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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时09 Units 9-10(八上)课件.pptx

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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时09 Units 9-10(八上)课件.pptx
湖南专版,新课标(RJ),课时09 Units 9-10(八上),exam/examination,available,until,catch,reply,delete,print,concert,guest,event,without,meeting,organize/organise,upset,advice,wallet,himself,step,experience,trust,prepare for,go to the/a doctor,another time,hang out,the day before yesterday,the day after tomorrow,look after/take care of,turn down,take a trip,help out,look forward to,hear from,in half,keep… to oneself,worry about/be worried about,in the end/at last,videos,experienced,advise,normally,certainly,angrily,anger,sadness,sadly,preparation,invitation,surprising,surprised,opening,understood,understood,understanding,met,met,meeting,organization,organized,careful,careless,carelessly,carelessness,solution,hung/hanged,hung/hanged,catches,caught,caught,him,his,his,himself,Can you come to,I’d love to,What’s,the,isn’t leaving until,to see go,to,say,What will happen,give me some advice,Unless we talk to someone,to find,someone you trust to,talk to,sharing a,problem,cutting it in,half,halfway to solving,❶ prepare v. 使做好准备;把……准备好,prepare的常见用法: (1)prepare+n./pron. 准备…… Our teachers are preparing the lessons now. 现在我们的老师们正在备课。 (2)prepare sb. sth.=prepare sth. for sb.为某人准备某物 My mother is preparing us a meal. =My mother is preparing a meal for us. 妈妈正在准备为我们做饭。,(3)prepare to do sth. 准备做某事 We are preparing to leave. 我们正准备离开。 (4)prepare for sth. 为某事做准备 The students are busy preparing for the mid-term examination. 学生们正忙于为期中考试做准备。 (5)prepare sb. for sth. 使某人对某事有所准备 She said so because she wanted to prepare us for the bad news. 她这样说是想使我们对那个坏消息有所准备。,,【归纳拓展】 prepare的名词形式: preparation n. 准备,准备工作,【针对训练】 用prepare的适当形式填空 (1)Jack was for the final exam when I came to his home. (2)Whatever we do, we should be well . (3)Teachers and students are busy with the for the New Year party.,preparing,prepared,preparation,,❷invite v. 邀请,invite 意为“邀请”,常见用法: (1)“invite sb. to +某地/活动”意为“邀请某人到某地或参加某活动”。 He invited Jack to his home last Sunday. 上周日他邀请杰克去他家了。 (2)“invite sb. to do sth.”意为“邀请某人做某事”。 I want to invite my friends to take a vacation in my hometown. 我想邀请我的朋友们到我的家乡度假。 (3)“invite sb. for a drink/meal”意为“邀请某人喝一杯/吃饭”。,【归纳拓展】 invitation n. 邀请;请柬,【针对训练】 (1)琳达邀请我们所有人明天去钓鱼。 _____________________________________________________________________________ (2)—Susan’s birthday is coming. Among those are some of my friends’. —I guess you’ve got one. A.instructions B.inventions C.invitations (3)Lily invites me Sanya with her this summer holiday. A.in B.to C.on,Linda invited all of us to go fishing tomorrow.,C,B,❸experience n. 经验;经历,experience作可数名词时,表示“经历”; 作不可数名词时,表示“经验”。其形容词形式为experienced, 意为“有经验的”。 Mr. Huang has much experience of teaching. 黄老师有着非常丰富的教学经验。 Being a volunteer is an unusual experience to me. 当一名志愿者对我来说是一种不同寻常的经历。,【针对训练】 (1)I used to work in the village. Though I have been away for five years, I’ll never forget the pleasant while working there. A.experiments B.expressions C.experiences (2)Everyone wants to learn from (experience) teachers.,C,experienced,❹ until conj.直到……为止,【针对训练】 (1)直到我离开的时候,再看这封信。 _______________________________________________________________________________ (2)My teacher works very hard and he always stays at the office 10 p.m. A.until B.since C.while (3)—Excuse me, may I come in? —Not yet. Please stay in the waiting room your name is called. A.after B.until C.though,Don’t read the letter until I leave.,A,B,❺look after 照顾;照料,look after 相当于take care of,意为“照顾,照料”。look after well相当于take good care of, 意为“好好照顾”。 You should look after these babies well. =You should take good care of these babies. 你应该照看好这些婴儿。,,【归纳拓展】 与look搭配的常考短语 look at看…… look up查阅(词典) look for寻找 look out 当心 look round 环顾四周 look through 浏览 look over仔细检查 look out of 朝……的外面看 look up to 敬仰 look down upon 轻视 look into 调查 look forward to 期待;盼望,【针对训练】 (1)We should ourselves when we are away from home. A.look at B.look over C.look after (2) ! A car is coming. A.Look into B.Look out C.Look for (3)You can the new words in the dictionary. A.look up B.look out of C.look round,C,B,A,❻receive/accept,(1)receive表示客观上收到,但不一定接受。 (2)accept表示主观上接受。 He received a present yesterday, but he didn’t accept it. 昨天他收到了一份礼物,但他没有接受。 He accepted her invitation to the party. 他接受了她去参加聚会的邀请。,【针对训练】 (1)—Have you a letter from your parents, Bob? —Oh, no. We always communicate with each other on the telephone or online. A.heard B.received C.offered (2)用receive或accept的适当形式填空 Last Saturday, I a valuable present from my pen pal, but I didn’t it.,B,received,accept,❼advice/suggestion,【归纳拓展】 (1)advise的常考用法: advise sb. on/about sth. 关于某事给某人提出建议/忠告 advise sb. (not) to do sth. 建议/劝告某人(不要)做某事 (2)advice的常考短语: ask sb. for advice 向某人征求意见 give sb. advice on sth. 就某事向某人提建议 take/follow one’s advice 听取某人的建议,【针对训练】 (1)You can ask your teacher for (advice) on how to prepare for the exam. (2)There is some useful (advice) for you on this note. (3)Your grandfather may give you some (suggest) about ways of raising money. (4)I have advice for you. You can ask your father for help. A.an B.little C.a little,advice,advice,suggestions,B,❽ hear from/hear of,【针对训练】 (1)I my sister yesterday. She told me she was fine. A.Heard B.heard of C.heard from (2)We are all sorry to the flood disaster in our city in June. A.listen to B.hear from C.hear of,C,C,❾surprise/surprised/surprising,,【归纳拓展】 surprise的常见用法: be surprised to do sth. 做某事感到惊讶 be surprised +that 从句 ……很惊讶/吃惊 be surprised at sth. 对某事感到惊讶 in surprise 惊讶地,惊奇地 to one’s surprise 使某人感到惊讶的是,【针对训练】 (1)I was (surprise) to hear the news. (2)—It’s her birthday tomorrow, isn’t it? —Yes, let’s have a (surprise) party for her. (3)They were so that some kangaroos were jumping there. A.surprising B.surprised C.surprise (4) , he was pretty interested in English. A.To my surprising B.To my surprise C.To my surprised,surprised,surprise,B,B,❿ look forward to doing…,look forward to (doing) sth. 意为“盼望/期望/期待(做)某事” I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. 我盼望早日见到你。,【归纳拓展】 其他后接动名词的动词短语: give up doing sth. 放弃做某事 be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事 feel like doing sth. 想做某事 cannot help doing sth. 忍不住做某事 put off doing sth. 推迟做某事 pay attention to doing sth. 关注做某事 stick to doing sth. 坚持做某事 devote oneself to doing sth. 献身于做某事,【针对训练】 (1)我期待进入一所好的高中。 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ (2)I look forward around China with my family. A.to travel B.traveling C.to traveling,I look forward to entering a good high school.,C,⑪句型make it的用法,make it 的常见用法: (1)make it意为“及时赶到”。 We’ll make it with a minute or two to spare.我们能及时赶到,而且还可以早一两分钟。 (2)make it可用来表示约定时间。 —Shall we meet next week?下周我们见面,好吗? —OK. Let’s make it next Sunday.好的,让我们定在下星期日吧。 (3)make it还可用来表示“达到预定目标;办成,做到;成功”。 I can make it.我能完成。 He never really made it as an actor.他从来就不是一位成功的演员。,【针对训练】 —Shall we go fishing at six o’clock tomorrow morning? — . Will seven o’clock be OK? A.Sure, it’s up to you B.Sure, no problem C.Sorry, I can’t make it,C,Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·永州模拟] Our English teacher usually gives us some on how to learn English. A.advices B.advice C.suggestions 2.[2018·益阳] Grandmother lives with my parents.They her every day. A.look at B.look after C.look for,B,B,3.[2018·邵阳] Remember some fruit when you come back. A.buying B.to buy C.buy,,[答案] B 考查动词不定式。remember to do sth.意为“记得去做某事”。句意:你回来时,记得买些水果。 故选B。,4.[2018·怀化] Smoking is not good for your health.Please. A.give up it B.give them up C.give it up,,[答案] C 考查动副短语辨析。give up放弃,是动副词组,后跟代词作宾语时,代词必须放中间,可排除A项;根据前一句内容可知只讲述了吸烟对健康不好这一件事,需用代词it可排除B项。故选C。,5.[2018·株洲] You look so weak! I think you go to see a doctor at once. A.might B.should C.could,,[答案] B 考查情态动词辨析。根据句意可知,看起来虚弱,应该去看医生。故选B。,6.[2018·湘西] —I think Karen should go swimming with Kate. —If she , she will have great fun. A.does B.do C.will do,,[答案] A 考查if条件状语从句用法。if引导条件状语从句,主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时代替一般将来时,可排除C;又因主语she是第三人称单数,故选A。,7.[2018·长沙模拟] —Have you seen the show Genius? —Yes.It’s such a funny show that I can’t help again and again. A.to laugh B.laughing C.laugh 8.[2018·麓山国际] —My 10-year-old son is not interested in learning Chinese, especially poems. —Oh, then I advise him a TV program Classical Chanting(《经典咏流传》). A.to watch B.watching C.not to watch 9.[2016·郴州] —Why are you so excited? —Nancy invited me on a trip to Dongjiang Lake just now. A.to go B.go C.going,B,A,A,10.[2016·郴州] —The summer vacation is coming. I’m looking forward it. —Me too. A.at B.to C.on 11.[2019·原创] —How often do you hear your cousin? —Twice a month. A.of B.about C.from 12.[2019·原创] Everyone was so to hear the news that they all jumped high. A.surprising; surprised B.surprise; surprising C.surprised; surprising,B,C,C,13.[2019·原创] I didn’t go to sleep my mother came back last night. A.after B.until C.when 14.[2019·原创] The farmers had all prepared the farming when we arrived there. A.to B.on C.for,B,C,Ⅱ.中英互译 1.昨天,我和几个朋友去梅溪湖闲逛。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.我们必须充分利用可以得到的一切资源。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.有时候你应该学会拒绝别人的要求。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 4.It was too noisy outside. He didn’t turn his head until I raised my voice. _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.You are supposed to get some advice from the experienced teachers. _______________________________________________________________________________,Yesterday, I hung out in the Meixi Lake with several friends.,We must make full use of all available resources.,Sometimes, you should learn to turn down others’ requests.,外面太吵了,直到我提高音量,他才回头。,你应该从有经验的老师那里获得一些建议。,Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.Could you give me some (advise)? 2.We should find out a to the problem.(solve) 3. showed in his face.(angry) 4.They are charting out the future of the .(organize) 5.He is enjoying at the moment.(he),advice,solution,solve,Anger,organization,himself,



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