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pronunciationvocabularygrammarspellingadvicealoudquicklypossible,发音 建议,意见 大声地,出声地 拼写 词汇,词汇量 快地,快速地 语法 可能的,Match the words:,,,,,,,,,练习---_________________ 改善,改进---____________ 建议,提议---____________ 理解,明白---____________ 忘,忘记---______________ 赞同---__________________ 应该---__________________,practise,improve,suggest,understand,forget,agree,should,Fill in the blanks,practise _________ sth 练习做某事 suggest _________ sth 建议做某事 agree ___________ sth 同意做某事 forget __________ sth忘记去做某事 forget __________ sth忘记做过某事 ______ sb _____ sth建议某人做某事 should _________ sth 应该做某事,用do的正确形式填空,doing,doing,to do,to do,doing,advise,to do,do,Expressions,查找_____________ 犯错误___________ 谈论_____________ 写下_____________ 在……旁_________ 听广播___________ 例如__________ 尽可能多的______________ 带领某人参观 ______________,给某人写信__________ 不敢做某事___________ 一些新的东西__________ 把…(发)送给某 人__________________ 请求______________ 冲…微笑___________ 考虑______________ 擅长______________ 与某人交朋友 ___________________ 开始知道___________,look up,make a mistake,talk about,write down,next to,listen to the radio,as much as possible,for example,take sb around sp,write to sb,be afraid to do,something new,send sth to sb,ask for,smile at,think about,make friends with,be good at,get to know,1.We should_________ (help) people who are in trouble. 2.My teacher advises me ________(listen) to the radio every day. 3.The man suggested ________(take)his children to the zoo. 4.Don’t forget ________________(write down) the correct answers next to the mistakes.,Exercises:,help,to listen,taking,to write down,1.I don’t like English __________(语法)because it is very difficult. 2.Miss Lin bought some ___________(笔记本)for me. 3.Mike,please _________(改正)your mistakes. 4.I can’t read the word because I don’t know its ______________(发音). 5.This is the __________(主要的)street of a town.,grammar,notebooks,correct,pronunciation,main,6.I want to ________(改进)my English. Can you tell me some good ways? 7.Listening is one of the four __________(基本的)skills in learning English. 8.It’s _________(自然的)to forget the new words. 9.Don’t be ________(害羞的)when you speak English to foreign friends. 10.They started a ______________(谈话)with an interesting topic.,improve,basic,natural,shy,conversation,根据汉语补全句子 1.今天,我们打算谈论一下学习英语的好方法。 Today, we’re ______ _____ ______ about good ways to learn English. 2.我们在课堂上应该一直说英语。 We ______ ______ speak English in class. 3.让我们设法尽可能多地说英语吧。 Let’s speak English _______ _______ _____ _______. 4.为什么不把错误写在笔记本上呢? Why not ______ _______ the mistakes _____ your notebooks?,going to talk,should always,as much as,possible,write down,in,5.每天拼写和大声朗读新单词是个好主意。 _____ ______ ______ _____ to spell and pronounce new words aloud every day. 6.听广播怎么样? ______ ______ _________ to the radio? 7.他很友好,经常对我们微笑。 He is very friendly and often ______ ______ _____. 8.我想知道怎样使用这个机器。 I want to know _____ ______ ______ the machine.,It’s a good idea,How about listening,smile at us,how to use,1.为什么不在我们的笔记本上记下错误呢? Why not write down the mistakes in our notebooks? 2.听广播怎么样? How about listening to radio? 3.让我们尽可能地讲英语。 Let's speak English as much as possible. 4.在课堂上我们应该总是讲英语。 We should always speak English in class. 5.每天大声拼读新单词是个好主意。 It's a good idea to spell and pronounce new words aloud every day.,提建议的句型: 1.Why not walk to school? 2.Why don’t you ask me to help you? 3.What/How about joining a club? 4.Let’s go to the park. 5.Shall we go to the zoo? 6.It’s a good idea to play games. 7.Try not to translate every word when you are reading.,1.Why not+动词原形…? 2.Why don’t you/we+动词原形…? 3.What/How about+名词/代词/动名词…? 4.Let’s +动词原形… 5.Shall we+动词原形…? 