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    2019中考英语二轮复习 阅读理解基础编题(1).doc

    1、12019中考英语阅读理解基础编题(1)及答案【实战训练】 A(2019 中考选练)Hello, everyone. Because of the high rate of school violence(暴力) in some areas, teenagers safety becomes a serious problem. We are planning to set up an organization named School Watch to make sure that students have a safe school environment. Please be part

    2、 of our plan!What is School Watch?School watch is a volunteer project in our school. It helps us stop violence and improve the quality of school life. It will keep yourself and your schoolmates safe. The other members of School Watch care for you and your classroom and you do the same for them.Is it

    3、 for everyone?Anybody can become a member of School Watch because everyone has something to offer.What else can it do?School Watch makes it possible for us not only to help each other but also to make friends with each other. Some members may offer to help schoolmates who have problems with their ho

    4、meworkWho is the Best School Watcher?Our school will look for the Best School Watcher and give him or her lots of prizes. You could be the one.How do you start?To be part of this plan, the only thing you need to do is to talk to the director of the plan in your grade. If you want to get more informa

    5、tion, check the official website at .1. The members of School Watch are probably _.A. teenagers B. parents C. policemen D. directors22. School Watch can help its members _.A. save the environment B. organize sports activities C. improve the quality of school life D. protect the school3. Anyone can b

    6、ecome a member of School Watch because _.A. everyone may have problems B. everyone can give help to othersC. everyone needs to make some friends D. everyone needs help4. if you want to be a member of School Watch , you should _.A. check the website. B. be good at your schoolworkC. talk to the direct

    7、or of the plan in you grade D. call the school5. The best School Watcher will get o lot of prizes from _ every year.A. the school B. the website C. the organization D. the director参考答案 1A 2C 3B 4C 5A 【实战训练】 B阅读下列材料,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。One day a man went home and said to his wife, “I bought somethi

    8、ng for you. ” “Thank you! ” said his wife. “ What have you bought for me?” “Ive bought a gold ring (金戒指). Here it is.” He took it out for his wife to see. Then he dropped it to the ground. He began to look for it on the ground, but it was dark in the house and he could not see anything. Then he went

    9、 out and began to look for it in the street. Just then a friend came along. “ Whats the matter with you?” asked his friend. “ I am looking for my ring. I lost it just now.” said the man. “ Where did you lost it?” “ I lost it in my house.” “ You lost your ring in your house, but you are looking for i

    10、t in the street. How foolish it is!” “ Ah,” said the man, “ But it is dark in my house. I shall never find it 3there. Bet here in the street, it is much brighter, I can see everything.”( ) 51. He lost his ring _ .A. in the street B. in the house C. at the shop D. on the playground( )52. Why did the

    11、man begin to look for the ring in the street? Because _ . A. he lost it in the street B. it was much brighter in the streetC. his friend came up D. he wanted someone to help him( )53. The friend thought the man was _ .A. clever B. bright C. interesting D. foolish参考答案 51-53 BBD 【实战训练】 CBest Sellers(畅

    12、销书) of the WeekThe New York TimesThisweekTitleWriterPriceStory Weeks on List(上榜周数)1 The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton.15.85.From England to Australia and back, two women try to solve a family problem. 182 The Help, by Helen Scott. 22.95. A young white man helps to black boys.583 Spoken From the H

    13、eart, by Laura Bush. 30.00. Wife of U.S. President George W. Bush tells the stories of being the first lady.244 Best Friends Forever, by Carol Brown. 19.95. Childhood friends meet again years later when one needs help.65 Run For Your Life, by James Clark. 27.85. A New York 104policeman alone must st

    14、op a bad man killing people.根据表格内容,选择正确的答案。( )54. The book which has stayed on the list for the longest time is _A. The Forgotten Garden B. The Help C. Spoken From the Heart D. Best Friends Forever( )55.David likes to read detective stories, so he can try _.A. The Forgotten Garden B. The Help .C. Be

    15、st Friends Forever D. Run For Your Life( )56.Sarah is interested in the family life of American President. She can choose the book written by_.A. Kate Morton B. Helen Scott C. Laura Bush D. Carol Brown参考答案 54-56 BDC 【实战训练】 D阅读下列内容,从每小题所给的三个或四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。Hans BetheThe late German-American physicist(

