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托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!1常用表达列表一、同义替换A. 结构词原因 as / since / because + 句子due to/ owing to / thanks to + 名词结果 hence / thus / therefore 句首/句中as a consequence / as a result / consequently 一般句首对比 while / whereas 句内in contrast / by comparison 句间;与 xxx 对比on the contrary / instead 句间;相反让步 despite / in spite of + 名词even though / even ifas long as※There is no denying that…转折 but / however / nevertheless / nonethelesson the other hand递进 in addition / moreover / what’s more / furthermore举例 for instance / for example…is a case in point.时间状语替换 Trace back to At … stage of …B. 动词a. 实义动词认为 consider / judge / that … As far as I am concerned, …There is every reason to believe that…There is sufficient evidence to conclude that…regard…as…take into account/ consideration※tend to 倾向于※take it for granted that…想当然地认为考虑到 Considering …Regarding …have a glimpse of …重视 attach (greater) importance to…keep a close watch on…… be of top priority. 是最重要的托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!2take…into account. 考虑重视be full award of… 充分意识到realize the importance of…习惯 be accustomed to /be used to adapt to 适应基础 constitute a stepping stone to 是 …基石pave the way for 为…铺平道路lay a foundation to; as the foundation of承担责任 Be responsible/ have the responsibility tobear responsibilitytake charge of 努力 make efforts to do endeavor to do try hard to成为 become sth.establish oneself as…需要 need sth./ to dobe required to尝试 try doingattempt to 意味着 means that indicates that导致 causegive rise to lead to正 ※appeal to负 side effectsinterfere with… 干扰produce negative impacts影响中性 affectsexert (adj.) influences/ an influence on… 对…产生影响采取措施 renderadopt measures获得 【被动】have access to 接触到receivebe equipped with托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!3obtain sth.master sth.accomplish sth.enter 到达a command of …利用 make full use of / make the most of / take full advantage of用占用 occupybe filled with被剥夺 be deprived by指示/听指示 follow the guidance ofunder the instruction ofurge… to do 督促某人做某事point out 指出处理/应对 cope withdeal with预防 take precautions against坚持 stick to忍耐 endure鼓励、激励 encouragespurbe inspired tobe motivated to支持 advocatecall for※marvel at增加/提高 improve / stipulate / enhance / fosterdevelopEstablish EnlargeEnhance减少/降低 Decrease / reduce / lessen / shrink / diminish / trim down / bring down领先 be advancedbe in the lead落后 lag behind环境 immerse oneself in托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!4surrounded沉迷 excessive obsession withb. 情态动词应当(中性) be obliged tobe supposed tobe suggested tobe required to 有利于 contribute to make contributions to 做贡献it is imperative (for sb)to do sth.so as to 以便于有害于 pose a threat to undermines关联有关 be associated with无关 have nothing to do with可能存在可能There exists the possibility that… 有可能创造可能make possible/impossible for能够能够(能力) enable…to…C. 介词为了 forwith the purpose ofso as to在于、由于 lie in 在于owe to 由于通过…方式 By doingBy means of 托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!5By the way of In the form of D.名词普及 prevalencespreadE.表形容多 rich / abundant / plentiful少 Be short / scarcelack of大 large / huge / enormous / vast / gigantic / massive / giant / titanicclumsy 过大(负面) excessive 小 Small / little / minorSubtle / tiny是好的 1 leave a (profound) impression on 给…留下(深刻)印象appeal to是不好的 2 leave a (profound) impression on 给…留下(深刻)印象是重要的 Important / significant / vital / fundamental / crucial / imperative / essential / critical / central / necessary / vigorousindispensablebe of top priority 是最重要的play a decisive role in 是重要的means a lot二、结构常用句式现状 due tohave a glimpse ofplay a … role in开头段陈述 be accustomed tohas witnessed an unprecedented boom1 注:非原意;通过前后文表好恶2 同上托福写作素材- 请勿外 传, 谢谢!6第一段 to begin/start withinitially/firstlyfirst of all段首第二段 in addition/ moreover/ what’s more/furthermorelast but not leastnext/ besides因果 Owing to/ due to / because ofThis is because…Obviously/clearly,…It is widely acknowledged that…It is vastly agreed / accepted that…对比展开 古今:in the past,…; Tracing back to the past纯对比:in contrast,…/ By comparison,…Comparing with/ in comparison with…… while/ whereas …正反展开 On the contrary,…On the other hand,…Instead,…Conversely,…If/ supposing that/ assuming that,… 主体段展开段内列举句首 For one thing,… for another,…To be more specific,…Besides,…Additionally,…Obviously/cleairly,…让步 Indeed,.Admittedly, …It is true that …There is no denying that,…We have to admit that,…结尾段反驳 能解决:However, as long as… , the problem above will be perfectly solved. 换种角度:However, if we look at the issue in a different perspective,…次要方面:However, its’ their advantages are outshone by those of…because / owing to





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