6.It’s a good idea to do sth… 7.Try not to do sth…,备注:1.It’s better (not) to do sth.2.You should/shouldn’t+动词原形…3.We/You had better (not)+动词原形…,1.Let’s ______ for a walk, shall we? A. to go B. going C. go D. gone 2.I don’t know how to read the word”medium”.---___ask Mr Taylor for help? A. What about B. Let’s C. How about D. Why don’t you 3.How about going shopping on Hunan Road this evening?---________,but I’ve to prepare for tomorrow’s exam. A.I can’t B. Sounds great C. That’s right D. No,I’m terribly sorry,Choose the best answer:,C,D,B,1.Let’s go out for a picnic on Sunday.---_____. A.Nice to meet you B.Here you are C.The same to you D.Good idea 2.Why don’t you _____ your parents to help you? A.asking B.asked C.to ask D.ask 3.It’s a good idea _______ to the Great Wall this summer. A.go B.went C.to go D.to going,Exercises:,D,D,c,4.I feel a bit hungry now. ---Why not _____ for dinner with us? A,go B.did you go C.to go D.do you go 5.What about ______ a rest? ---OK. Let’s go out and have a walk. A.to take B.takes C.taking D.to taking,A,c,Grammar,一般现在时 含义:经常或反复发生的动作或行为,现在的某种状况及普遍真理,一般规律。 时间状语:always,usually,often,sometimes, every week(day,month,year……),once a week, on sundays,etc. 构成:主语 + V原 + 其他主语(单三)+ Vs/es + 其他,现在进行时: 概念:表示正在进行的动作或现阶段的暂时情况。 构成:主语+ be +doing 时间状语:now, at the/this moment, at this time, at present, these days 标志:1.以look, listen开头的句子。 2.以祈使句开头的句子。,用动词的正确形式填空。 1.We often_____(play) in the playgound. 2.He _________(get) up at six o’clock. 3._____you _______(brush) your teeth every morning. 4.What_____(do) he usually_______(do) after school? 5. Danny______(study)English,Chinese,Maths, Science and Art an school. 6. Mike sometimes ______(go) to the park with his sister. 7. At eight at night, she usually _______(watch) TV with his mum.,play,gets,Do,brush,does,do,studies,goes,plays,8. ________ Mike________(read) English every day? 9.Tom______________ (swim) in the river now. 10.It’s eight o’clock now. The boys _____________ (watch) TV. 11.She usually____________(do) her homework in the evening. 12.Tom and Tony can’t_________(swim). 13.What does your father ______ (do)? He’s a worker. 14.Look! Jim and Tom __________(run) there,Does,read,is swimming,are watching,does,swim,do,are running,一般将来时: 含义:表示将来的动作或状态。 构成:主语+ will/shall + V原+其他主语+ be going to + V原+其他 时间状语:tomorrow,next week,from now on,soon, in the future, in + 将来时间.,一般过去时: 含义:表示过去某个时间里发生的动作或状态,过去习惯性,经常性的动作,行为。 构成:主语+ 过去式+其他 过去式:P152-153 时间状语:yesterday,ago,last week,in 1989,just now,at the age of 5, one day, once upon a time.,1. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight. 2. Mary's birthday is next Monday, her mother _____ (give)her a present. 3. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon 4. Her father _______ (read) a newspaper last night. 5. ______ you _______ (visit) your relatives last Spring Festival? 6. ______ he _______ (fly) a kite last Sunday? Yes, he ______. 7.What _________ she _________ (find) in the garden last morning?,am,will,will give,will snow,read,Did,visit,Did,fly,did,did,find,1.She lives in a small town near New York. (一般疑) Does she live in a small town near New York.2.I watch TV every day. (同上) Do you watch TV every day. 3.They took a walk last evening.(同上) Did they take a walk last evening? 4.Travel in the future will be expensive.(同上) Will travel in the future be expensive?,同义句转换 1.What other things are there in the room? ______ ______ are there in the room? 2.To watch English film is a good way of learning English. ______ a good way of learning English ____ _____ English films,What,else,It’s,to,watch,3.Let’s try to speak English as much as possible. ______ ______ speak English as much as possible? 4.Many people want to know when they can get to Beijing. Many people want to know _____ _____ get to Beijing.,Why,not,when,to,





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