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时政公文汉译英常用英语词汇(1 )-(7)发表于 2016 年 5 月 1 日由 CATTI 考试资料与资讯1. Overarching /ˌəʊvərˈɑːtʃɪŋ/ 中心的, 支配一切的,压倒一切的,保罗万象的,影响一切的,往往用来翻译“总” 字。我们要展现战略视野,努力打造富有全局和长远意义的峰会成果。We also need to have a strategic vision to deliver real outcomes with overarching and far-reaching significance.第一,坚持共同发展的大方向,结成亚洲利益共同体。First, we should stick to the overarching goal of common development and build an Asian community of shared interests.我们的总目标是完善和发展中国特色社会主义制度、推进国家治理体系和治理能力现代化The overarching goal is to improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, advance the modernization of national governance system and capabilities2. Humanity /hjuːˈmænɪtɪ/ 基本意思是人类,也表示“仁慈”、“ 博爱”。本身不是多么有难度的词,主要是很多中文材料爱用“人类”,“ 全人类”这种表述,所以它的用法要掌握。此外,这个词的复数形式 The humanities 还表示人文学科。他们面临犯有反人类罪的指控。They face charges of committing crimes against humanity.她的演讲表现出高度的成熟和博爱。Her speech showed great maturity and humanity.主修人文学科的学生数量已经下降了近一半。The number of students majoring in the humanities has declined by about half.3. That being said 本身是承上启下的过渡,有时候引导一种矛盾、对立的关系,常用来翻译 “但是”、“也” 、“ 同时”、“另一方面”。在句子中删掉往往也不太影响句意,所以有时候,也可以适当“强行使用”,凸显逻辑关系,也适当给译文加分。我们也注意到,国际上有的人宣称,中国发展起来后会走“国强必霸”的老路That being said, we have also taken note of the claim by some (一些人) that a stronger China is bound to follow the beaten path to seek hegemony and pose a so-called “threat” to other countries.同时,世界仍然很不安宁,传统与非传统安全威胁相互交织,金融风险、气候变化、粮食安全、网络安全等全球性问题更加突出That being said, the world remains far from tranquil. Traditional and non-traditional security threats are entwined. Financial risks, climate change, food security, cyber security and other global issues are becoming more acute.4. Secure基本的意思有“安全的” 、“ 牢固的”,时政汉译英时常用它的“争取到” 的意思,表示某种行为产生的结果,常用来翻译 “实现”等意义,替换 obtain/achieve/maitain。联邦政府的领导人们继续他们争取停火的努力。Federal leaders continued their efforts to secure a ceasefire.以公平原则固本强基,以合作手段驱动发展The principle of fairness secures a strong foundation, a cooperative approach generates momentum for development一年来,我国经济社会发展总体平稳,稳中有进。During the past year, China has, overall, achieved a stable performance while at the same time securing progress in its economic and social development.以这样的速度保持较长时期发展,实现现代化的物质基础就会更加雄厚。If China’s economy can grow at this rate for a relatively long time, we will secure a more solid material foundation for modernization.继续促进教育公平。We continued to make progress in securing fair access to education.5. As a whole 作为一个整体,常用来翻 译“ 整个(地区\实体\制度)”,在中文递进表达中较为常用。中国愿同南亚国家加强合作,一道推进南亚和亚洲区域合作进程。China will strengthen cooperation with the South Asian countries to jointly advance regional cooperation in South Asia and Asia as a whole.西藏的发展与进步,符合人类社会发展规律,符合西藏各族人民的共同愿望,是中国全面发展进步的必然结果。The development and progress in Tibet is in accord with the rules for the development of human society, and reflects the mutual aspirations of the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet. It is the natural result of the overall development and progress of China as a whole.必须把香港基本法的每个条文放在整体规定中来理解,放在香港特别行政区制度体系中来把握。Each of these provisions must be understood in the context of the Basic Law and the HKSAR system as a whole.为亚洲和平稳定发展与繁荣而不懈努力make even bigger contribution to peace, stability, development and prosperity in Asia as a whole.6. Daunting 常和困难、挑战、任务搭配使用6 年过去了,世界经济仍未彻底走出危机阴霾,实现强劲 增长仍面临种种挑战。Now, six years on, the world economy is yet to emerge from the crisis. It still faces daunting challenges for strong growth.近代以后,中国社会面临整体性的现代化转型Since the advent of modern times, Chinese society has been challenged by the daunting task of comprehensive transition to modernization.非洲是发展中国家最集中的大陆,尽管不少非洲国家经济相继起飞,但仍面临基础设施薄弱、就业不足、贫困人口较多等严峻挑战。Africa is the continent with the largest number of developing countries. Despite the economic take-off in many African countries, daunting challenges remain, such as weak infrastructure, underemployment and poverty.7. Interdependent 相互依存的, 互相依赖的中欧相互依存不断加深,面临的共同挑战也更加突出。As China and Europe become increasingly interdependent, we also face a growing number of common challenges.各国相互联系、相互依存日益加深countries are now increasingly interconnected and interdependent.互联网真正让世界变成了地球村,让国际社会越来越成为你中有我、我中有你的命运共同体。It has turned the world into a global village and made the international community a highly interdependent community of common destiny.8. Momentum /məʊˈmɛntəm/ 势头,趋势这场运动确实势头正猛。This campaign is really gaining momentum.中国固定资产投资回升,房地产市场回暖,经济开始出现“企稳回升”的趋势。