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甘肃省武威市民勤县九年级英语全册 Unit 10 You're supposed to shake hands(第4课时)课件 (新版)人教新目标版.ppt

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甘肃省武威市民勤县九年级英语全册 Unit 10 You're supposed to shake hands(第4课时)课件 (新版)人教新目标版.ppt
,,Unit10 You’re supposed to shake hands.,SectionB(2a-2b),Do you know these places in France?,,,Have you ever eaten French cuisine?,,,What do you know about the table manners in France?,In France, a meal is like a ceremony. People relish (享受) it and make it’s a special occasion. In France, it is correct to keep the same knife for every course , wiping it on a piece of bread. Never discuss money or religion over dinner. Going Dutch is considered “the height of unsophistication”.,It’s considered good manners to finish everything on your plate. People often cut bread directly on a table cloth rather than on a plate. Tear your bread into bite-sized pieces before eating. Taking a bite from the whole piece is very impolite.,Read through the passage quickly and tell T/ F.,( )1. The letter is from France about table manners. ( )2. Lin Yue is an exchange student and she is back now. ( )3. She felt at home after she arrived in France. ( )4. It’s polite to put your bread on the table or eat it with your hands.,,T,,F,T,T,学习任务一:,Why is Lin Yue in France?,Because she is on her student exchange program.,2. Does she enjoy staying with her host family? How do you know?,Yes, she does. She says her host family is really nice.,Read and answer the questions.,学习任务二:,4. What is the biggest challenge she is facing?,Learning how to behave at the dinner table.,3. How does she feel about making mistakes when she speaks French?,It doesn’t worry her like it used to.,Read again and make a list of table manners in France.,put your bread on your plate.,put it on the table.,eat anything with your hands except bread.,cut it up and eat it with a fork.,say you are full.,say “That was delicious.”,put your elbows on the table.,keep your hands on the table.,Can you compare the table manners in France and in China?,Free Talk,Do you know about the table manners in other countries?,Japan It is OK to make noise when you eat noodles. It shows that you like the food. It’s important to say traditional phrases of thanks before and after a meal. Eat sushi whole. Dip the fish part rather than the rice into soy sauce.,Russia Keep your hands in sight. It is not good manners to rest them on your lap. Keep your elbows off the table. Leave some food on your plate to show that the host has given you enough to eat. Or the host will ask if you’d like to have a second helping. It’s polite to mop up excess sauce or gravy with bread.,America If you empty a bottle into someone’s glass, it obliges that person to buy the next bottle. It’s polite to put the last drops into your own glass. Japan Don’t fill your own glass of alcohol; instead, you should pour for others and wait for them to reciprocate.,I was a bit nervous.a little latea bit 和a little作程度副词修饰形容词、副词、动词或比较级时,意义相同,为“一点儿, 有些”。He walked a bit / a little slowly.他走路有点慢。,Language points,教师强调:,二者都可以作名词词组, 做主语或宾语。如: A little / bit is enough for me.我有一点儿就够了。 I know only a little / a bit about her.我对她的情况只了解一点。 a little可直接修饰名词;而a bit后须加of才可以。如: There is a little water in the bottle.= There is a bit of water in the bottle.,否定形式 not a little 作状语,相当于very / quite, “很, 非常”;作定语和宾语时,相当于much, 意为 “许多”。而not a bit 作状语时,相当于not at all, 意为“一点也不”,作宾语时则相当于not much。如:He is not a little (= very) hungry.他饿极了。 He is not a bit (= not at all) hungry.