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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时12 Units 5-6(八下)课件.pptx

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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时12 Units 5-6(八下)课件.pptx
湖南专版,新课标(RJ),第一篇 教材过关篇,课时12 Units 5-6(八下),suddenly,strange,storm,light,area,match,against,kid,realize,passage,pupil,date,tower,stone,weak,silly,object,tail,fit,couple,smile,silk,nobody,cheat,whole,bright,ground,voice,go off,pick up,fall asleep,have a look,in silence,take down,at first,a little bit,turn…into,once upon a time,fall in love,get married,wooden,icy,western,golden,wives,heavily,truth,truthful,truly,bravely,stranger,completely,silence,silently,recently,began,begun,beginning,beat,beaten,rose,risen,fell,fallen,shot,shot,hid,hidden,led,led,leader,leadership,was reading,was making,sure,who killed,what they were,doing,remembers working,instead of,moving,unless,turn himself into,so dry,that,How did the story begin?,❶remind v. 提醒;使想起,(1)remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起某事 The key reminds me of the mistakes I made before. 这把钥匙使我想起了我以前犯的错误。 (2)remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 The teacher reminded me to bring my homework here. 老师提醒我把作业带到这儿来。 (3)remind sb.+that从句 提醒某人…… Tourists are reminded that smoking is not allowed in the museum. 游客们被提醒禁止在博物馆抽烟。,【针对训练】 (1)请提醒我寄那封信。 Please remind me the letter. (2)The woman prefers to wear yellow to remind herself a warm sunny day. A.on B.of C.from,to send/post,B,❷marry v. 结婚,(1)marry sb. 嫁/娶某人 Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗? (2)be/get married to sb. 与某人结婚 Jane got married to Jim in May. 简在5月份和吉姆结婚了。 (3)marry sb. to sb. 把某人嫁给某人 The old man married her daughter to a rich man. 这位老人把他的女儿嫁给了一个有钱人。,,【归纳拓展】 (1)marry与表示时间段的状语连用时,用be married。 (2)marriage n.婚姻; married adj.已婚的,【针对训练】 (1)我最好的朋友去年结婚了。 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ (2)—Is Mary ? —Yes. She Bob for one year. A.marrying; was married with B.married; got married to C.married; has been married to (3)Yesterday he asked his girlfriend to him. A.marry B.marry to C.be married,My best friend got married last year.,C,A,❸pick up 接电话,pick up 的不同含义: (1)捡起;拾起 I would have picked it up if I had noticed it.如果我看见的话,我早就把它捡起来了。 (2)(偶然)得到;学会 He picked up French while he was staying in Paris.他待在巴黎时学会了法语。 (3)搭载;开车去接(某人) Pick me up at the hotel. 来宾馆接我。,[注意] pick up是动副词组,其后接代词作宾语时,代词应位于pick与up之间。 Could you please pick it up? 你可以把它捡起来吗?,【归纳拓展】 其他常见的与up搭配的短语: put up 举起;搭起;张贴 look up 仰视;查阅 give up 放弃 use up 用尽 cut up 切碎 mix up 弄乱 make up 组成;编造 stay up 熬夜 think up 想出 wake up 唤醒 get up 起床 hang up 挂断电话 open up 开阔;拓展;发展 dress up 乔装打扮 eat up 吃光 fix up 修理 clean up 打扫 cheer up 使某人振奋,【针对训练】 (1)—Look! What’s that? —Oh, it’s my jacket. Please . A.pick it up B.pick up it C.pick them up (2)Yesterday I some information about hotels in Beidaihe on the Internet. A.set it up B.looked up C.cleaned up,A,B,❹noise/voice/sound,,【归纳拓展】 (1)in a low voice 低声地;in a loud voice 大声地 (2)sound还可作系动词,意为“听起来”,后面接形容词作表语。sound like意为“听起来像……”。,【针对训练】 用sound, noise或voice填空 (1)Don’t make any , children. Your grandma is sleeping. (2) travels slower than light. (3)He spoke in a very loud .,noise,Sound,voice,❺asleep/sleep/sleepy,【针对训练】 用asleep, sleep或sleepy的适当形式填空 (1)I felt very in class because I stayed up late last night. (2)When I did my homework, my brother fell on his desk. (3)You must have enough so that you can have energy to listen to your teachers in class.,sleepy,asleep,sleep,❻whole/all,【针对训练】 根据句意,用whole或all 填空 (1)Sometimes, a person’s life is easily changed by something unexpected. (2)When I entered the classroom, the students were already in their seats. (3)The boy wiped his toys and put them in the box. (4)The village will be covered with snow in winter.,whole,all,all,whole,❼with 的复合结构,“with+宾语+宾语补足语”结构为with的复合结构。此结构常作状语,其中宾语常常是名词,宾语补足语可以是介词短语、形容词、副词或过去分词等。 With some books in his hand, he entered the classroom. 他走进了教室,手里拿着一些书。 Don’t sleep with the window open in winter. 冬天不要开着窗户睡觉。,,【归纳拓展】 with的反义词是without。,【针对训练】 (1)海伦晚上经常开着灯睡觉,因为她怕黑。 Helen often with the light because she’s afraid of the dark. (2)Mr. Lei has something wrong with his hand. He can’t write it. A.to B.for C.with (3)No one can be successful hard work. A.by B.without C.with,goes to sleep on,C,B,❽find sb./sth.