investment in fixed assets has rebounded, the housing market has picked up, and the economy as a whole has regained its momentum of growth.增强发展新动能strengthen new momentum to drive development.1971 年建交以来,中伊关系经受住国际风云变幻考验,保持健康稳定的发展势头。Since the inception of our diplomatic ties in 1971, the China-Iran relationship has stood the test of international changes and maintained a momentum of sound and steady development.9. Put in place 用来表示建立建立国家基本公共服务项目清单。We should put in place a national catalogue of basic public services.建立租购并举的住房制度,把符合条件的外来人口逐步纳入公租房供应范围。We will put in place a housing system which encourages both renting and purchasing and, over time, enable eligible non-registered urban residents to apply for public rental housing.10. Speed up 各种加快加快中日韩自贸区等谈判We will help speed up negotiations on the establishment of the China-Japan-RoK free trade area.11. Give top priority to / give priority to 表示对···重视一是牢牢抓住发展第一要务不放松。First, give top priority to development建设高素质法治专门队伍,把思想政治建设摆在首位To build a contingent of highly competent rule of law professionals, we need to give top priority to strengthening their political integrity12. Standards 重要是注意这个词常用复数持续增进民生福祉,使全体人民共享发展成果。We need to ensure that continuous progress is made in raising living standards, and see that everyone shares in the fruits of development.实施义务教育学校标准化、普及高中阶段教育We need to ensure that all schools providing compulsory education comply with educational standards, that everyone has access to secondary education13. See to it that 常用的固定表达,表示“务必,必定 ”,很多时候和 ensure that 可以替换。可以用在多数表示计划、表示决心的句子里。个人感觉这个词没有太大的实际意义,但是可以酌情“强行使用”。今年棚户区住房改造 600 万套,提高棚改货币化安置比例。This year, we will see to it that six million housing units are rebuilt in rundown urban areas and that more people displaced by the rebuilding of such areas receive monetary housing compensation rather than housing.特别是治理大气雾霾取得明显进展,地级及以上城市空气质量优良天数比率超过 80%。In particular, we should strive for major progress in the control and prevention of air pollution and see to it that the air quality of cities at and above the prefectural level is good or excellent for 80% of the year.使中央与香港特别行政区的关系切实纳入法制化、规范化轨道运行。see to it that the relationship between the central government and HKSAR is indeed brought onto a legal and institutionalized orbit.14. All-round 全面的,有时候勉强可以用来表示“综合”、“整体”和各种“ 全”。强化社会治安综合治理,依法打击各类违法犯罪活动,有力维护了公共安全。We strengthened all-round efforts to maintain law and order and cracked down on crimes in accordance with the law to safeguard public security.一年来,全方位外交成果丰硕。Over the past year, China’s all-round diplomacy has delivered fruitful outcomes.建设一批全面创新改革试验区establish pilot reform zones for all-round innovation按照“五位一体” 总体布局和“ 四个全面”战略布局in accordance with the overall plan for promoting all-round economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress and the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy启动新一轮国家服务业综合改革试点We will launch a new round of national pilot projects for all-round service sector reform15. Access 常用短语 have access to,有时也用 gain access to,表示有······的机会。通常用来化被动为主动,可以结合例句体会。实施义务教育学校标准化、普及高中阶段教育We need to ensure that all schools providing compulsory education comply with educational standards, that everyone has access to secondary education保障每个居民都能享有安全、有效、方便、价廉的基本医疗卫生服务ensure that every resident has access to safe, effective, convenient and affordable basic medical and health services承担了受灾地区全长 340 公里的国道公路网修复工程,辐射受益人口达 1.5 亿。undertook the restoration project of the 340-kilometer national highway network destroyed in the flood-stricken areas, enabling 150 million people to have access to the traffic network16. Momentous 看着很面熟,但是意思是“重大的”If you refer to a decision, event, or change as momentous, you mean that it is very important, often because of the effects that it will have in the future. 重大的坚持国际法治是中国基于自身经历做出的郑重选择。Upholding international rule of law is a momentous choice China has made based on its own experience.2014 年 5 月 CATTI 英语三级笔译实务也考到了这个词:This could be momentous for Greenland, which has long relied on half a billion dollars a year in welfare payments from Denmark, its parent state.17. Uphold 维护,常用来表示“坚持”我们要继续坚持对台工作大政方针,坚持“九二共识”政治基础,坚决反对“台独”分裂活动We will remain committed to our major policies on Taiwan, uphold the 1992 Consensus as the political foundation, resolutely oppose separatist activities for the independence of Taiwan必须全面深化改革,坚持和完善基本经济制度We must deepen reform across the board, uphold and improve the basic economic system18. Encroach on 侵犯If one thing encroaches on another, the first thing spreads or becomes stronger, and slowly begins to restrict the power, range, or effectiveness of the second thing. 