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讲课的 复习8下51.ppt

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讲课的 复习8下51.ppt
Topic 1 Why all the smiling faces?,,,Unit 5 Feeling Happy,Nothing is impossible!,I want to be No.1 !,I will try my best !,new words,1.无一人 2.品尝 3.傻的 4.残暴的 5.闻到 6.心烦的 7.哭 8.活拨的 9.角色 10.姿势,,none taste silly cruel smell upset cry lively role gesture,互相学习’ 6号展示,2号改板书的’1号改其它的,重要短语,1.向…道谢 2.担心 3.为…感到骄傲 4.摆放餐具 5.使…振作 6.发疯 7.开始,首先 8.落入 9.最后 10.形成 11.邀请某人做某事,,say thanks to worry about= be worried about be proud of set the table cheer sb. upgo mad at first fall intoat last=in the end come into being invite sb. to do sth.,fall---fell,重要短语,1.与某人和解 2.对…感到满意 3.受到…的欢迎 4.由于 5.打电话给某人 6.以…结尾 7.害怕做某事 8.越来越多 9.充满 10教某人做某事 11. 似乎做某事,make peace with sb. be pleased with sb be popular with because of+短语; because+句子 ring sb up end with be afraid to do = be afraid of doing more and morebe full of=fill with teach sb. to do sth. seem to do sth.,挑战学习’对学检测,4号展示,经典再现,I'm the best!,1.My father _ __ (邀请) your parents _______ (go) to the movies. 2.I’m busy. I am not able _______ (go) shopping with you.=I ______(go) shopping with you.3.Although the meal was cold, it tasted _____ (well) 4.Our teachers taught us _____ (sing) songs before class. 5.She was __________ at the _____ _____ news. (surprise),invite sb. to do sth.,be able to do sth.=can +do,taste是系动词 系动词 +形容词,teach sb. to do sth.,修饰人加ed;修饰物加ing,invite,to go,to go,can’t,good,to sing,,surprised,surprising,经典再现,I'm the best!,对学检测,抽号展示,点评加分,1.I think Yaoming is _______ (pleaesd/popular)________ (介词) Chinese people.2.I hope everything ________ (go) well.3.We didn’t go to the park ______________ the bad weather.= We didn’t go to the park _________the bad was weather.(because of/because),because of+短语; because+句子,popular,with,be pleased with 对…感到满意 be popular with 受到…的欢迎,goes,,everything 表示物谓动用单数,because of,because,I can do it!,( )1. —Tom, Jane wanted you to call her.—I’ll ____ in twenty minutes. Thank you. A. call her on B. ring up her C. ring her up,ring sb up,( )2. Jack wanted to get a ticket ______ Titanic, but there was ____ left. A. to;no B. for;not C.to; none,( )3. —Mike felt sad because he failed his exam yesterday. —I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s ____. A. cheer him on B. cheer on him C. cheer him up D. cheer up him,C,C,a ticket to;none没有一个,,C,cheer sb. Up 使…振作,( )4. Kate’s grandmother lives in a house____, but she doesn’t feel ____. A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely D. lonely; alone( )5. He entered Beijing University____. The people in his village are ____ him. A. in the end; pride of B. at the end; pride of C. in the end; proud in,C,live alone; feel lonely,A,in the end 最后; be proud of 为…感到骄傲,( )1. —How much did you ____ buying the new bike?—Three hundred yuan. A. pay B. cost C. take D. spend,( )2.----____ did he go there___?----Sorry .I didn’t know.A.Why ;for; B:What,for; C.What about,cost “花费, 值(多少钱)”, 物做主语, 后跟宾语 spend “花费,花(时间、金钱等)”时,主语是人,spend…on sth.spend… (in) doing sth pay 意为“付款,付酬”时,其主语是人,pay…for…或 pay for take 意为“花费”时, 多指花费时间. “It takes sb. some time to do sth.”,B,B,What for =why,3人群学,抽号展示,Kangkang: Hi! _____________________________?Jane: Very well,thank you.You look excited. ________? Kangkang:Guess what!My father and mother want to inviteyour parents to go to the movies,Maria Really? _________________________________? Kangkang:The Sound of Music. Jane: Oh,it is one of my favorte movies. ____________________ Kangkang:This Saturday.And we can spend the evening ____my house.My mom will prepare some delicious food ____ us. Michael: Wow! ___ ________ I’m so happy.Please say thanks ___ your mom.,How are you doing?,What movie are they going to see?,,,When are they going ?,,That’s great!,to,for,Why?,at,Michael: Good morning, Mr.Lee. Mr.LEE: Good morning . You look very happy this morning. _________________________________? Michael: Our parents are going to the movie theater. And we children are going to spend the evening at Kangkang’s house. Mr.Lee:________________. What movie are they going to see? Michael: They are going to see The Sound of Music. Mr.Lee: __________They are very lucky.