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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时21 Units 13-14(九全)课件.pptx

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(湖南专版)2019中考英语总复习 第一篇 教材过关篇 课时21 Units 13-14(九全)课件.pptx
湖南专版,新课标(RJ),第一篇 教材过关篇,课时21 Units 13—14(九全),litter,bottom,coal,ugly,advantage,cost,plastic,cruel,industry,afford,recycle,gate,bottle,president,work,metal,row,keyboard,method,separate,be harmful to,at the top of,turn off,make a difference,pay for,take action,throw away,put sth. to good use,pull…down,upside down,bring back,in a row,look back at,make a mess,keep one’s cool,go by,believe in,first of all,separate from,be responsible for,set out,harmful,harmless,lighting,endangered,dangerous,industrial,lawyer,famous,fishermen,inspiration,graduation,caring,manager,management,congratulation,thankful,cost,cost,overcame,overcome,thought,thoughtful,usable,reusable,useful,useless,recycle,transportation,not only but,also,drop will,bring,So far,have shown are,good for,Not only can the art,but it,also shows,be brought back to,to graduate,along with,waiting,for,Although,in a,few years’ time you’ll come,set out where you,came from,❶afford v. 承担得起(后果);买得起,afford sth.表示“买得起某物”; afford to do sth.表示“有能力做某事,负担得起……”。 I don’t have enough money. I can’t afford (to buy) a new house.我没有足够的钱,我买不起新房子。,【针对训练】 (1)More and more people can afford abroad to spend their holidays. A.travel B.to travel C.travelling (2)They can’t to buy a car, so they have to rent one. A.afford B.support C.save,B,A,❷work n. (音乐、艺术) 作品,It’s not easy for us to finish the work. 对我们来说完成这项工作不容易。 My clock is broken. It doesn’t work. 我的钟表坏了。它不走了。,,【归纳拓展】 job为可数名词,可以指一项具体的工作或一份职业;work为不可数名词,指需要花体力和脑力来完成的工作。 Carrying goods is his part-time job.搬货是他的兼职工作。,【针对训练】 (1)Mo Yan is a productive writer. He wrote many . A.work B.job C.works (2)If you want to be a professional basketball player, you should hard. A.work B.job C.works (3)He got a new as a shop assistant. A.work B.job C.jobs,C,A,B,❸shall modal v. 将要;将会,(1)用于第一人称,表示“将要;将会”。 I shall be twenty next year. 明年我就二十岁了。 (2)用在问句中表示征求对方意见,主要用于第一人称。 Shall we give each of them a card to say thank you? 我们给他们每个人一张卡片来表达感谢,好吗? (3)用于陈述句中的第二、三人称,表示说话人的意图、允诺、警告、命令、决心等。 You shall have it back this weekend.你这个周末可以将它拿回。 She shall stay in bed. 她必须卧床(休息)。,【针对训练】 (1)We go to Yunnan next week. A.shall B.are C.would (2)— we go boating tomorrow? —Sounds good. A.Will B.Shall C.Do (3)Candidates(考生) remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected. A.Will B.could C.shall,A,B,C,❹set out 出发;启程,set out to do sth.开始着手…… We set out to find the truth behind the mystery. 我们开始着手揭开谜团背后的真相。,,【归纳拓展】 set的短语搭配: set about 开始;出发 set aside 留出;拔出 set down 使坐下;坐下 set fire to 纵火;使燃烧 set off 爆炸;出发;动身 set up 建立,【针对训练】 (1)The foreigner’s dream in China is to a school in the west. A.clean up B.look up C.set up (2)—Mr. Black, when are you going to for London? —Next Friday. A.set off B.turn off C.take off,C,A,❺so far 到目前为止;至今,(1)so far常用来描述动作一直持续到现在,谓语用现在完成时。 So far there has been no news. 到现在为止还没有消息。 (2)表示“如此远的距离”。 My feet are very sore because of walking so far. 因为走了这么远的路,我的脚很痛。 (3)表示“到如此的程度或距离”。 I can only help him so far. 我只能帮他到这种程度。,【针对训练】 (1)Nearly half of the students the music club so far. A.joined B.have joined C.join (2)—Do you know Joe will drive to Tibet this weekend? —I can’t believe it. He driving so far. A.has hated B.will hate C.hates,B,C,❻separate/divide,(1)“separate…from…”表示把原来连在一起或接近的部分分隔开来。 The two cities are separated by a river. 这两座城市被一条河隔开了。 (2)“divide…into…”表示把某个整体分割为若干部分。 