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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时18 Units 7-8(九全)课件.pptx

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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时18 Units 7-8(九全)课件.pptx
湖南专版,新课标(RJ),第一篇 教材过关篇,课时18 Units 7-8(九全),license,safety,tiny,cry,field,lift,regret,poem,community,chance,manage,society,support,enter,choice,whose,truck,picnic,valuable,sleepy,express,noise,receive,purpose,prevent,energy,victory,talk back,keep…away from,make one’s own decision,get in the way of,belong to,care about,at the same time,run after,pick up,be strict with sb.,valuable,noisy,noisily,energetic,societies,social,mysterious,historian,historical,wolves,policemen,safety,safely,medicine,uneasy,badly,worse,worst,education,educator,educational,educated,entrance,sleepy,asleep,sleeping,expression,management,manager,prevention,leader,misleading,regretful,regretted,regretted,choice,chose,chosen,hugged,hugged,cried,cried,happening,don’t think,should be allowed to,get pierced,made sure,kept from,as much as,spend on,it is difficult,to become,will happen,don’t succeed,will I have,to achieve,too big to,be,must be something visiting,feel,move up,was built to,celebrate,One of the greatest,mysteries because,❶regret v. 懊悔,(1)regret作名词 I expressed regret for my words.我对自己的言辞表示懊悔。 (2)regret sth. 对某事表示歉意 Jim regretted his bad manners.吉姆对他糟糕的举止表示后悔。 (3)regret+从句 后悔/遗憾…… I deeply regretted what I have done. 我非常后悔做了那些事。 (4)regret doing sth. 后悔做过某事(已做) I regretted making the decision.我后悔做了这个决定。 (5)regret to do sth. 遗憾做某事(未做) We regret to inform you that your application has not been successful. 我们很遗憾地通知您,您的申请未通过。,【归纳拓展】 与regret用法类似的还有forget和remember。 forget/remember to do sth. 忘记/记得要做某事(未做) forget/remember doing sth.忘记/记得做过某事(已做),【针对训练】 (1)—Did you talk back to your parents when you were young? —Yes. So I really regret that silly thing to them. A.do B.to do C.doing (2)How much I have regretted his advice! A.not taking B.to take C.not to take (3)I regret you a piece of bad news that you didn’t pass the exam. A.tell B.to tell C.telling,C,A,B,❷prevent v. 阻止;阻挠,prevent可以直接带宾语,表示“阻止/禁止做某事”; prevent sb. (from) doing sth.表示“阻止某人做某事”。同义短语有stop sb. (from) doing sth.和keep sb. from doing sth.。 Nothing can prevent us going shopping this Sunday. 没有什么可以阻止我们这个星期天去购物。,【针对训练】 (1)Please prevent the students from the bikes so fast on the road. It’s very dangerous for them. A.ride B.riding C.to ride (2)My sister said nothing could prevent her hanging out with her friends on weekends. A.from B.of C.to,B,A,❸belong to 属于,(1)belong to的主语通常是物,没有被动式,不能用于进行时态。 (2)其中to是介词,后接名词或人称代词的宾格形式,不能接名词性物主代词或名词所有格。 This book belongs to me.=This book is mine. 这本书属于我。,,【归纳拓展】 belong to也可指与某物或某处有一定的关联。 I belong to Hunan. 我是湖南人。,【针对训练】 (1)Diaoyu Islands belong China ever since ancient times. A.to B.in C.with (2)—Do you know whose coat it is? —It belongs to . It’s not . A.me; her B.her; mine C.yours; my,A,B,❹try/manage,(1)try to do sth.表示“努力或尽力做某事”,但未必能够完成。 I shall try to answer the question. 我将尽力回答这个问题。 (2)manage to do sth.表示“设法完成某事”,强调完成了某事。 Although the project was very difficult, they managed to finish it.虽然这个项目很难,但是他们设法完成了。,【针对训练】 用try或manage的适当形式填空 (1)Mr. Brown to get a higher position in the company, but the manager said he was not the right person. (2)There are only ten minutes left. How can you without a car?,tried,manage,❺ join/join in/take part in/attend,【针对训练】 (1)—Jenny, I hear there will be an art club in our school. —Wonderful! I can’t wait to it. A.take part in B.join C.attend (2)They flew there in order that they might be in time to the opening ceremony. A.take part in B.join C.attend (3)We will social practice in the summer holiday. A.take part in B.join C.attend,B,C,A,【归纳拓展】 (1)have sb. do sth.让某人做某事 I’ll have my son do some chores on holiday. 假期我会让我的儿子做家务。 (2)get sb. to do sth.使某人做某事 Their boss got them to work extra hours. 