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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时19 Units 9-10(九全)课件.pptx

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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时19 Units 9-10(九全)课件.pptx
湖南专版,新课标(RJ),第一篇 教材过关篇,课时19 Units 9—10(九全),prefer,suppose,smooth,director,sense,pain,perform,pity,master,praise,kiss,greet,relaxed,value,capital,passport,chalk,blackboard,coast,season,knock,worth,manner,empty,behave,except,suggestion,in that case,stick to,plenty of,shut off,once in a while,in total,drop by,after all,make an effort,clean…off,take off,go out of one’s way,make…feel at home,get mad,electric,electronic,direct,director,Australian,basic,painful,gradually,fill,sadness,totally,preference,preferred,preferred,shut,shut,reflection,reflective,exchange,moved,moving,behavior,that along,with,has,Laughing is,to relax,who isn’t,afraid of,doesn’t anymore,was written by,who was born,in,are supposed,to do,for the first time,to avoid,to keep others waiting,to make,me feel,Although,used to,find it difficult,to remember,getting used to,Have a safe trip,look forward to,❶prefer v. 更喜欢,prefer相当于“like…better”, 其过去式和过去分词均为preferred, 现在分词为preferring, 其后可跟名词、动名词或不定式。 (1)prefer A to B 比起B更喜欢A I prefer apples to pears. 比起梨我更喜欢苹果。 (2)prefer (not) to do sth. 宁愿(不)做某事 I prefer to read books on weekends. 周末我宁愿看书。 (3)prefer sb. to do sth. 宁愿某人做某事 The students prefer Miller to be their monitor. 同学们宁愿米勒当他们的班长。,(4)prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 比起做某事更喜欢做某事 I prefer hanging out with friends to watching TV at home. 比起在家看电视我更喜欢和朋友们外出闲逛。 (5)prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.=would do sth. rather than do sth. 宁愿做某事也不愿做某事 I prefer to walk there rather than go by bike. 我宁愿步行去那也不愿骑自行车。,【针对训练】 (1)I’m sleepy. I prefer at home to going out for a walk. A.sleeping B.to sleeping C.sleep (2)Jerry preferred rather than . A.to swim; run B.to swim; running C.swimming; run (3)Many old people prefer in the countryside. A.live B.to live C.living,A,A,B,❷suppose v. 推断;料想,I suppose (that) she is about thirty.我猜她大概三十岁。 It’s supposed that the art festival will be held next week.据猜测艺术节将于下周举行。 You are supposed to shake hands when you meet for the first time. 当你们第一次见面的时候,你们应该握手。 We suppose her to be less than 30.我们认为她不到30岁。,【针对训练】 (1)You are to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ. A.supposed B.suggested C.supported (2)To keep safe, everyone to wear a seat belt in the car. A.is supposed B.suppose C.supposed,A,A,❸worth adj. 值得;有……价值(的),(1)在“be worth+n.”结构中,当名词为表示“金钱”的词时,此短语表示“……值……”。 This dictionary is worth ten dollars. 这本词典值十美元。 (2)sth. be worth doing 表示“某事值得被做”。 The question is worth discussing again and again. 这个问题值得反复讨论。,,【归纳拓展】 worthy作形容词,常用于be worthy of sth.表示“值得……的”;be worthy to do sth.表示“做某事是值得的”。,【针对训练】 (1)The idea is well worth . A.considering B.to consider C.consider (2)The beautiful painting is $40. A.worth B.spent C.took (3)A good parent is ten teachers. A.valuable B.worth C.good,A,A,B,❹plenty of/a lot of/lots of/many/much,The boy has plenty of/a lot of/lots of/many pictures. 这个男孩有许多图画。 She spent plenty of/a lot of/lots of/much money on clothes. 她买衣服花了很多钱。,【针对训练】 用plenty of, a lot of, lots of, many或much填空 (1)Last Sunday we worked at the food bank. We gave out_____________________________________ bread to the homeless children and they were really happy. (2)You can’t get knowledge from these books because they are bad for you.,plenty of/lots of/a lot of/much,plenty of/lots of/a lot of/much,❺except/besides/beside/but/except for,All of us passed the exam except John. 除了约翰未通过考试外,我们全都通过了。 I have a few friends besides you. 除你之外,我还有几个朋友。 She saw a wallet lying beside the road.她看见路边有个钱包。 She could do nothing but cry. 