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The story happened in 1947, the banker Andy because his wife has been having an extramarital affair, drunken to shot and killed his wife and her lover, but he did not start, the coincidence is that somebody shot his wife and her lover, he was accused of murder, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, it means that he will have to spend the rest of his life in Xiao Shen ke the prison 故事发生在 1947年,银行家安迪因为妻子有婚外情,酒醉后本想用枪杀了妻子和她的情人,但是他没有下手,巧合的是那晚有人枪杀了他妻子和她情人,他被指控谋杀,被判无期徒刑,这意味着他将在肖申克监狱渡过余生 瑞德 Reed for the 1927murder was sentenced to life imprisonment, several parole without success. He is now Xiao Shenke has become a prison in “ authority figures“, as long as you can afford to pay the money, he was able to get whatever you want. Whenever a new prisoner comes, you can bet who will cry in the night. Reed that the fragile Andy will cry, the results of Andy's silence so that he lost two packs. . 瑞德 1927年因谋杀罪被判无期徒刑,数次假释都未获成功。他现在已经成为肖申克监狱中的“权威人物”,只要你付得起钱,他几乎能有办法搞到任何你想要的东西。每当有新囚犯来的时候,大家会赌谁将在第一夜哭泣。瑞德认为弱不禁风的安迪一定会哭,结果安迪的沉默使他输掉了两包烟。 长时间以来,安迪几乎不和任何人接触。一个月后,安迪请瑞德帮他搞的第一件东西是一把石锤,想雕刻一些小东西以消磨时光,并说自己想办法逃过狱方的例行检查。 。之后,安迪又搞了一幅丽塔 .海华丝的巨幅海报贴在了牢房的墙上。 One time, Andy and the other prisoners out of several labor, he inadvertently heard the prison officer was talking about the tax. Andy said he what has a way to make the prison officer legally removed from the amount of tax, as the exchange, and his work prisoners were each given3 bottles of beer. Drinking beer, Reed speculated that Andy just borrow this free enjoy temporary freedom 一次,安迪和另几个犯人外出劳动,他无意间听到监狱官在讲有关上税的事。安迪说他有办法可以使监狱官合法地免去这一大笔税金,作为交换,和他共同工作的犯人每人得到了3瓶啤酒。喝着啤酒,瑞德猜测安迪只是借用这个空闲享受短暂的自由。 A clinical rounds, the warden took Andy's Bible, but not open handed back to him, and told him that “the path of salvation, in which“, but did not expect the warden,“ salvation“ is really in the. Subsequently, he was sent to the prison librarian for library books, update, he writes a letter every week, for the library expansion efforts, six years later, he realized the dream. After that, he began to help pose as a person of high morals the money laundering. And for the prison other guards other matters required documents. 一次查房,典狱长拿过了安迪的圣经,却没有翻开便递还给他,并告诉他“救赎之道,就在其中”,可是典狱长没想到,那“救赎之道”真的就在其中。随后,他被派去当监狱的图书馆管理员,为了争取图书馆的图书更新,他每周写一封信,为图书馆的扩大而努力着,六年后,他实现了愿望。之后,他开始帮助 道貌岸然 的典狱长洗黑钱。并且为监狱其他狱警处理其他事项所需文件 一名小偷因盗窃入狱,巧合的是他知道安迪妻子和她情人的死亡真相,兴奋的安迪找到了狱长,希望狱长能帮他翻案。虚伪的狱长表面上答应了安迪,暗中却用计杀死了告诉他这个事实真相的 Tommy(安迪在狱中的学生),因为他一方面担心灰色收入曝光,另一方面他想安迪一直留在监狱帮他做帐。 虚伪的狱长表面上答应了安迪,暗中却用计杀死了告诉他这个事实真相的 Tommy(安迪在狱中的学生),因为他一方面担心灰色收入曝光,另一方面他想安迪一直留在监狱帮他做帐。 When Andy knew the truth, decided to go through their Redeemer free! Before you act, he left Reed a mysterious message. Andy through the efforts of success “prison break“, the tool is the Bible“ salvation“, that is the little stone hammer. He took all the money for the washing, and the corruption and evidence of murder to the newspaper, the warden at the Dutch act of despair. 安迪知道真相后,决定通过自己的救赎去获得自由!行动之前,他给瑞德留下了神秘的留言。安迪通过努力成功“ 越狱 ”,他的越狱工具就是那本圣经里面的“救赎之道”,那把小小的石锤。他领走了帮典狱长洗的那些钱,并且将典狱长贪污与谋杀的证据寄给了报社,典狱长在案发后绝望自杀。 当瑞德获得假释后,他找到了安迪为他留下的礼物,并克服了假释后的心理危机,找到了安迪。两个朋友最终相遇 。 When Reed was released on parole, he found a gift Andy left him, and overcomes the parole of psychological crisis, found Andy. Two friends eventually meet. Andy Dufresne: Here’s where it makes the most sense. You need it so you don“t foget. Foget that there are palce in the world that aren’t made out of stone That there’s a---there’s a---there’s something inside that’s yours, that they can’t touch. (在监狱里放歌剧唱片 ) 安迪 .杜德兰 :这就是意义所在。你需要它,就好像自己不要忘记。忘记世上还有不是用石 头围起来的地方。忘记自己的内心还有你自己的东西,他们碰不到的东西。 救赎中的警示人的经典语句 Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. A strong man can save himself. A great man can save another. 懦怯囚禁人的灵魂,希望可以感受自由。强者自救,圣者渡人 我得经常同自己说,有些鸟儿是关不住的。他们的羽毛太鲜亮了。当它们飞走的时候,你心底里知道把他们关起来是一种罪恶,你会因此而振奋。不过,他们一走 ,你住的地方也就更加灰暗空虚。我觉得我真是怀念我的朋友。 I have to remind myself that some birds don’t mean to be caged . Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up. DOES rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they’re gone. I guess I just miss my friend Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies! 记着,希望是件好东西,没准儿是件最好的东西,而且从没有一样好东西会消逝! I guess it comes down to a simple choice: get busy living or get busy dying. 生命可以归结为一种简单的选择:要么忙于生存,要么赶着去死。 这里结束 谢谢! 制作者:夏杨松





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