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Advertising + Media(部分),Miranda,Positives,Advertising is a key part of modern business. Companies need to tell customers about their products. Advertising is a creative industry that employs many people. Advertisements inform us about(告知我们) the choices we have.,IDEA,Positives,Without advertising we would have less choice. Without advertising there would be higher unemployment. Advertising is a form of modern art,IDEA,Negatives,Advertising manipulates(控制) people. It aims to persuade people that buying a product which might be useless for them. Advertisers focus on selling a brand image(品牌形象). We are persuaded to follow the latest trend. We are encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status(地位).,IDEA,Negatives,Children can easily be influenced by advertisements. Children put pressure on parents to buy them things.,IDEA,Opinion of advertising,Advertising should be regulated(管制). Advertising aimed at children should be controlled or even banned. Unhealthy foods should not be marketed in a way that attracts children However, advertising is necessary in free market economies.,Make products more attractive to consumers(让产品对消费者更有吸引力),is an important marketing tool. 是很重要的市场营销工具 inform consumers about new products or services. 让消费者们了解新的产品或者服务 boost the sales of the advertised products. 提升所宣传的产品的销量 Encourage people to associate the advertised product with an attractive lifestyle. 鼓励人们把所宣传的产品和有吸引力的生活方式联系到一起,Notice,根据广告所宣传的产品类型,还可以更具体的写encourage people to associate the advertised product with a healthy lifestyle健康的生活方式 an eco-friendly lifestyle环保的生活方式 An affluent lifestyle 富有的生活方式,Commercial breaks 插播广告时间的时间段,由电视和收音机播放的广告被称为television commercials 和 radio commercials. Interrupt TV programmes 中断电视节目 Spoil people’s enjoyment of the show 让看节目的人们感到很扫兴 Embedded marketing 植入式广告 Pop-up advertising windows 网页上弹出的广告 Classified advertisement 报纸上面登的分类小广告,Are creative and entertaining,Entertain people Is an important source of entertainment 娱乐的重要来源 Is an integral part of our lives 生活中不可缺少的一部分,Advertising campaigns 大规模的广告宣传活动,Campaign →大规模的宣传活动,Advertising aimed at children Advertising directed at children,(children) Are easily influenced by advertising / are easily swayed by advertising Sway→ v. 影响某人的选择 常用于are easily swayed by…固定搭配里 Regulate advertising aimed at children(政府)严格的监管针对儿童的广告,Advertising,Advertising costs 公司进行广告宣传的费用 Advertising revenue 媒体来自于广告的收入 The advertising industry 广告产业,False\deceptive advertising 虚假广告,Provide misleading information Damage their reputation破坏声誉 Reduce customers loyalty减少消费者对于品牌的忠诚度 Provide reliable information Help consumers better understand the advertised product帮助消费者们更好地了解所宣传的产品 Can help to build customer loyalty,The advertising industry 广告产业。广告业,Employ large numbers of people 雇佣大量员工 Is an important source of employment Contribute to the economy Pay taxes to the government向政府纳税 Is an important source of government tax revenue 是政府税收的重要来源,Are driven by profit 是受营利目的所驱动的,Advertising revenue (媒体)来自于广告的收入 Public-interest advertising 公益广告,Celebrity 名人,Try to persuade people to buy a product努力劝说人们去购买某一产品 Try to persuade people to follow the latest trends努力劝说人们去追随最新的潮流 Influence consumers’ decision-making process 影响消费者们做购物决定的过程 Have different disposable incomes 可支配不同 Have different budgets Have different tastes and preferences,There is an increasing amount of advertising directed at children which encourages them to buy goods such as toys and snacks. Many parents are worried that these advertisement may be harmful to children. However, some companies claim that their advertising provides children with useful information. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.,,Much more advertising is aimed at children today than ever before. This trend has caused debate between parents and the companies whose products are advertised.,Many parents argue that advertisements mislead children about the benefits of the products and cause them to form negative habits. This is true to some extent. A large proportion of (很大一部分)advertisements aimed at children promote junk food (推销)and toys that contribute little to children’s physical and social development. As it is harder for children to resist the influence of advertising (抵抗广告的影响)than for adults, many of them buy advertised junk food and toys, or ask their parents to buy these products for them. Children who are frequently exposed to (…频繁地接触到某一事物的影响)advertising are therefore more likely to develop an unhealthy diet and spend too much time playing with toys,By contrast, some companies claim that the advertisements of their products provide children with access to a large amount of useful information. For example, some TV commercials (电视广告)are for educational toys that can develop children’s thinking abilities, language skills or artistic creativity. There