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,基础知识自测,一、单词识记,n. 图解图表示意图_______ Vi.爆发;突然发生________n.__________ 3. n. 灰,灰末______ 4. 在旁边,在……旁边______ 5. n.设备;装备________ 6. vt. 任命;委派______ 7.vt. 评估,估计_______ 8.n. 波浪,vt.挥手________ 9.adj.绝对的,完全的_______adv._________ 10.n/vt 套装,适合_______ 11.n./adj. 潜在,可能性______ 12.adj. 实在的,实际的________ 13.n. 侯选人________ 14.n. 恐吓,威胁_________ 15. adj.贵重的,珍贵的________ 16. n. 文件,证件_________,17.adj. 不舒服的__________ 18.adj. 失去知觉的_________ 19.vt.射中;射伤__________ 20.vi.摇晃,颤抖________ 21. adj.忧虑的,不安的_______n.__________ 22. v/n. 惊慌_________ 23.adj. 多种多样的________n._________ 24.vi. 洗澡,游泳________ 25.n. 欣赏,感激_________ 26.vt. 保证,担保__________ 27.n. Volcano________ 28 n. hurricane________ 29n. questionnaire________ 30 n. database_________ 31 balcony_________ 32persuasion__________,diagram,erupt,eruption,ash,alongside,equipment,appoint,evaluate,absolute,absolutely,suit,potential,actual,candidate,threat,precious,document,uncomfortable,unconscious,shoot,tremble,anxious,anxiety,panic,diverse,diversity,bathe,appreciation,guarantee,火山,飓风,问卷,调查表,数据库,资料库,阳台,信服,说服,wave,短语检测,1.任命某人为________ 2.全部焚毁_______ 3.对……不屑一顾__________ 4.确凿的事实_________ 5.适合于……________ 6.前往________ 7.没意识到______ 8.朝……射击__________ 9.飞快地__________ 10.为……担心____________渴望做某事___________ 11.陷入惊慌_______ 12.匆匆看一遍__________ 13.由…到…不等________ 14.各种各样的_________ 15.保证做某事___________,appoint sb as /to be,burn to the ground,wave …aside,an absolute fact,Be suitable for,Make one’s way,,Be unconscious of,Shoot at,Like a shot,be anxious about,be anxious to do,get into panic,Glance through,Vary from…to…,a diversity of,,guarantee to do,earthquake,floods,drought,thunder/ lightning,tornado/cyclone,tsunami,hurricane /typhoon,volcano-eruption,What do you know about volcano? Do you know how a volcano erupts?,volcano-eruption,,,,,Boiling rock erupts from the crater; the lava flows slowly down the mountain.,Magma chamber,Lava,Crater,Ash cloud/volcanic ash,Near the oceans.,2) Where is the most possible place that a volcano may erupt?,Look at the diagram on the right. It shows a volcano erupting. What do you know about volcanoes? Share your knowledge with others in your class. Use some of the words on the diagram in your discussion.,Have you ever thought about how powerful nature is? Have you ever considered how weak humans are compared with a volcano, hurricane or earthquake?Yet, however weak we are, we are not completely powerless. In your groups discuss ways human being protect themselves from powerful natural forces.,Unit 5,reading,The power of nature,Can you imagine climbing into alive volcano in order to measure the temperature of the boiling rock inside? Can you imagine doing such dangerous work as part of your job? Do you think you would enjoy studying volcanoes as a job? Answer “yes“ or “no“ to these questions to find out if you would be suitable for this work.,Pre-reading,Pre-reading,If you answered “yes“ to all these questions, then volcanology could be a good career for you. Read the passage on the next page to find out more about being a volcanologist.,Skimming,,,,I have the greatestjob in the world,Danger excites me and makes me feel alive,Protect people from the volcano,Read the passage and answer: Why is the author's job important?,What made the author realize that an eruption occurred?,,,,,,My bed began shaking,A strange sound,My bed room became as bright as day,Red hot lava was fountaining hundreds of metres into the air,An absolutely fantastic sight,What did the scientists do after the eruption?,,,,,,Put on white protective suits helmets, big boots,Dropped as close as possible to the crater,Slowly made our way to the edge of the crater,Looked down into the red, boiling centre,Climbed down into the crater to collect some lava,2. What is the volcanologist wearing when getting close to the crater?,He is wearing white protective suits that covered his whole body, helmets, big boots and special gloves, just like a spaceman.,Why is a volcanologist's job important?2. Where is Mount Kilauea?3. Why is the lava that flows on Mount Kilauea more dangerous than the actual eruption?4. What caused the writer's bedroom to become as bright as day even though it was night'?,Comprehension - Reading,Answer these questions using complete sentences.,Volcanologists study volcanoes so that they can warn people when the volcano is going to erupt and so save many lives.,Mount Kilauea is in Hawaii.,The lava flows down the mountain and can cover up or burn villages in its path. The rocks that erupt from the volcano usually don’t damage anything because no one lives near the crater.,The light was caused by the red-hot rocks and gas that erupted from the volcano.,6. Why was it difficult for the write~' to walk towards the edge of the crater?7. What does the writer find impressive about volcanoes even after studying them for many years?,The author was wearing special protective clothing that made it difficult to walk.,The author is impressed by the beauty of the eruption and also by its potential to cause great destruction.,5. Why did the scientists have to get close to the volcano after it began erupting?,The scientists needed to get samples of the lava so they could study them.,The main idea of the passage: Part 1(Pa 1-2) Part 2(Pa 3-4) Part 3(Pa 5),What is the writer’s job and theimportance of his job?The writer’s experience of watching the volcano eruption.The reasons why the writer is enthusiastic about his job?,Analyze the reading passage,Choose the best answer: 1. The writer doesn't mind the occasional danger of his job because ____. A. He travels to unusual places and meets interesting people from all over the world B. He likes the different ways of working C. He thinks his job the most important D. He is excited about dangers and feels alive.,D,2. What does the writer mean by using “lucky” in the sentence “I was lucky enough to have a much closer look at it.”