is reading.Self CheckⅠ.单项选择。( )1.—What's on the table,Lucy?—There is ________ television.________ television is very old.A.a;A B. an;An C.a;The D.an;The( )2.—Who will go to the ________ for teeth cleaning with you,Jim?—My mother.A.policeman B.dentist C.artist D.musician( )3.Alex wants his brother ________ the mountains with him this weekend.A.arriving B.to arrive C.climbing D.to climb( )4.—________does he do sports every day?—He does sports for two hours every day.A.How many B.How oftenC.How long D.What time( )5.Helen was so excited at the news that she could ________ say a word.A.ever B.almost C. always D.hardly( )6.An apple a day is good ________ your health.A.for B.of C.at D. in( )7.—How often do the students do sports?—________.A.For two hours B.In half an hourC.An hour ago D.Twice a day( )8.________ of the students were in the classroom. They all went to the music club.A.Many B.Some C.Any D.None( )9.________ the work is very hard,he still tries to do it himself.A.Although B.As C.If D.Because( )10.—Are you late for class?—________.A.Yes ,never B.Yes ,sometimesC.No,ever D.No,usuallyⅡ.词汇运用。A)根据句意及汉语提示填写单词。11.Let's go to the zoo ________(一起),OK?12.The little girl can ________(摆动) with the music.13.I don't like these ________( 节目) .What about you?14.Mr. Zhang got the good job ________( 凭借) his hard work.15.Sixty ________( 百分之…… ) of students in our class like playing soccer.B)用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。16.Doing sports is good for our minds and ________(body).17.I read much ________(little) now than I did at school.18.Tom got ninety -seven ________(point) in the math test.19.Do you like the ________(writer) new book?20.Look!The flowers are ________(die).Can you get some water?Ⅲ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。21.我一周至少做两次家务。I do the housework ________ ________ twice a week.22.妈妈不让我吃垃圾食品。Mum doesn't want me to eat ________ ________.23.这家超市的很多东西,像蔬菜和肉,在打折出售。Lots of things in this supermarket,________ ________ vegetables and meat,are on sale.24.他的姑姑在这所学校工作不到三年。His aunt worked in this school for ________ ________ three years.25.通过看足球比赛来放松很不错。________ good to relax ________ ________ soccer games.Ⅳ.完形填空。I'm a middle school student. In the past,I had some bad __26__.I hardly had breakfast __27__ I usually got up late. I didn't like exercising. I __28__ exercised one or two times a month. In the evening, I always watched TV __29__ more than two hours. Then I __30__ the Internet. I liked to play computer games. So I often stayed up late. My parents thought staying up late was bad for my health,so they were not __31__ with that.One day,I fainted (昏倒)in a P.E. class. When I __32__,I was in the hospital. The doctor said that my classmates sent __33__ there. He said that I was in poor (差的) __34__.Then he told me to eat breakfast every day and do more exercise.From then on,I__35__ to give up (戒掉)my bad habits. Now I usually get up early and have a good breakfast. After school,I always play sports with my friends. It's fun and good for my health.( )26.A.activities B.habits C.buildings D.programs( )27.A.although B.that C.because D.if( )28.A.only B.least C.quite D.never( )29.A.after B.for C.through D.below( )30.A.waited B.swung C.bought D.used( )31.A.happy B.bored C.afraid D.different( )32.A.cut down B.thought of C.woke up D.went out( )33.A.me B.her C.him D.us( )34.A.percent B.difference C.magazine D.health( )35.A.asked B.decided C.stopped D.dislikedⅤ.阅读理解。Health is very important. How can we stay healthy?Look at the three children. They'll tell you what helps them stay healthy.Zhang Wei:What helps me stay healthy?Well,I like fruit and vegetables. I eat a lot of them. I don't eat unhealthy snacks like chips. Chips make me fat—I hate that!I am also on the badminton team. My teacher has me practice a lot. All that exercise helps me stay in shape!Susan Brown:My mom helps me stay healthy. She always makes me go to bed early on weekdays. So I feel ready for school in the morning. My mom also gives me a lot of work around the house. Sometimes I don't like that,but I still do it all. The work keeps me busy—it's like exercise!I like any kind of exercise.Wang Gang:Well,I go swimming in the summer and skating in the winter. I don't watch television very much .I read books. I learn a lot this way!I also drink a lot of milk. Milk helps bones(骨头) become strong. All these things keep me healthy and happy.( )36.What's the passage about?A.How to study hard.B.How to be healthy.C.How to eat every day.D.How to stay busy.( )37.Susan Brown ________.A.watches a lot of televisionB.eats a lot of unhealthy snacksC.is on a badminton teamD.goes to bed early on weekdays( )38.Who helps Susan Brown stay healthy?A.Her mother. B.Her teacher.C.Her friends. D.Herself.( )39.Wang Gang usually gets a lot of knowledge by ________.A.reading newspapersB.watching TVC.listening to his teacherD.reading books( )40.Which of the following is TRUE?A.Susan loves eating apples.B.Wang Gang likes milk.C.Vegetables are unhealthy.D.Zhang Wei never exercises.单元写作小专题 2、 努力学习技术,熟练掌握现有电气设备的原理及实际操作与维修; 3、 积极协调配电工的工作,出现事故时无条件地迅速返回机房,听从领班的指挥; 4、 招待执行所管辖设备的检修计划,按时按质按量地完成,并填好记录表格; 5、 严格执行设备管理制度,做好日夜班的交接班工作; 6、 交班时发生故障,上一班必须协同下一班排队故障后才能下班,配电设备发生事故时不得离岗; 7、 请假、补休需在一天前报告领班,并由领班安排合适的替班人.





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