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yoga,,By group one,The Outline,The brief introduction of yoga The development of yoga The classification of yoga Yoga and modern life Suggestion for you Conclusion,Part One: The brief introduction,Brief Introduction of Yoga,Yoga (/ˈjoʊɡə/; Sanskrit: योग, Listen) is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline, that aim to transform body and mind.,What is Yoga,Yoga, which originated in the Himalayan foothills of India is known as “the world’s treasures” , and has a long history of over 5,000 years,Origin of Yoga,The origins of Yoga have been speculated to date back to pre-vedic Indian traditions ,and the earliest accounts of Yoga-practice are in the Buddhist Nikayas,Created by ancient Indian yogis , Yoga is considered as a wholesome exercise system .And its creation is based on the observation, imitation as well as the personal experience of the posture of animals .,Postures of Yoga,Part Two : The development,,,Development,1.Preclassical era (500-200 BCE),2.Classical era (200 BCE – 500 CE),3.Middle Ages (500–1500 CE),4.Modern history,Preclassical era (500-200 BCE),With the lack of written records of the period, yoga from a primitive philosophy gradually become the spiritual aspect. Meditation(冥想) and Penance(苦行) is the practice of yoga center. From the beginning of the 5000 BC, about 3000 years of time is the original development of yoga.,Classical era (200 BCE – 500 CE),“The Bhagavad Gita“ 《薄伽梵歌》appear complete Yoga for law . The philosophy of Vedanta 吠檀多哲学is one to develop the spiritual practice of Yoga . Classical era emphasized line method to behavior, beliefs, knowledge.,Middle Ages (500–1500 CE),In about 300 BC, India great sage(大圣哲) Patanjali 帕坦伽利(English: Patanjali) created the “Yoga Sutra”瑜伽经. Patanjali is regarded as the father of yoga. India yoga really forming on the basis of yoga for law, was formally set into eight branches complete system. In these “Upanishads”奥义书, pure cognition纯粹认知, reasoning(推理) and even meditation(冥想) are not the only way to escape .They need to experience physiological transformation and spirit activities.,,Therefore, to produce a diet, abstinence, asana, seven wheel, plus the spell, fingerprint mudra Shang Shizhi combined, is the essence of Yoga after the classical period. 因此,产生出了节食、禁欲,体位法,七轮等,加上咒语、手印身印尚师之结合,是后古典时期瑜伽的精华。,Modern history,Yoga’s development to today, has become a physical and mental exercise spread the world going to law. From India to Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and so on, it is the psychological decompression exercise welcoming by people. At the same time Yoga branch evolving out of different kinds of method such as hot yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga, yoga and health, as well as some yoga management science.,Part three: The classification,THE CLASSIFICATION OF TRADITIONAL YOGA,Jnana Yoga 智瑜伽/智慧瑜伽 Karma Yoga 行动瑜伽/劳动瑜伽 Bhahti Yoga 信仰瑜伽/奉爱瑜伽 Hatha Yoga 哈达瑜伽 Raja Yoga 王瑜伽 Kundalini Yoga昆达利尼瑜伽,Knowledge can be divided by levels. experience & understand the Sanskrit Infinite .造物主-梵 religious people, the elders of large populated sites , the ancient Indian royal think tank 智囊团,JNANA YOGA 智瑜伽/智慧瑜伽,the process of achieving perfection in action the most authentic way to progress in the spiritual life often understood as a yoga of selfless service.,KARMA YOGA 行动瑜伽/劳动瑜伽,Regardless of religions worship the Sanskrit Infinite devoutly虔诚地,Focus on eliminating ignorant thoughts消除愚昧无知的想法 Keep the admiration of the Sanskrit Infinite in your heart of hearts to be with him permanently,BHAHTI YOGA 信仰瑜伽/奉爱瑜伽,Keys for Raja Yoga 王瑜伽 Sitting still Meditation 冥想,Design for those stay-at-home practitioners , helping them to enjoy the intact 完整的 family life. Increase the capacity of the internal tolerance , so that people can be at ease to face the stress in their life while maintaining youth , elegance and health.,KUNDALINI YOGA昆达利尼瑜伽,Part four: Yoga and modern life,Why Practice Yoga In Daily Life,Yoga in Daily Life is an authentic practice based on the ancient wisdom of yoga, adapted to meet the needs of modern life.,而且运动强度适中。在宁静、舒缓、祥和的气氛中,给人们带来健康、美丽、自信和快乐。,moreover the movement intensity is moderate. In tranquil, affable and auspicious atmosphere, yoga brings the people healthy, beauty ,self-confident and happiness.,Disease resistance: yoga exercises a strong physique, it can also increase immune. 增加疾病抵抗力:瑜伽锻炼出一副健壮的体格,免疫能力也增加。,世界各地的明星,政要都把瑜伽当成首选的健身美体项目。就连美国好莱坞明星麦当娜都非常痴迷瑜伽,由于练习瑜伽,即使生过孩子以后还保持着非常完美的体型。,The world star of each place, the main points of administration regard the yoga as the first choice of building body.American Hollywood star Macdanna are extremely infatuated the yoga.As a result of practice yoga, even if she had a child ,she also maintain the extremely perfect state.,Part five: suggestion for you,1.Do Yoga when you are on an empty belly.Because when you are full , twisting the body may cause uncomfortable. 2. Use a nasal breathing.Because for yoga, it is very importan to contral the breathing , if you can not use a right way to breath,the benefits will be discounted. 3.Don’t compare ,you need to be peaceful.,6 suggestion for you,4.If you are a beginner of yoga,please don’t try to do some difficult positions at first ,because you would hurt yourself by that. 5. Sports safety. In general, people with heart disease, hypertension , retinal detachment, head and neck back injury, pregnant women, serious illness, please pay more attention to sports safety. 6.To be continued.,Conclusion,Yoga can help people to keep fit and live a healthier life. What’s more, yoga are able to relieve one’s pressure and burden when one person feels stressful in the modern life. Finally, young people, especially ladies can keep a good shape when they do yoga, thus gaining confidence and becoming elegant.,





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