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初中英语人教版八年级下册,,Unit 5 总复习,,词汇训练营,1,,句型大闯关,2,,语法加油站,3,内容大纲,,词汇训练营,,一、快速说出下列单词或短语。 1. 暴风雨 n. ___________ 2. 突然地 adv. _________ 3. 奇怪的;奇特的 adj. ________ 4. 报道;公布 v.;n. _________ 5. 地区;地域 n. _______ 6. 木;木头 n. __________ 7. 沉默;无声 _______________ 8. 醒来;叫醒 ___________,rainstorm,suddenly,strange,report,area,wood,词汇训练营,快速回忆所学单词,看谁说得又快又准!,in silence,wake up,silent adj. 沉默的,无声的,rain + storm → rainstorm,9. 首先,起初__________ 10. 开始 v. _________ 11. 敲打;打败 v. ________ 12. 倚;碰;撞 prep. __________ 倒下的;落下的 adj. _______ 冰冷的;覆盖着冰的 adj. ______ 升起;提高;增加 v. _________ 彻底地;完全地 adv. ____________事实;实情 n. _________,at first,begin,beat,against,词汇训练营,快速回忆所学单词,看谁说得又快又准!,fallen,icy,rise,completely,truth,fall v. 下落;下降,begin to do sth. = begin doing sth.开始做某事,true adj. 真的;真正的;真实的,写出下列短语。,in the libraryat the time of go to work wait for the bus walk homeon the streetplay basketball play the piano,1. 在图书馆2. 在……的时候3. 去上班4. 等公共汽车5. 走路回家6. 在街上7. 打篮球8. 弹钢琴,Summary,9. 感觉像 10. 首先 11. 入睡 12. 逐渐变弱 13. 确信 14. 醒来 15. 一团糟 16. 清洁 17. 互相帮助 18. 在困难时期,feel like at first fall asleep die down make sure wake up in a mess clean up help each other in times of difficulty,,in history in silence tell the truth be shocked to do sth. have trouble doing sth. so … that,19. 在历史上 20. 默默地 21. 讲实话 22. 做感到吃惊 23. 做某事有麻烦 24. 如此以致,词汇训练营,单词填空,考查综合运用能力!,1. I was cutting my hair when the s________(奇怪的) man passed the door. 2. Robert and his friends were c_________(完全)surprised to hear the news. 3. The news on TV r_______(报道) that there was a rainstorm in the area. 4. We were climbing up the mountain when it began to rain _________(heavy). 5. He had a fight with his best friend, and they walked home in__________ (silent). 6.Kate didn’t think her friend was telling the _______(true) about the event,二、根据提示填空。,trange,ompletely,eport,heavily,silence,truth,学以致用,你掌握了吗?,三、走进中考。 1. (2016山东威海) Their football team was_________in that important game . beaten B. won C. failled 2.(2016江苏无锡)Although he was ______my opinion,the old professor did not come up with his own. A. against B. on C. for D. in 3. (2016黑龙江龙东)— Look !What is on the ground?—Oh,it is my sweater.Please____for me. A. pick up itB. pick it upC. pick it out,句型大闯关,,,,,句型大闯关,,,,,,根据上下文内容填空。,Mary: What ______ you doing last night, Linda?I called at seven and you didn’t pick ____. Linda: Oh, I was in the kitchen helping my mom. Mary: I see. I called _____ at 8 and you didn’t _______ then either. Linda: What was I doing at 8? Oh, I know. When you called, I was ______ a shower. Mary: But then I called again at 9. Linda: Oh, I _____ sleeping at that time. Mary: So early? That’s strange.,were,up,again,answer,taking,was,Exercises,Linda: Yeah, I was tired. Why _____ you call so many times?,Mary: I needed help with my homework. So while you were ________, I called Jenny and she helped me.,did,sleeping,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?根据提示补充句子。看谁说得多!,,What were people yesterday the rainstorm? 昨天当暴风雨来临的时候人们正在做些什么?,1)此句使用了过去进行时态,构成为:was\were +现在分词。 2)at the time of 在 的时候 (常用于过去进行时)。,2. My alarm didn’t so I woke up late.我的闹钟没有响,因此我醒晚了。,alarm n 闹钟 an alarm clock 一个闹钟 go off 发出响声,(闹钟)闹响 ,离开,doing,at the time of,go off,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,3. I called at seven and you didn’t . 我七点钟给你打电话,你没有接。,pick up (=pick up the phone) 接电话 pick up 还有以下含义: 拾起;抱起 The children picked up many sea shells at the seashore. 2) 搭载 The car stopped to pick me up. 汽车停下来接我。,pick up,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,,4. no light outside, it midnight.外面没有一丝光亮, 让人感觉这是在午夜。,1)with + n. +adv. 在句中做伴随状语。 2) feel like doing sth = would like/want to do sth想要做某事,5. Ben was helping his mom make dinner when the rain began to the windows. 当雨点开始重重 地打在窗户上的时候,本正在帮助他的妈妈做晚饭。,1)beat 在句中意为“敲打” ,此外,还有“打败”的意思。 2)heavily 在很大程度上;大量地 3)against 介词 ,“倚;碰;撞”,With,felt like,beat heavily against,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,6.Ben’s dad was putting pieces of wood over the windows his mom was the flashlights and radio were . 本的爸爸正在把木头块搭在窗户上面,而他的妈妈正在确保手 电筒和收音机能正常使用。,1)句中的连词while的意思是 “当……的时候”,while还可以 表示“而;然而”之意,用来说明和强调两种事情或情形不同。 2) make sure“确保;设法保证”,其后可接句子,或接介词of及宾语,用来引入需要确认的内容。 