__________________________-. I feel disappointed. Michael:_________________!,Why all the smiling faces?,,That’s very exciting,How nice!,I went to buy a ticket , but there was none left,,What a shame!,3人群学,抽号展示,Mother: Lin Tao, __________________________________?,are you setting the table for your uncle?,Lin Tao: Yes, Mom. I set two places. Mother: __________________________Your uncle telephoned.,He said he wasn’t able to come.,Lin Tao:________________________________________,What’s the matter with him?,Mother: He has a bad cold.,Lin Tao:____________________________,I’m sorry to hear that,Did my uncle sound worried?,Mother: Yes. He said he would go to see a doctor,Lin Tao:_______________________,I hope everything goes well,I will ring him up,2人群学,抽号展示,【语法专练】,1.结构:系动词+形容词=系表结构 2.应用:系动词有:(1)感官动词,看:look ; 听:sound 闻:smell; 尝:taste 感觉:feel,(2)变,turn get become go,(3) Be动词,am is are was were,(4)似乎,seem,,,,,,1.sound _________ (wonder/wonderful) 2.feel _____ (worry/worried) 3.tatse_____ (well/ good) 4.look______ (happy/happily) 5.smell_______ (terrible/well) 6.be__________ (fun/funny) 7.go_________ (mad/angrily) 8. become_______ (sad/sadness),火眼金睛,wonderful,worried,good,happy,terrible,funny,mad,sad,I want to try!,用所给词的正确形式填空。每词只用一次 get,smell, seem, look, feel, go, sound, become, taste, turn 1.Mr. Lee got the ticket to the film, so he _____ very happy. 2.There are a lot of clouds in the sky.It ____ rainy now. 3.Listen! The music from the radio ______quite beautiful. 4.Lin Tao didn’t pass the exam,so his parents ____ angry with him. 5.How nice the food is !It must ____ good.,乘胜追击,looked,seems,sounds,became,taste,6.When you enter the paper factoy,the gas(气体) ____too terible. 7.The old man lives alone,but he doesn’t ____ lonely. 8.----I’m going to buy some new clothes.--- well,don’t ___ mad. 9.--- Is your grandpa better now?---No. He is ____ worse. 10.When she heard the bad news, her face ___ pale.,乘胜追击,I want to try!,,smells,feel,go,getting,turned,say hello to say goodbye to,cost “花费, 值(多少钱)”, 物做主语, 后跟宾语 e.g. The dictionary cost me 99 yuan. spend 意为“花费,花(时间、金钱等)”时,其主语是人,常用结构为:spend…on sth. 或spend… (in) doing sth. e.g. I spent 99 yuan on the dictionary.He spent two hours (in) doing his homework. pay 意为“付款,付酬”时,其主语是人,常用结构为:pay…for…或 pay for… e.g. He paid ten dollars for the book.I’ll pay for the tickets. take 意为“花费”时, 多指花费时间. 其常用句型为 “It takes sb. some time to do sth.” e.g. It took us half an hour to get there.,cost, spend, pay, take,sad afraid lonely worried serious happy mad cute,Titanic tells a love story about Jack and Rose. They were_______ to be with each other on the ship called Titanic. On the night of April 15th, 1912, the Titanic had a ________ accident on the way to America. Jack and Rose fell into the sea with many other people. They were very frightened because they were ______ of losing each other. In the end, Rose was saved, but Jack died. Rose was very ____. She felt so _______!,happy,serious,afraid,sad,lonely,back,,,sad afraid lonely worried serious happy mad cute,This is a moving story about a mother and her son. The son was very _____. His mother loved him very much. At first, they lived together happily. But one day the mother suddenly lost her son. The mother was so _______ that she looked for him everywhere, but she couldn’t find him. She was very sad and went _____.,cute,worried,mad,Good-bye!,Thank you!,



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