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必修三Unit 3复习要点.doc

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必修三Unit 3复习要点.doc
1必修三 UNIT 3 单元复习要点一、词汇派生。1.____________n.奇遇;冒险 ____________ adj.喜冒险的,充满危险的 _____________ n.冒险家;投机者2.____________V.漫步;漂泊________________n.漫步者;漂泊者3.____________v.允许;准许 n.许可证;执照;通行证_________________n. 允许;准许4.____________n.错误;缺点;故障_______________adj. 有缺陷的______________adj.无缺点的;无瑕疵的5.____________v.付款 ________________adj.已付款的______________adj.未付款的;不受报酬的6.____________n.耐心;耐性____________adj.有耐性的___________ adj.无耐性的_____________adv.无耐心地7._____________v.相信___________n.相信;信仰_____________adj.可相信的________________adj.难以置信的8._____________adj.粗鲁的______________adv.粗鲁地________________n.粗鲁9._____________adj.真的;真诚的 _____________adv.真地;真诚地;________________n.真诚;诚挚10. ____________v.陈述;讲叙________________n. 陈述者;讲述者________________n. 记述文;故事二、用括号所给单词的适当形式填空。1. We can do whatever we like now, for we have our head teacher’s to do our favorite. (permit)2. Though it was , everyone loved to take an active part in this activity as volunteers. (pay)3. When he was young, he would go hiking on holidays, because he is an ________________ .(adventure)4. The teacher stared at the kid, him not to be absent-minded. (warn)5. What he said is , because he often lies to his friends. (believe)6. The machine won't work because of a ________(fault) connection. 7. We try to persuade them that we are ______ (genuine) interested in the project. 8. Don’t shout at the stranger so _______. Nobody likes your ____________. (rude)9. Excuse me. Do you mind my here? (smoke)10. After three hours of waiting for the train, our was finally exhausted. (patient)三、词组互译 将下列词组或短语译成中文或英语。1. 处理____________________ 2. 偶然____________________ 3. 养育____________________ 4. 解释____________________ 5. 至于____________________ 6. 即使____________________ 7. 正相反__________________8. 盯住____________________9. 以…为基础_______________10.放弃____________________11. go ahead ____________________12. in rags ______________________13. get in trouble ________________14. to be honest _________________15. in a rude manner _____________16. be about to __________________17. take a chance ________________18. earn one’s passage __________19. a large amount of______________20. be on the spot ________________四、据句子提供的语境,从第三大题中选一个适当的词组并用其适用的形式填空。1. He is , but he is a millionaire.2. The secret is only found _________.3. When the thief found the police had already___ him, he ran away quickly.4. No one can __ the reason why he made such a stupid mistake.5. Can I use your reusable bags this afternoon for shopping? Yes, ___________________.6. Don’t be afraid of failing. _______________, and you will know what you can achieve.7. Many of Mark Twain’s famous stories _______________ his childhood.8. _______________, I was ________________ by my grandparents in the countryside.9. He is not poor at all. ________________, he is very wealthy.210. I ___________________ leave when it began to rain heavily outside.五、重要句型( 必备)1. permit sb. __________________允许某人做某事 permit ________________允许做某事2. find fault _________ sb.挑剔某人的缺点3. spot sb./sth. _________ 看到某人/某事正在做4. take sth. ___________ account 考虑到5. seek ___________寻找某物 seek __________ sb.追求某人 seek ____________ sth.试图/设法做某事6. It is rude (of sb.)______________(某人)做某事是粗鲁的7. It is good/bad manners _______________做某事是有/不礼貌的8. _____________ an order 订货;下订单9. have a _____________ of (doing)sth.有机会做10. (The) chance is that…= (The ) chances are that…______________________11. find sb./sth. doing/done/介词短语…发现某人/ 某物处于某种境地 ,含“不知不觉”的意思。Eg: 1.当他醒来时,发现自己躺在金堆里。When he woke up, he found _________ _________ in gold.2.我发现我的巧克力在教室里被偷了。I found my chocolate ______________________________.3.雾散了,我们发现来到了山顶上。With the fog disappearing, we found ourselves ___________________.12.强调句式: It is/was +被强调部分 +that/who +其他部分Eg: I met a beautiful girl in the party last night.强调宾语: It was _____________________that I met l in the party last night.强调地点状语:It was _____________________that I met a beautiful girl last night.13.I wonder if you mind…不知你是否介意……mind 后接动名词或动名词的复合结构,即: mind doing sth.或 mind one’s doing sth. 如:你介意帮我拿一下这些书吗?Do you mind _______________________________ for me?希望你不要介意我在这里吸烟. I hope you don’t mind _______________________here.14.疑问词 +ever=no matter + 疑问词,表示“无论…;任何…” ,引导让步状语从句或 名词性从句Eg:无论他说什么,不要相信他。Don’t trust him ________________________________________.无论你什么时候回来,我都会等你。I will wait for you _________________________________.15.I am sorry, but…对不起,但是…,but 后表示委婉的解释Eg:对不起,我不能跟你白头到老了。__________________________I can’t spend the rest of my life with you.六、语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1.________(base)on Mark Twain’s childhood. When he was a child, he always went to play on the farmland 2.______(own) by his uncle John, 3._____ had 20 slaves. His uncle was kind, warm-hearted, and full of humor. He was not cruel to the slaves, 4.______ he could not allow them to be free. 5.______ his time on the farm, Mark Twain made friends with Uncle Daniel, a black slave. At that time, Mark Twain felt very sorry for the slaves. He thought all men were born equal and people shouldn’t treat slaves 6._____(bad). It was at that time 7. ___ he became 8._______(interest) in literature, and began to dream of 9.______(become) a writer. The friendship with Uncle Daniel inspired him to write about 10.______ (free) for slaves, although that was not yet a reality.



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