3) work 运转;发挥作用,while,making sure,,working,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,,7. He finally when the wind was at around 3:00 a.m 在大约凌晨三点逐渐减弱的时候,本终于睡着了。,fall asleep进入梦乡,睡着 【拓展】sleep / asleep 辨析: (1) sleep =be in bed v 睡觉,指睡的动作状态, (2) get to sleep =fall asleep 入睡,强调进入睡眠的状态 (3)go to bed 上床睡觉,强调睡觉的动作。 die down 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失,fell asleep,dying down,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,,8. My parents did not talk after that , and we finished our dinner . 之后我的父母没再讲话,我们在沉默中吃完了晚饭。,1) the rest of … “其余的,剩下的” ,做主语时,其谓语动词的数要与the rest of 修饰的名词一致。 2) in silence 沉默,无声,9. More recently , most Americans remember what they were doing when the World Trade Center in New York was by terrorists. 最近,大部分美国人还记得当纽约世贸大楼被恐怖分子袭击的时候自己在做什么。,take down 拆掉;拆毁。,the rest of,in silence,taken down,句型大闯关,本单元重点句子有哪些?看谁说得多!,,10. Robert and hi s friends were surprised the news. 罗柏特和他的朋友们听到这则消息感到很吃惊。,be surprised to do sth 做某事很吃惊 【拓展】 to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是 in surprise 吃惊地 ;be surprised at 对……感到吃惊,11. I had trouble clearly after that because I was very afraid. 后来由于害怕我无法清晰地思考。,have trouble (in)doing sth 做某事有麻烦,to hear,thinking,学以致用,你掌握了吗?,一、根据提示完成句子。 1. 雾正在渐渐消退。 The fog was _____ _______. 2. 今天早上他起晚了,因为他的闹钟没有响。 He got up late this morning, because his alarm didn’t _______ _______. 3. 今天好冷,我感觉想要感冒了。 It’s very cold today, and I _______ _______ _________ a cold.,dying down,go off,句型大闯关,feel like catching,学以致用,你掌握了吗?,二、单项选择。 1. Sometimes it rains _________in Guizhou in summer . heavily B. heavy C. strong D. strongly 2. There aren’t many tickets left for the concert, you'd better ______that you get one today. A. make sure of B. make a decision C. make sure D. make plans 3. — Mr. Wang , I have trouble _____ the text. —Remember ____ it three times at least. A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to read,句型大闯关,,,,,语法加油站,,语法加油站,总结本单元的语法知识,你掌握了吗,概念: 表示过去某个时刻或过去一段时间正在进行的动作。 2. 句子结构: 主语 + was/were + doing sth. + 时间状语 3. 时间状语: 通常和at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, at that time, then 等连用,或者when或while引导的句子。如: They were playing basketball when she arrived.,过去进行时态,语法加油站,4. 用法: 1)表示在过去某一时间或时刻内正在进行或发生的动作,通常和表示时间点的时间状语连用。 What were you doing at eight last night? 昨晚八点你在干什么? 2)表示过去某一段时间内正在进行或持续进行的动作。 David was writing a letter to his friend last night. 大卫昨晚一直在给他的朋友写信。(信不一定写完。),总结本单元的语法知识,你掌握了吗,语法加油站,3)表示在过去某个动作发生的时候,另一个动作也在进行。 He was reading in the library when the rainstorm came. 暴风雨来的时候他在图书馆看书。 4)表示两个动作同时进行,与while连用。 While Linda was sleeping, Jenny was helping Mary with her homework. 琳达在睡觉的时候, 珍妮在帮助玛丽做作业。 5)与always连用表示不断重复的过去的动作。 Lily was always singing at night last year. 莉莉去年晚上总是唱歌。,总结本单元的语法知识,你掌握了吗,when和while都可表示“当……的时候”,引导时间状语从句。你知道两者在过去进行时中的用法有什么不同吗?请仔细观察下面的例句,然后补全空格中的内容。,过去进行时中的 when 和 while,① I was walking to school when I saw a cat in a tree. ②When Sally arrived home, her mother was cleaning the house.主句的动作是持续性的,而从句动作是 短暂性的,此时用 ______ 引导时间状语从 句,主句用 __________ 时态,从句用一般 过去时态。,过去进行,when,⑤ While Andy was waiting for the bus, he was reading a newspaper. ⑥ He was cleaning his car while I was cooking.主句和从句的动作在过去的某时刻或某 段时间同时发生,而且动作都是持续性 的,此时用 _________ 引导从句,而且主 句和从句都用 ____________ 时态。,过去进行,while,When既指_________ ,也可指____________ 。 While只指 ____________ 。,一段时间,时间点,一段时间,学以致用,各个击破语法点,一、单项选择。 1. Mary ____ a dress when she cut her finger.A. made B. is making C. was making D. makes 2. Sally took a photo of her friends while they _____ computer games.A. play B. were making C. are making D. plays,句型大闯关,,,Fill with “While” or “When”,1.____ May was talking on the phone, her sister walked in. 2.____ Rita bought her new dog, it was wearing a little coat. 3._____ I saw Carlos, he was wearing a green shirt. 4._____ I was dancing, he was singing loudly. 5. _____ Linda finally saw Davy , he was jumping with a dog . 6. I was cleaning my room ________ the fire broke out .,When,While,While,When,When,when,学以致用,各个击破语法点,二、完成句子。 1. I _________ my homework when Mike ______ last night.昨天晚上迈克来的时候我正在写作业。 2. While Ann ____________ TV, her father _______ home.安正在看电视时,她父亲回来了。,句型大闯关,was doing,came,was watching,came,





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