她除了哭,什么也不能做。 The composition is very good except for a few spelling mistakes. 除了几处拼写错误之外,这篇作文还是不错的。(作文与拼写错误是非同类的),【针对训练】 用except, besides, beside, but或except for填空 (1) your letter, I got 5 more letters yesterday. (2)The street is clear some cars parking along its two sides. (3)I haven’t told anybody else about the secret you. (4)We all like singing Tom. He prefers reading a lot. (5)A number of houses are being built the river.,Besides,except for,but,except,beside,❻after all/first of all/above all/in all,【针对训练】 (1)—I’m sorry, sir. I can’t finish the work on time. —It doesn’t matter. , it’s very difficult. A.After all B.In all C.First of all (2)The old would like to live in a house—modern, comfortable, and in a quiet place. A.after all B.in all C.above all,A,C,❼Laughing for two hours is a good way to relax! 笑两个小时是一种很好的放松方式!,(1)动词短语作主语时,动词应用动名词形式,谓语动词使用第三人称单数形式。 Waiting for him so long makes me angry. 等了他这么长时间让我很生气。 (2)a way to do sth.表示“做某事的方式或方法”,动词不定式to do sth.作后置定语,修饰a way。 This is a good way to solve the problem. 这是解决这个问题的一个好方法。,【针对训练】 (1) exercise every day is good for your health. A.To do B.Do C.Doing (2)It’s a good way English by watching English movies. A.to study B.study C.studying,C,A,Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·怀化] It’s necessary for us English well. A.to learn B.learning C.learn,,[答案] A 考查不定式的用法辨析。It’s+形容词+for/of sb.+ to do sth.意为“做某事是……”。其中it作形式主语,真正的主语是to do…。结合选项可知A项符合。故选A。,2.[2018·湘西] —What kind of teachers do you like, John? —I like the teachers are friendly to us. A.which B.whose C.who,,[答案] C 考查定语从句。在定语从句中,先行词指“人”且在从句中用作主语,用who引导。故选C。,3.[2018·长沙] Kids, I hope you’ll remember the good old days we spent together in junior high though it’s time to say goodbye. A.who B.what C.which,,[答案] C 考查定语从句。先行词days指物且在从句中充当spent的宾语。故选C。,4.[2018·永州] Playing computer games too often bad for us. A.am B.is C.are,,[答案] B 考查主谓一致。动名词作主语,谓语动词用单数。故选B。,5.[2018·祁阳模拟] Being blind is something most people can’t imagine. A.who B.what C.that 6.[2016·衡阳] The novel is great. It’s well worth . A.read B.reads C.reading 7.[2014·湘潭] You’re supposed something happy and lucky to others on the New Year’s Day. A.to say B.saying C.say,C,C,A,8.[2019·原创] —Would you like to go out to play with me? —Sorry, I prefer staying at home going out on such a rainy day. A.than B.rather than C.to 9.[2019·原创] —Who did you travel with last summer vacation? —There are another 15 people me. A.except B.besides C.beside 10.[2019·原创] , I have had ten bikes so far. A.In all B.Above all C.After all,C,B,A,Ⅱ.中英互译 1.它已经成为了中国的民族珍宝之一。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.我的奶奶习惯早起。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.发语音信息便宜又方便。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.We usually plan to do something interesting, or go somewhere together. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.We should make an effort to succeed and enjoy the process. __________________________________________________________________________________________________,It has become one of China’s national treasures.,My grandma is used to getting up early.,Sending voice messages is cheap and convenient.,我们经常计划一起做一些有趣的事,或一起去某处。,我们应该努力成功,并且享受这个过程。,Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.I (total) agree with you.Let’s go together. 2.Pay attention to your (behave). You are a Chinese. 3.Zhang Yimou, for example, is still one of my favorite (direct) and Raise the Red Lantern remains one of my all-time favorite movies. 4.The pen is very (value) for me, because it was bought for me by my grandparents as my thirteenth birthday present. 5.His (perform) is perfect this time.,totally,behavior,directors,valuable,performance,



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