? A. He felt much safer on the top while the other two scientists climbed down into the crater. B. It was his first sight of an eruption. C. It was the first time for him to watch the crater. D. Both B and C.,D,知识点解析,,,I have the greatest job in the world. I travel to unusual places and work alongside people from all over the world. Sometimes working outdoors, sometimes in an office, sometimes using scientific equipment and sometimes meeting local people and tourists, I am never bored. Although my job is occasionally dangerous, I don't mind because danger excites me and makes me feel alive. However, the most important thing about my job is that I help protect ordinary people from one of the most powerful forces on earth - the volcano.,Paragraph1,,bore vt. 使……感到厌烦;n. 令人厌烦的人或物,麻烦 Tom Blair’s speech bored most of the audience.布莱尔的讲话使大部分的观众感到厌烦。 【想一想】英语中有部分及物动词,如bore, tire, excite, surprise, interest, worry, astonish, shock, frighten, terrify, disappoint, satisfy, inspire, encourage, puzzle等,它们的v.-ing形式adj.表示主体名词令人有某种感受,而它们的v.-ed式adj. 表示主体名词本身有某种感受。 【练一练】 ①He __________________ the same thing every day. ②He ______ by talking for hours about his new car. 他大讲他的新车使我们感到厌烦。 ③Mr Smith, of the speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; bored B. tired; boring C. tiring; bored D. tiring, boring ④It is believed that if a book is it will surely the reader. A. interested; interest B. interesting; be interested C. interested; be interesting D. interesting; interest,was bored with/of doing,bored us,B,D,,I was appointed as a volcanologist working for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) twenty years ago. My job is collecting information for a database about Mount Kilauea, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. Our work has saved many lives because people in the path of the lava can be warned to leave their houses. Unfortunately, we cannot move their homes out of the way, and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.,Paragraph2,,appoint vt. 任命,委派;约定,指定,安排[归纳拓展] ①)They have appointed a new headmaster at my son’s school. ②They appointed him (as) captain of the English team. ③The time appointed for the meeting was 10∶30. [即境活用] 我们在考虑指定他当秘书。 We are considering ________ ________ ________ act as secretary.,appointing him to,,When boiling rock erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage than you might imagine. This is because no one lives near the top of Mount Kilauea, where the rocks fall. The lava that flows slowly like a wave down the mountain causes far more damage because it buries everything in its path under the molten rock. However, the eruption itself is really exciting to watch and I shall never forget my first sight of one. It was in the second week after I arrived in Hawaii. Having worked hard all day, I went to bed early. I was fast asleep when suddenly my bed began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train passing my window. Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn't take much notice. I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. I ran out of the house into the back garden where I could see Mount Kilauea in the distance. There had been an eruption from the side of the mountain and red hot lava was fountaining hundreds of metres into the air. It was an absolutely fantastic sight.,Paragraph3,,The day after this eruption I was lucky enough to have a much closer look at it. Two other scientists and I were driven up the mountain and dropped as close as possible to the crater that had been formed during the eruption. Having earlier collected special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer. All three of us looked like spacemen.We had white protective suits that covered our whole body, helmets, big boots and special gloves. It was not easy to walk in these suits, but we slowly made our way to the edge of the crater and looked down into the red, boiling centre. The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them.,Paragraph4,,(1) It is/will be +时间段+before从句 “要过多久才……”before 从句用一般现在时 (2)It was +时间段+before从句 “过了多久才……”before 从句用一般过去时 (3)It won’t be +时间段+before从句 “不用过多久就会……”before 从句用一般现在时 (4)It wasn’t +时间段+before从句 “没过多久就……”before 从句用一般过去时 (5)It is +时间段+since从句 “自……以来已有多久了”,since从句中用一般过去时 Eg. We waited a long time before the train arrived.我们等了很长时间火车才到达。It will be two years before we meet again.要等两年我们才能再见面。 He hadn’t gone a mile before he felt tired.走了不到一英里他就累了。,make one’s way to/towards向走去 make way(for sb./sth.) 某人/某事物通过;给某人/某事物让路 fight one’s way打出道路;奋勇前进 find a way out找到出路 find one’s way to/into设法到达;到达 give way撤退;让路;让步;退让;屈服;断裂;倒塌 feel one’s way摸索着走; .谨慎行事 go a long/good/great way大有帮助;大有作用;走了很长一段路 go one’s own way独自行事,一意孤行 lose one’s way迷路 in a(one)way在某一点上,从某种意义上 in no way一点也不,决不 in the way挡道 by the way在途中,在路旁 by way of经由 【练一练】 ①The way he did it was different we were used to. A. in which B. in what C. from what D. from which ②­—I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her. — ,It was her fault. A. No way B. Not possible C. No chance D. Not at all,C,A,,This being my first experience是独立主格结构,在句中充当状语,表原因(=because this was my first experience) Eg.The weather being fine(=Because the weather is fine),we have made up our minds to go for a picnic His homework done(=After his homework had been done), the child went out to play. The manager was very angry, for he had sent his business partner two hundred machines yesterday, half of _________ unqualified . A.them B. what C. which D. that,A,,Today, I am just as enthusiastic about my job as the day I first started. Having studied volcanoes now for many years, I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage.,Paragraph5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





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