他们的老板让他们加班。 (3)have sth./sb. doing sth.意为“使某物/某人一直做某事”,强调“持续”。 I’m sorry to have you waiting for me so long. 对不起,让你久等了。,❻get sth. done 使某事被做,get sth. done意为“使某事被做;让某人做某事”,一般自己不参与,相当于have sth. done。,【针对训练】 (1)You should have all your clothes this afternoon. A.wash B.washed C.washing (2)My hair is too long. I want to get it this afternoon. A.to cut B.cutting C.cut,B,C,❼keep…away from…避免接近;远离,keep sb. away from (keep sb. from sth.)意为“远离;与……保持距离”,同stay away from。,,【归纳拓展】 away的常见短语: take away 带走;拿走 put away 把……收好 give away 赠送 throw away 扔掉 be away from 远离 run away 逃走;走开 far away 遥远;很远 right away 立刻;马上,【针对训练】 (1)Unluckily, a serious accident his hands when he was young. A.put away B.took away C.gave away (2)The lady all the old clothes in her family to the poor. A.put away B.took away C.gave away (3)—Dear, can you your toys? —I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll do it right now. A.put away B.take away C.give away,B,C,A,❽only引导的倒装句,当only位于句首修饰副词、介词短语或状语从句时,主句用部分倒装形式,即将助动词、情态动词提到主语前面。 Only by working hard can one succeed. 只有努力才能够成功。 Only when he is seriously ill does he ever stay in bed. 只有病得很重时,他才卧床休息。,【针对训练】 (1)只有坐地铁,你才能按时达到。 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ (2)Only when Ms. Lee agrees leave the classroom. A.can everyone B.everyone can C.is everyone,Only by taking the subway can you arrive on time.,A,❾情态动词表推测,(1)must/may/could/might用于肯定句中表推测,表示对现在的情况进行推测。must意为“一定;必 定”,表示很大的可能性;may, could, might语气更委婉,推测的可能性依次递减。 The soccer ball must be Bill’s. He likes playing soccer. 这个足球一定是比尔的,他喜欢踢足球。 (2)can常用于否定句或疑问句中表示推测,can’t表示“不可能”。 The camera can’t be hers. She never takes photos. 这部照相机不可能是她的,她从不照相。,【针对训练】 (1)—Look! The lady in white be our math teacher. —No, she be. She is in the office now. A.must; can’t B.can; mustn’t C.may; mustn’t (2)This toy bear be Tony’s. He’s the only child here. A.can B.might C.must,A,C,Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·益阳] If you are over 18 years old, you to drive a car in our country. A.can allow B.can’t allow C.can be allowed,,[答案] C 考查被动语态。本句主语是动作的承受者,因此用被动语态。故选C。,2.[2018·湘西] Li Wen is a normal boy from the countryside.He works hard and does well in school. A.15 years old B.15-years-old C.15-year-old,,[答案] C 考查复合形容词用法。表示年龄的复合形容词结构“数字-名词单数-形容词”,15岁的,可表示为“15-year-old”。故选C。,3.[2018·长沙二模] Look! The lights are still on.There be some students working hard on the coming exam. A.must B.can’t C.needn’t 4.[2018·永州模拟] —Where are you going this month? —We go to Xiamen, but we’re not sure. A.needn’t B.might C.must 5.[2018·醴陵二模] —Listen! Helen is singing in the next room. —It be Helen.She has gone to Beijing. A.can’t B.mustn’t C.may,A,B,A,6.[2019·原创] I feel proud of myself that I to parachute at last. A.try B.manage C.finish 7.[2019·原创] Only then a chance to achieve my dream. A.will I have B.I will have C.I have,B,A,Ⅱ.中英互译 1.我认为老师对他不严格。 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.别让任何事妨碍你的学习。 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.不要让孩子们靠近这条河。 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.Your computer doesn’t work. You’d better have it repaired tomorrow. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.We need to make a decision as soon as possible. _______________________________________________________________________________________________,I don’t think the teacher is strict with him.,Don’t let anything get in the way of your study.,Children should be kept away from the river.,你的电脑坏了,明天最好让人给修理一下。,我们需要尽快做出一个决定。,Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.Scientists are doing (medicine) research. 2.Look at his (express). It must be salty. 3.His parents are both (educate), but they work in different schools. 4.Remember the (enter), it may save your life in some cases. 5.Mark Twain fall at once because he was too .(sleep),medical,expression,educators,entrance,asleep,sleepy,



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