A year is divided into four seasons.一年分为四个季节。,【针对训练】 (1)台湾海峡把台湾和福建隔开了。 The Taiwan Straits Taiwan Fujian. (2)我把这些书分成了三部分。 I these books three parts.,separate from,divided into,❼I think simple things like bringing a bag to go shopping can help.我认为例如自带包去购物之类的简单的事情能够有所帮助。,(1)句中like作介词,意为“例如;譬如”;like还可译为“相似;类似;像”。 She and her classmates are like sisters. 她和她的同班同学就像姐妹。 (2)bring意为“带来;取来”,其反义词是take,意为“拿走”。 Remember to bring your computer here tomorrow. 记得明天把你的电脑带来。 (3)go shopping意为“去购物”。“go+v.-ing”结构表示“去做某事”,常用于表达从事某一体育活动或休闲活动。,go boating去划船 go bike riding去骑自行车 go camping去野营 go climbing去爬山 go fishing去钓鱼 go hiking去远足 go sightseeing去观光 go skating去溜冰 go swimming去游泳 go surfing去冲浪,【针对训练】 (1)他就像我的爸爸一样。 _________________________________________________________________________________________ (2)When it’s fine on the weekend, I always go with my mom. A.shop B.shopping C.to shop,He is just like my father.,B,❽It’s time…是……的时间了。,It’s time to do sth.表示“该做某事了”。 It’s time to go to school. 该去上学了。,,【归纳拓展】 “It’s time to do sth.”的同义表达为“It’s time for sth.”。 It’s time for lunch. 该吃午饭了。,【针对训练】 (1)Linda, come on. It’s time clothes. A.wash B.to wash C.washing (2)It’s time dinner. But the kids are still playing outside. A.to B.for C.with,B,B,Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·长沙] —The weather report says it’s going to have a shower this afternoon. —It does? We’d better now, just in case. A.to leave B.leaving C.leave,,[答案]C 考查非谓语动词。had better 后接动词原形。故选C。,2.[2018·湘潭] Did you see the sign “No swimming”? You swim in the river. A.needn’t B.mustn’t C.don’t have to,B,3.[2018·株洲] We are not allowed to laugh when we. A.ate B.have eaten C.are eating,,[答案]C 考查动词时态。根据常识可知,我们不能边吃饭边笑,要用现在进行时。故选C。,4.[2018·湘西] —Where do you live, Lin Tao? —I live in Beijing now.I here for ten years. A.moved B.have moved C.have been,,[答案]C 考查现在完成时的用法。由for ten years可推知用完成时,排除A;和“一段时间”连用,完成时的谓语动词用延续性动词been,故选C。,5.[2018·永州] I’m sure you’ll achieve it in the end you keep on doing something. A.so that B.as long as C.unless,B,6.[2018·益阳] —Dad, I want to be a policeman in the future. —Work hard, you will succeed. A.or B.and C.but,,[答案]B 考查连词辨析。根据语境可知,本句中连词表示顺接关系,因此用and。故选B。,7.[2018·邵阳冲刺] —Did you watch Chinese Poetry Conference on CCTV-1 last week? —Yes.A girl Wu Yishu finally won. A.calling B.calls C.called 8.[2018·衡阳] —Shall we climb hills this Sunday? — . A.Good idea B.You’re welcome C.You’re right,C,A,Ⅱ.中英互译 1.你应该多参加课外活动。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.每个人都要对自己的家庭负责。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.他不但听见了,而且还看见了。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.No matter how hard life is, we must keep our cool and believe in ourselves. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.With the help of the fisherman, the little fish wasn’t in danger any more finally. __________________________________________________________________________________________________,You should take part in the after-school activities more.,Everyone is responsible for his family.,Not only did he hear it, but also he saw it.,不管生活多么艰难,我们都要保持冷静,相信自己。,在渔夫的帮助下,小鱼儿终于不再处于危险之中了。,Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1.Read the (instruct) carefully, and you’ll control the machine. 2.His husband is very (care). He often picks her up after working. 3.The (wood) house is really special among the modern city. 4.The beetle is a (harm) animal. Do you agree? 5.The (law) argued the case, but they disagreed with each other.,instructions,caring,wooden,harmless,lawyers,



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