他一点也不饿。,用a bit或a little填空。 1. There is _________ time left. 2. I would like you to stay for _________ if you have time. 3. This will give us a _________ of time. 4. He went to sleep soon, for he was not _________ tired. 5. I don't want to stop to have a rest, because I am not _________ tired.,a little,a bit / a little,a bit,a little,a bit,跟踪练习:,(湖北省黄冈中学2011中考) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出与所给句子划线部分意义相同或相近并能代替的那一项。 With a little training, she could do very well in the competition.A. few B. a few C. a bit D. a bit of,D,2. They go out of their way to make me feel at home.go out of one’s way 特地;格外努力She always goes out of her way to please her guests.她总是不怕麻烦地使客人称心如意。 He would go out of his way to help anyone in trouble.他常不怕麻烦去帮助有困难的人。,与way有关的短语 all the way 一路上 in no way 决不 by the way 顺便提一下,另外 in a way 在某点,在某种程度上 by way of 经由,通过 …… 方式 get in the way 挡道 in one's / the way 妨碍,阻碍 in this way 用这种方法 lead the way 带路,引路 lose one's way 迷路 on the / one's way (to) 在去……的路上,3. about my age 同我的年龄差不多的 Bernice is a girl about my age.伯妮斯是个和我年纪接近的女孩。 He was just about my age.他和我年龄差不多。,4. I’m very comfortable speaking French now.be comfortable doing sth. 做某事很轻松, 乐意做某事 speaking French在句子当中做伴随状语。I feel comfortable talking with you.和你讲话感觉很舒服。,5. … how to behave at the dinner table.behave v. 表现;举止 If you behave like that, you'll get yourself disliked.如果你的行为那样,你会让人厌恶的。 It's hard to train children to behave well at the table.培养儿童用餐时举止得体是很困难的。 He behaves himself like a man. 他表现得像一男子汉。behavior n. 行为;举止;习性;态度,你如果不注意你的行为举止,会惹麻烦的。(the way behave),You will get into trouble if you pay no attention to the way you behave.,6. I thought that was pretty strange at first, .pretty在这里是用作副词,意思是“颇;相当地”。 pretty作副词, 常用于口语,只可以修饰其他形容词或副词,能修饰动词。 I am pretty sure that he'll say yes.他会同意的, 我对此相当有把握。 After six months, I could speak Chinese pretty well.6个月之后, 我就能讲相当好的汉语了。,pretty adj. 漂亮的;秀丽的;好看的 What a pretty little garden!多么漂亮的小花园! She is not really beautiful, but she looks pretty when she smiles. 她其实并不美, 但笑起来很好看。 pretty语气较beautiful弱,且大多用来指年轻的女性, 一般不用来描写成年男性。pretty也可以用于男女儿童, 表示漂亮、活泼、可爱。,7. … you’re not supposed to eat anything with your hands except bread …except prep. 除…之外 No one trusts him except himself. 除了他自己,没有人相信他。 She rarely went anywhere except to her office. 她除了去办公室以外, 很少去别的地方。 I like her except when she is angry. 我喜欢她,只要她不发脾气。,except conj. 除非;除了 . 之外;若不是 They didn't open their mouths except to complain. 除了抱怨他们从不开口。 She remembered nothing about him except that his hair was black. 她对他什么都不记得,只记得他的头发是黑的。,辨析except,except for,unless和besides except侧重于排除在外,从整体里减去:All of his body relaxed except his right hand 除了右手外,他全身都放松了。 except for表示“除了…; 只是…”, 引述一个相反的原因或细节, 部分地修正了句中的意思:The classrooms were silent, except for the scratching of pens on paper.除了钢笔在纸上写字的声音,教室里一片安静。,unless用来引出某事发生或成立所必需的条件: You must not give compliments unless you mean them.除非出自真心实意,否则不要随便恭维别人。 besides着重于指另外还有:Fruit will give you, besides enjoyment, a source of vitamins.水果不但好吃,而且富含维生素。,We need fifteen more people _______ the twenty of us to do the job. A. besides B. and C. except D. without --- Did you study any other foreign language ______ English when you were at college? --- Yes, I studied three. But I have forgotten all ______ a few words of each. A. besides; besides B. but; except C. except; except D. besides; except,besides,D,(2012 甘肃兰州) — All the workers went home yesterday ________ Mr. White. Why?— Because he was on duty.A. except B. besides C. except for D. beside 【解析】besides区别于except是前者的除外包含其本身,后者不包含。