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Solar energy,hydroelectricity,Module 10 Unit 1 Building the future Project A gift for the future,About the title,What is the gift for the future?,About the structure,Part 1 (paragraphs 1-3)__________of sustainable development Part 2 (paragraphs 4-10)________ of energy including fossil _____and renewable energy,Importance,Sources,fuels,Part 2 (paragraphs 4-10),use the sun’s natural energy to provide ____,___,________and electricity.,use windmills to pump water and grind wheat; use wind turbines to ______electricity.,use the force of water _______to generate electricity.,①renewable; ②never run out; ③help the environment.,heat light hot water,generate,solar,flow,Functions,Useful Phrases,1. 在未来数十年 2. 敲响警钟 3. 污染环境 4. 浪费自然资源 5.一个可能的解决方案 6. 可持续发展,in the next several decades set alarm bells ringing pollute the environment waste natural resources one possible solution Sustainable development,7. 关注 8. 生活水平 9. 把…付诸实施 10. 矿物燃料 11. 枯竭/耗尽 12. 在可预见未来,focus on standards of living put sth. into practice fossil fuels run out in the foreseeable future,13. 促成/引发 14. 努力争取 15. 替代能源 16. 太阳能 17. 采取初步措施 18. 全球变暖,contribute to push for alternative energy sources solar energy take tentative steps to do sth global warming,19. 可再生能源 20. 洗澡 21. 在短期内 22. 以更快的速度 23. 酸雨,renewable energy sources have a shower in a short period of time at a much higher rate acid rain,Language points,1. It is believed that the world’s population will increase to about 9 billion people It is/was +n/adj/done+主语从句 It is a pity that he can’t come here It is kind that we help others It is reported that he has gone abroad V(done)→,believed/considered/supposed said/thought,1. The world’s population will increase to about nine billion people. (L2-3)世界人口将增长到大约九十亿increase to/by增加到/增加了decrease to/by减少到/减少了become increasingly popular 2. This should set alarm bells ringing. (L4)这应该给人们敲响警钟。,set sb. / sth. doing/介词短语 What he said set us ________ 他的话使我们深思。 Her manner immediately set everyone at their ease 她的态度立刻使大家感到_____了 3. This is a simple idea, but one which is hard to put into practice (L20)这是一个简单的想法,不过也是一个难于付诸实 践的理念 。,thinking,轻松,Put sth into practice 把 … 付诸实践 We tried hard to put _________into practice. 我们努力实践我们的计划 In practice在实践中,实际上 Out of practice生疏,荒废 I can’t speak English fluently as I have long___ ___ __ ______ 4. Some people believe that oilfields and coal seams will run,Our plan,been out of practice,out in the foreseeable future. (45) 一些人相信在可预见的未来内油田和煤层将会枯竭 run out 用光,用尽 run out of sth 用完某物Our water___ ___ ____.We have ___ ___ ___water and food. 5. Carbon dioxide contributes to air ,water and soil pollution.(L49)二氧化碳是造成空气、水和土壤污染的原因之一。,has run out,run out of,1) contribute to 促成,引发Various factors contributed to his failure.几个因素造成了他的失败。 2) make contributions/a contribution to 对…作出贡献3)Contribute one’s share 尽自己的一份力量,4) Contribute a poem to a newspaper投稿____ __________ ___others’ happiness, and you will be well on the way to happiness为别人的幸福作贡献,你就迈上了通往幸福之路,Make contributions to,The March11 earthquake that struck northeast Japan, _____ a massive tsunami, has shortened the length of the Earth’s day slightly.A. contributed toB. contributing toC. resulted fromD. resulting from,5. This is why many people are pushing for the use of alternative energy sources. (L53)push for sth努力争取,强烈要求Students push for the food ____________in the school dining hall学生强烈要求改善学校伙食 7. Tentative steps are being taken to introduce these forms of renewable energy. (L92),improvement,人们在采取初步措施,来引入此类可再生能源。take steps to do sth. 采取措施做…Steps must be taken to prevent air and water pollution.必须采取措施来预防空气和水污染。take measures/action to do sth.,composition,当今能源问题成为整个社会的热点,请以这个为话题中心写一篇不少于150字的文章,包括以下话题: 1. 能源问题所面对的形势及问题 (资源枯竭,能源浪费,可替代能源不足)2. 谈谈你的观点以及可行的措施,Energy resources China is abundant in various energy resources. Coal and petrol, for instance, are two major ones. They are essential in developing the country's industry, science and technology. China has done a great deal in the past few decades to raise its output of coal and petroleum.,Three major energy resources are being used up rapidly. With the building of four modernization, new industrial and science projects are springing up like bamboo shoots after rain. They are all big consumers of energy resources. Besides, there has been considerable waste in the utilization of these resources.,To avoid an energy crisis in the future, we must economize them cleverly. The government must take certain measures. First, it should let people know the importance of saving energy. Second, efforts should be made to develop new energy resources, such as solar energy, geothermal(地,热) energy and so on. What’s more, new techniques should be developed and applied to reduce energy cost in industry and dailylife. In the final analysis, Eradicate(根除) any forms of wastes energy. Humans have overcome so many difficulties in history, and we’re sure to win this time also. We have reason to be optimistic in this respect.,Homework,Finish the exercises of D1 on page 101,,Thank you!,





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