逐步侵犯The new institutions do not encroach on political power.这些新机构没有侵犯到政治权力。更不能罔顾客观公正,借“法治”之名,行侵害他国权益之实。Still less should they encroach on the rights and interests of other countries under the pretext of “the rule of law” in total disregard of objectivity and fairness.这些问题中,有的牵涉复杂的部门利益,有的在思想认识上难以统一,有的要触动一些人的奶酪Some of these problems involve an array of departmental interests, for some it will be difficult to reach consensus, and some will encroach on certain people’s interests.19. Mount,本身表示加大,常用分词形式,延伸出来的增加、拓展、集聚等词都可以用 mount 来译。国内经济下行压力持续加大Downward pressure on China’s economy has continued to mount地区国家经济下行压力加大mounting downward pressure on the economy of countries in the region新兴市场国家和发展中国家风险和挑战不断集聚To the emerging markets and developing world in general, risks and challenges continue to mount20. Era 本身是时代,汉译英时常用来翻译“新形势”、“新时期”、“新纪元”等词。制定了新时期西藏工作的指导思想和特殊优惠政策decided on guiding principles for the work in Tibet in the new era and issued favorable policies for Tibet’s development新中国成立和阿拉伯国家相继独立,开创了中阿友好交往的新纪元。The founding of the People’s Republic of China and the independence of Arab countries created a new era for China-Arab friendly exchanges.21. Decide on,主要替换“ 制定”等词。If you decide on something or decide upon something, you choose it from two or more possibilities. 作出决定Denikin held a staff meeting to decide on the next strategic objective.德尼金召开了员工大会为下一步的战略目标作出决定。22. Pool,常取其“汇” 之意,有时用法和 channel 接近把…集中一起用,共用;把(钱等)投入成为集合资金;(运输机构等)联合经营;均分(业务等):They pooled their money to buy a house.他们集资买房。二是发挥大众创业、万众创新和“互联网+”集众智汇众力的乘数效应。Second, we will help people to pool their ideas and talents through a synergy of business startups, innovation, and the Internet Plus.用中国梦和中国特色社会主义凝聚共识、汇聚力量,培育和践行社会主义核心价值观,加强爱国主义教育。We will draw on the Chinese Dream and socialism with Chinese characteristics to build consensus and pool strength, nurture and practice the core socialist values, and make greater efforts to foster patriotism.23. Stand by ,除了 maintain,pursue 和 uphold 之外,另一个表示“坚持” 的词If you stand by an earlier decision, promise, or statement, you continue to support it or keep it. 坚持 (原有的决定、承诺或声明)例:The decision has been made and I have got to stand by it.这个决定已经作出,我得坚持它。坚定维护自身在南海的主权和相关权利We firmly stand by our sovereignty and rights and interests in the South China Sea中国与东盟已建成宽领域、多层次、全方位的睦邻友好合作格局,结成休戚与共的命运共同体China and ASEAN have established a wide-ranging, multi-tiered and comprehensive pattern for good-neighbourliness, friendship and cooperation as well as a community of shared destinies, where we stand by each other in both the good and bad times24. Enduring ,持久的,长久的,在大国关系和国家政策、个人发展等语境中都会经常用到。This chance meeting was the start of an enduring friendship.这次偶然的相遇是一段持久友情的开始。一道实现持久和平、共同繁荣的亚洲梦make the Asian dream of enduring peace and common prosperity come true科学的财税体制是优化资源配置、维护市场统一、促进社会公平、实现国家长治久安的制度保障。A sound fiscal and taxation system is an institutional necessity if we are to optimize the allocation of resources, safeguard a unified market, promote social fairness, and ensure the enduring peace and stability of the country.任何一名劳动者,要想在百舸争流、千帆竞发的洪流中勇立潮头,在不进则退、不强则弱的竞争中赢得优势,在报效祖国、服务人民的人生中有所作为,就要孜孜不倦学习、勤勉奋发干事。To gain a strong foothold in the strong tide of competition, claim the advantage in an ultra-competitive environment in which the weak are left behind, and make a difference through a lifetime of serving the motherland and people, workers must rely on tireless learning and an enduring commitment to work.25. Sound 除了声音之外还有“健康的,强壮的;正常的;健全的” 等意思,因为这类词都是满满的积极意义,所以时政公文汉译英常会用到。简单来说,可以用 good 的地方有时 候都可以用 sound (不绝对).我国的基本国情,决定了发展仍是解决我国所有问题的关键,必须坚持以经济建设为中心,推动经济社会持续健康发展。China’s basic national conditions dictate that development still holds the key to solving all of China’s problems. Based on this realization, we must continue to regard economic development as our central task and make efforts to promote China’ssound and sustainable economic and social development.改革要善谋善为。Reform requires sound planning and execution.顺利推进、取得成效Progress smoothly and yield sound results加强核应急管理,核能事业始终保持良好安全记录。Strengthen nuclear emergency management and ensure that nuclear energy has always maintained a sound safety record.





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