except for区别于except是前者前后事物是不同类的,后者是同类的。句意:--为什么除了怀特先生所有的工人昨天都回家?--因为他要值班。,A,(2013 山东滨州) Everyone else in my class was invited _____________ (除了) me, and I don’t know why.(2013 江苏盐城) 根据句意和汉语提示写出单词,完成句子,每空一词。 After the whole day’s voluntary work, I felt fine __________ (除……之外) for being a little tired.,except,except,8. Another thing is that it’s impolite to say that you’re full.full adj. 吃饱的; 满的, 充满的 You can't go swimming on a full stomach. 你不能吃饱了饭去游泳。 He has a very full programme for his visit to London. 他访问伦敦的时间表排得满满的。 He has been away for a full year now. 他离开已整整一年了。,be full of, (be) filled with这两个短语的共同意思是“充满…”, 有时可以换用。其区别是,be full of指的是“充满的”这一状态, 而(be) filled with通常指动作。The theatre is full of people.剧场里人满满的。 The theatre filled with people.剧场里挤满了人。,(2009•哈尔滨)So songs were often _______anger.A. filled with B. short of C. in need ofA: The basket is filled with flowers. B: The basket is ____ ____ flowers.,A,full of,9. …, but I gradually getting used to it. get used to = be used to,意思为“习惯于某事或做某事的意思”,to为介词,后接名词或动名词,不能跟动词原形。We are used to the weather in the south of China.我们习惯了中国南方的天气。 They have got used to getting up early in the morning.他们已习惯早起。,be / get used to结构可以用于各种时态中,。 You’ll be / get used to the work soon.你不久就会习惯这个工作的。,在学习be used to结构时,一定要注意它与以下几个结构的区别: used to do sth.意为“过去常常”,在这里to是动词不定式符号; be used to do sth.和be used for doing sth.意为“被用来做某事”, 是被动结构。,John used to smoke. 约翰过去抽烟。 This kind of wood can be used to make violins.这种木头可以用来制作小提琴。,This computer ___________ control all the machines in the factory. He _________ a teacher in our school, but he quitted his job last year. The old man and his wife _______________ living a simple life already. They won’t move to the city. The pan ___________ cooking.,used to do be used to do be / get used to doing be used for doing,is used to,used to be,have got / been used to,is used for,中考链接,【2011•兰州】28. Mary is used to ____ a T-shirt and jeans.A. wear B. put on C. wearing D. putting on 【解析】词义辨析。句意“玛丽习惯于穿T恤衫和牛仔裤”,be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事,因此排除选项A、B,wear强调状态,put on强调动作,由句意知“此处表示状态”,因此选C。,根据句意完成句子, 每空一词。 1. 你不会相信我的法语进步得多快! You wouldn’t believe ______ ______ myFrench has improved! 2. 他们尽力让我感觉像在家里一样。 They ______ ______ ______ their way ______ ______ me ______ at home.,how quickly,go out of,to,make,feel,当堂检测:,3. 虽然我仍然犯许多错误,但它不像以前那样困扰我了。 Although I still make lots of mistakes, it doesn’t worry me like it ______ ______. 4. 我觉得记住所有的规矩是很难的,但是我也渐渐习惯了这些,不再觉得它们奇怪了。 I find it difficult ______ ______ all rules, but I’m gradually ______ ______ ______ these and don’t find them so strange any more.,used to,to remember,getting used to,把下列汉语翻译成英语。 1. 我们今天应该几点到学校? ______________________________________________ 2. 我去博物馆时, 顺便去了我的同学家。 ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. 我过去常常吃肉, 但现在我习惯吃蔬菜。 ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________,When are we supposed to get to school today?,I dropped by my classmate’s home when I went to the museum.,I used to eat meat, but now I am / get used to eating vegetables.,当堂检测:,单项选择 1. I like gentle music that can make us ______ relaxed. A. feels B. felt C. feel D. feeling2. There are many trees on ______ side of the road. A. both B. each C. every D. none,4. He ______ live with his friends, but he ______ living alone now. A. used to; used to B. is used to; is used to C. is used to; used to D. used to; is used to5. All of us find ______ necessary to take exercise every day. A. it B. them C. this D. that,



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