…,“find+宾语+宾语补足语”意为“发现某人/某物……”,宾语补足语可以是现在分词、副词、名词(短语)、介词短语或(to be+)形容词等。 We found a group of children playing on the playground. 我们发现一群孩子正在操场上玩耍。 I found him out last night.昨晚我发现他出去了。 You’ll find it a good book.你会发现它是一本好书。 I found him already in the office.我发现他已经在办公室了。 I found him (to be) much younger than I had expected. 我发现他比我原先预想的要年轻得多。,[注意] 当find后接形容词作宾语补足语时,可改为“find+that从句”或“find+it+形容词+动词不定式”。 I find playing computer games frustrating. =I find that playing computer games is frustrating. =I find it frustrating to play computer games. 我发现玩电脑游戏令人感到沮丧。,【针对训练】 (1)Many people find listening to music can make them happy. A.it B.that C.to be (2)We all find interesting to watch this TV program. A.it B.that C.to be,B,A,❾unless conj. 除非;如果不,unless 是从属连词,意为“除非;如果不”,引导条件状语从句,含有否定意义,相当于“if…not…”结构。 unless引导的条件状语从句和if引导的条件状语从句都遵循“主将从现”的原则。 Unless you listen carefully, you won’t know the answer. =If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t know the answer. 如果你不认真听,你将不会知道答案。,,【归纳拓展】 “祈使句(肯定式)+or+陈述句”与“unless条件句+主句”及“if条件句+主句”有时可以互换。 Put on your coat, or you’ll catch a cold.=Unless you put on your coat, you’ll catch a cold.=If you don’t put on your coat, you’ll catch a cold.把外套穿上,否则你会感冒。,【针对训练】 (1) you read it, you can’t imagine how moving the story is. A.Unless B.Because C.Although (2)Hurry up, you’ll be late. A.unless B.and C.or (3)Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know things clearly you can write them down. A.unless B.if C.since,A,C,A,❿have trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难,have trouble/difficulty/problems doing/with sth.意为“做某事有困难”,可与“It’s difficult/hard for sb. to do sth.”句型互换。 He has trouble speaking/with English.=It’s hard for him to speak English.他说英语有困难。,【针对训练】 (1)The old man has trouble us clearly. A.hear B.hearing C.to hear (2)You could ask your parents for help when you have trouble friends. A.making B.to make C.make,B,A,Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·岳阳模拟] —There must be something wrong with the machine.It is making strange. A.noise B.noisy C.voice,A,2.[2018·湘西] —Look! What’s on the ground? —Oh, it’s my sweater.Please . A.pick it up B.pick up it C.pick my sweater up,,[答案]A 考查动词短语辨析。分析选项可知“捡起;拾起”用短语pick up表示。且前文中的sweater是单数形式,故后文用it代替,代词作动词短语的宾语时,要放在短语中间,故选A。,3.[2018·益阳] I some washing when you called me last night. A.was doing B.am doing C.were doing,,[答案] A 考查动词时态辨析。由语境可知,本句描述的是过去某时正在进行的动作,因此用过去进行时。主语I是第一人称,因此be动词用was。故选A。,4.[2018·怀化] you try your best, your dream will come true. A.If B.Or C.Though 5.[2018·麓山国际] —Do you think Jack will catch up with us? —I believe so. he loses himself in computer games. A.If B.Unless C.Or 6.[2018·郴州] My grandfather does Chinese Kung Fu every day he is over eighty. A.since B.though C.until,A,B,B,7.[2019·原创] —Could I use your dictionary to look up some new words? —OK, . A.it’s a pleasure B.that’s right C.no problem 8.[2019·原创] Don’t forget to remind yourself you should have medicine before sleep. A.of B.to C.that,C,C,9.[2019·原创] Everyone said his was very good. A.voice B.noise C.sound 10.[2019·原创] —You’ll travel to America, right? —Yes, but I have trouble English. A.to speak B.speaking C.with speak,A,B,Ⅱ.中英互译 1.他默默地看着我。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.患难见真情。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.一个小时内完成这项任务似乎不太可能。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 4.The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.They keep fighting to help the weak and never give up. _______________________________________________________________________________,He looked at me in silence.,A friend in need is a friend indeed.,It doesn’t seem very possible to finish the task in an hour.,当我第一次看到她的时候,我就爱上了她。,他们一直奋力帮助弱者并且从不放弃。,Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.Hearing the bad news, we went home in .(silent) 2. me, I have told your all the .(true) 3.At the of the story, he didn’t say a single word.(begin) 4.It’s said that one can have more than two in some countries in the modern world.(wife) 5.She wore a tiny cross.(gold),silence,Trust,truth,beginning,wives,golden,



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