are also advertisements that help to promote healthy lifestyles among children, such as TV commercials for sports products and outdoor activity products. They tend to feature famous athletes of natural scenery, and encourage children to lead a more active lifestyle.,My own view is that snack and toy advertising that targets (以···为目标)children should be regulated by the government, and more research on the long-term effects of advertising on the rates of children’s diet-related diseases(与饮食有关的疾病), such as obesity and high blood pressure, should be conducted by scientists,,Extra good sentence,Stimulate children’s cognitive development 激发儿童认知能力的发展,Pop-up advertising windows 弹出式广告,=an online advertisement that suddenly springs out We have plenty of ways to disable pop-up advertising windows, but we cannot really screen TV advertisements out of lives. 我们有很多办法可以关掉弹出式的网络广告,但是却没办法躲开电视广告。 The advertising slot 电视上的广告时段 The TV advertising slots for a major sports event may be sold for up to £100 million 电视转播重要体育赛事时的广告位价值可达到1亿英镑。,Be intensively advertised 得到密集的广告宣传,=be advertised with a lot of energy or effort The news product is being intensively advertised on TV.这款新产品在电视上进行着密集的广告攻势 Advertising campaign 密集的广告宣传活动 The advertising campaign has boosted sales by 150%. 这阵密集的广告攻势使销售额上升了50%。,Peak time / prime time 黄金时段,=the most popular time for watching television In the UK, prime time usually takes place from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm. Ratings 收视率=the number of people who watch a particular TV programme. The new series had high ratings right from the start. 这部新电视剧从一开始就有着极高的收视率.,Be glued to sth. 聚精会神地盯着某人,=to be looking at something and not paying attention to anything else. Millions of people were glued to the television for the football game.上百万的人们都聚精会神地盯着电视机上的足球比赛 Be well-informed=knowing a lot about a subject or a situation.对某方面的信息十分了解的 The kids are very well-informed about all of the different video games,Spoil someone’s enjoyment 很扫兴,=stop a person from enjoying himself TV advertising interrupts(中断) exciting programmes and spoil our enjoyment. Arouse someone’s desire to…让某人产生想去做某事的冲动 TV advertising arouses the viewers’ desire to buy new products. 电视广告让观众们产生想去购买新产品的冲动,Well-worn themes 已经被用烂的题材,Today many TV programmes pursue well-worn themes that are common to all cultures, such as romance and crime.如今许多电视节目都追求一种各种文化都容易接受的大众化主题,如浪漫题材或犯罪题材。 Hackneyed subjects 陈腐的题材 These hackneyed subjects are no longer wanted by editors—unless the theme is given a decidedly new twist.如今这种陈腐的题材已经不再为编辑们所青睐了—除非她能提供一个崭新的角度来看待这个问题。,Current affairs 政府社会经济等方面的时事,The BBC offers its audiences a wide range of current affairs programmes. BBC为观众提供了关于各种时事的节目。 Media hype 媒体的炒作 The media hype surrounding the new product continues. 关于这款新产品的媒体炒作还在继续。,Newsworthy event 有新闻价值的事件,This will be the most newsworthy event of 2011. 这将是2011年最具有新闻价值的事件。 Dominate the headlines 占据报纸的头版头条最引人注目的新闻 The European sovereign debt crisis has dominated the headlines. 关于欧洲主权债务危机的消息占据了报纸的头版头条。,Distort the truth 媒体在报道时歪曲事实,The newspaper has been accused of distorting the truth Be unbiased 公正的,不偏袒的 Some people argue that it is impossible to find truly unbiased reporting.有人说要找到完全可观的新闻报道是完全不可能的,Censor (v.) 对书籍或电影进行审查,The firm has been heavily censored.这部电影被严格审查了 Censorship →n. 对书籍或电影进行的审查 The censorship of pornography is fully-justified.对色情内容的审查在严格公正的环境下进行的。,Public figures 公众人物,Media coverage of public figures often invades their privacy.媒体对公众人物的报道经常是侵犯他们的隐私的。,Court media publicity 刻意地去吸引媒体的关注,Celebrities tend to court media publicity because media attention is important to their career. 名人们经常会刻意地去吸引媒体的关注,因为公众关注度对他们的事业是至关重要的。 Keep a low profile 保持低调 They kept a low profile and avoided loud conversations.他们一直保持低调的作风,并初验非常谨慎,A glamorous celebtity 魅力四射的明星,The glamorous celebrity signed as many autographs as she could at the autograph session.(签名会) 那位魅力四射的明星在签名会上签了尽可能多地签名。,Exaggerate sth. 过度夸张地描述某事物,The seriousness of the situation has been exaggerated in the press (新闻界)新闻界对于那个形势严重性的报道有所夸张。 Blow sth. out of proportion夸大其词,过度渲染其事 These days when newspapers get hold of a story, they blow it out of proportion.如今当报纸掌握了一个故事后,他们就会对其夸大其词,过度渲染、 Misrepresent sth, 对某事物给出有误导性的信息或描述,歪曲 Current concerns are misrepresented by the press.目前的担忧被新闻界歪曲了。,Escape reality 逃避现实,Many people go to the cinema to escape reality Reality show 真人秀 One of the reasons why reality shows are so big today is that we like to know about the private lives of others. 真人秀当今如此火爆的原因之一就是人们喜欢打听他人的私生活。 Quiz show 有奖问答节目 Who wants to be a millionaire is probably the most successful UK quize show of all time.,Cast 一部电影中的全体演员,There’ll be a meeting for all cast members this afternoon.今天下午剧组全体演员将开会。 Cinematography 影片中的摄影技术 What really impressed me about this film was the cinematography这部电影中让我印象最深刻的是它出色的摄影技术。,





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