    16、物理学家)Hans Bethe once described himself as “the H-bombs midwife(氢弹的半路妻子)”. He left Nazi Germany in 1933, after which he helped develop the first atomic bomb(原子弹), won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967 for his contribution to the theory of nuclear reactions(核反应)and advised controls over nuclear weapo

    17、ns(武器)for the peaceful use of the nuclear energy.Francis CrickThe late Francis Crick, one of Britains most famous scientists, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology(生理学)or Medicine in 1962. He is best known for his discovery with James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, of the double helix structure(双螺旋结构)of th

    18、e DNA, though he also made important contributions in other fields. He died in 2004.Peter Hall5Sir Peter Halls life in the theatre has seen him running the Arts Theatre, founding the Royal Shakespeare Company when he was only 29, and directing the National Theatre. He also directed Akenfielf for Lon

    19、don Weekend Television and runs the Peter Hall Company, which has 40 productions worldwide to its name.1. The above information is about _.A. famous physicists B. great peopleC. great directions D. Nobel Prize winners2. Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize before _ years of his death.A. 32 B. 24 C. 42

    20、D. 453. Peter Hall founded the Royal Shakespeare Company at the age of _.A. 42 B. 92 C. 39 D. 294. _ has 40 productions all over the world.A. The Peter Hall Company B. The Royal Shakespeare CompanyC. The Arts Theatre D. The National Theatre【参考答案】1B 2C 3D 4A【实战训练】 EYang Liwei circled the earth 14 tim

    21、es in 21 hours on October 15 and 16, 2003, landing on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Looking a little tired, Yang stepped out of Shenzhou V, smiling and waving at the waiting people. “I feel very good.” Yang said to Premier Wen Jiabao on the phone. Yang said to a newspaper, “For our motherland an

    22、d me, this is a great moment.”Chinas launch of Shenzhou V shows a higher starting point. It has two special systems(系统) to protect the spaceman, but neither Russian rockets(火箭)nor American ones have.Yang didnt know that he was chosen as Chinas first spaceman until just before the launch. Although Ya

    23、ng was excited at the news, he still slept at 8p.m. as usual and was woken up at 8p.m. the next morning. Before the launch, Yang ate Chinese traditional food-dumplings. We all know that travelers usually eat them 6before going on a journey for good luck.A stamp Success of China First Manned Space Fl

    24、ight was issued(发行)on October 16, 2003, making China the third country to send a spaceman into outer space.1It took Yang Liwei_ to travel around the earth every circle.A. 6 hours B. 90 minutes C. 2 days D. 21 hours2How did Yang Liwei feel after he came back to the earth?A. Quite tired. B. A little s

    25、cared.C. Tired but excited. D. A little nervous3Which of the following statement is right?A. There is no difference between Chinas spaceship and other countries.B. Yang Liwei knew he would be Chinas first spaceman long before.C. From the news, Yang Liwei was too excited to fall asleep.D. Yang was pr

    26、oud of the flight.4What does the underlined word “launch” mean?A. 发射 B. 出发 C. 制造 D. 设计5 China issued the stamps to _.A. leave them in spaceB. give them to Yang Liwei as a rewardC. celebrate the successD. give them to Russian and American spacemen.【答案】1B 2C 3D 4A 5C【解析】试题分析:这篇短文主要讲述了中国的航空英雄-杨利伟,他在 20

    27、03年 10月 15日和 16日在航空飞船中环绕地球 14次,为中国的神舟 5号展示了更高点。1B 细节理解题。根据文中 Yang Liwei circled the earth 14 times in 21 hours on October 2 and 16, 2003, landing on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia可知算出环绕地球一圈花费杨利伟 90分钟。故选 B。3C 细节理解题。根据文中 Looking a little tired, Yang stepped out of Shenzhou V, 7smiling and waving at

    28、the waiting people. “I feel very good.”可知杨利伟返回地球感觉有点累但是很激动。 故选 C。4D 细节理解题。通读整篇文章可知杨利伟是我们的航空英雄。 故选 D。39A 词义猜测题。根据 Chinas launch of Shenzhou V shows a higher starting point. It has two special systems(系统) to protect the spaceman 句意可知中国神舟五号的发射展示了更高起点。 故选 A。5C 细节理解题。根据文中 A stamp Success of China First Manned Space Flight was issued(发行)on October 16, 2003, making China the third country to send a spaceman into outer space.可知中国发行邮票是为了庆祝中国航天飞行首次载人成功。 故选 C。【难度】较易

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