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新课标人教版选修八Book8 Unit3 Language points.ppt

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新课标人教版选修八Book8 Unit3 Language points.ppt
1申请专利 apply for a patent 2给……打电话 call up 3在农村 in the countryside 4有时 now and then 5安家 make one’s home 6摆脱,赶走 get rid of 7表现自己 distinguish oneself 8生物 living creatures 9着手研究蛇的习性 set about researching the habits of snakes 10决定 decide on,11同时 at the same time 12附近的墙洞 a convenient hole in the wall 13第二次试验 the second attempt 14非常小心地 with great caution 15弯下腰 bend down 16一切按计划进行 all goes according to plan 17抓住机会 seize the opportunity 18专利局 the patent office 19填表 fill in the form 20祝某人好运 wish sb. luck,1.原句:Snakes come near the house _____________, and they seem to have made their home here,not far from the walnut tree. 它们好像在这儿安了家,离核桃树不远。 句型:Sb. seems to do.=It seems that sb. do好像⑴ 他好像什么都知道。 ____________________________________ _____________________________. ⑵ 他好像已在这个公司工作多年。_____________________________________ _____________ in the company for several years.,now and then,He seems to know everything.=It seems that he knows everything.,He seems to have worked=It seems that he has worked,“There + seem to be +名词”,其中to be 可省略。seem 的单复数形式要根据后面作主语的名词的单复数形式而定。例如: There seems no need to wait any longer. 看来没有再等的必要了。 There seem to be a lot of things to do . (=It seems as if there were a lot of things to do.) 从课文中找到具有这一结构的句子:The first thing I did was to see if there were any products that might help me, but there only seemed to be powders designed to kill snakes.,结构分析:全句是一个由but连接的并列句,前一分句的主干是the first thing was to see.;(that)I did是定语从句,修饰the first thing;if引导的从句作see的 ⑴ ______,在这个 ⑵ ______ 从句中,that might help me是定语从句,修饰products;but后的分句中,designed to kill snakes是过去分词短语作 ⑶________ ,修饰powders。,定语,宾语,宾语,2.Between the outside and inside walls of the bowl there is some jelly,_______________________. 碗的内外壁中间有一些果冻,温度低了就变硬了。 But______________, they tried to bite me. 但是它们一被捡起来,就试图咬我。 when/while/once/unless/until等连词引导的状语从句中的主语与主句的主语相同,且从句的谓语动词为“be+分词”时,从句中的主语和系动词be可省略,只保留“连词+分词”的形式。(1)________________________________________ 听老师讲课时不要弄出噪音。 (2)_______________________________________ 除非被邀请,我才会去参加晚会。,Don’t make noises when (you are) listening to the teacher.,I won’t attend the party unless (I am) invited.,which freezes hard when cooled,once picked up,(3) _________ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared,D,,句中的that从句是一个______从句, monitored carefully 是过去分词短语作____语。,同位语,in the expectation that the snakes,would bite again,monitored carefully,,the snakes proved to be no trouble and all went according to plan.,状,expectation预料;期待。例如: There’s no expectation of snow tonight. 今晚预计无雪。in expectation (of )预料,期望 beyond one’s expectations 没想到,比预期的更好 live up to one’s expectations 达到/不辜负某人的期望 1)They closed the windows _____________________ (预计会下雨). 2)He has succeeded ___________________________ (超出我们的预料). 3)The show ________________________________(不负众望).,in expectation of rain,beyond our expectations,lived up to all our expectations,monitor (vt.) (1)利用监听器或监视器来监听,收听,收视重要内容,如有关军事,政治或非法活动的内容。例如:,They have been monitoring the enemy’s radio broadcasts to try to find out their secret plans. 他们一直在监听地方的电台广播,设法查探他们的秘密计划。 (2)密切监视;监督。例如: The teacher is monitoring an examination. 老师正在监考。,prove (vt.),1)证明;证实。 He has ___________________in battles. 他已在战斗证明了自己的勇气。 Facts proved that___________________. 事实证明他是无辜的。 2)(vi) 原来(是);被证明(是)。 The method/drug___________________________. 这个方法/这种药被证明是非常有效的。 _________________________________________ 我的意见被证实是错的。,proved his courage,proved (to be) very effective,My advice proved to be wrong.,he was innocent,4._____________________________________ ______________________________________. 只有你得到这种承认,你才可以说是一个真正的发明家。,only 修饰状语,至于句首,主句的语序需要倒装。此句如改成正常语序应是: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 1)只有靠努力学习我们才能通过考试。 Only by means of working hard can we pass the exams.,You can say that you are truly an inventor only after you have had that recognition.,Only after you have had that recognition can you say that you are truly an inventor,2) _______________________________________ 只有坚持下去,你才能实现自己的目标。3) _______________________________________ 只是在战争结束后,人们才过上了幸福的生活。,,Only if you keep it up can you achieve your goal.,Only after the war was over did people live a happy life.,5. _________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 你的产品要经过仔细调查, 证明它确实与众不同, 你 才能获得专利。以否定词no, not, neither, nor, never, hardly, seldom, little, in no way, not until ,by no means等开头的句子, 要用部分倒装。 (1) ________________________________________ _________________________________________ 如果你不专心学习,你永远也不会通过考试。 (2) _________________________________________ 她很少和别人交流。,Seldom does she communicate with others.,Never can you pass the exam if you don’t devote yourself to your study.,Nor will you receive a patent until a search has made to find out that your product really is different from everybody else’s.,P22. L2 6.Remember to include one change to your invention ____________________________________. 记住对你的发明要有变化的余地,以防它第一次不起作用。 in case(以防)万一 ,后可接从句,也可置于句末。 in case of 要是……;在……时候(后接名词或代词) in this case 如果这样的话 in that case 如果那样的话 in any case 无论如何 in no case 决不(位于句首,句子应使用倒装语序),in case it doesn’t work the first time,①Take your umbrella______________________. 拿着你的雨伞以防下雨。 ②______________, open this safety door. 一旦发生火灾,打开这扇安全门。 ③______________________________________. 你决不能把孩子一个人留在家里。,in case it rains,In case of fire,In no case may you leave the baby alone at home,(2007·北京)Leave your key with a neighbor ______ you lock yourself out one day. A.ever since B.even if C.soon after D.in case,答案:D,解析:A项意为“自从……以来”,B项意为“即使”,C项意为“不久之后”,D项意为“以防;以免”。句意为“留一把钥匙给邻居,以免有一天你把自己锁在门外”。,1.这个年轻人看起来变化很大。 The young man seemed to have changed much. 2.人们纷纷买房是因为预料其价格将继续强劲地上涨下去。People buy houses in the expectation that its price will continue to rise strongly . 3.博物馆一旦开放,肯定会受到市民的欢迎。 Once opened, the museum will be popular with the citizens. 4.结果证明她是一位非常严格的老师。 She proved a very strict teacher.,5.只有抓住今天,才能不丢失明天。 Only when you seize today can you not lose tomorrow. 6. 请你明天再提醒我一下,免得我忘记。 Please remind me of it again tomorrow in case I forget. 7.你在哪儿都不会找到这个问题的答案。 Nowhere will you find the answer to this question.,



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