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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第三部分 八上 第9课时 Unit 9-10课件.pptx

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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第三部分 八上 第9课时 Unit 9-10课件.pptx
第9课时 Unit 9~Unit 10,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 9 1.exam n.考试* 2.hang v.悬挂;垂下* 3.catch v.及时赶上;接住;抓住* 4.accept v.接受* 5.weekday n.工作日 6.reply v.回答;答复* 7.forward v.转寄;发送 adv.向前;前进* 8.delete v.删除* 9.print v.打印;印刷 10.glad adj.高兴;愿意 11.without prep.没有;不(做某事)* 12.concert n.音乐会;演奏会* 13.event n.大事;公开活动;比赛项目*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,14.calendar n.日历;日程表* 15.daytime n.白天;日间 Unit 10 16.organize v.组织;筹备 17.chocolate n.巧克力 18.upset adj.难过;失望;沮丧* 19.travel v.解答*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,27.step n.步;步骤* 28.experience n.经验;经历* 29.else adv.别的;其他的*,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.prepare→preparation n.准备;准备工作 2.avail→available adj.有空的;可获得的 3.invite→invitation n.邀请;请柬 4.sad→sadly adv.悲伤地;难过地 5.open→opening n.开幕式;落成典礼 6.advice→advise v.劝告;建议 7.certainly→certain adj.某一;必然的 8.understanding→understand v.理解 9.careless→careful(反义词)小心的;细致的 10.himself→he(代词主格)他 →him(代词宾格)他 11.trust→true adj. 真的;真实的 →truth n. 真相,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.prepare for 为……做准备 2.hang out 闲逛;常去某处 3.the day before yesterday 前天 4.the day after tomorrow 后天 5.look after 照顾;照料 6.turn down 拒绝 7.take a trip 去旅行 8.look forward to 盼望;期待 9.hear from 接到(某人的)信、电话等 10.potato chips 炸土豆片;炸薯条 11.make money 赚钱 12.go to college 上大学 13.keep.to oneself 保守秘密 14.make mistakes 犯错误 15.in half 分成两半,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.你能来参加我的聚会吗? Can you come to my party?(见教材P65) 2.萨姆要一直待到下周三才走。 Sam isn’t leaving until next Wednesday.(见教材P66) 3.礼拜一见。 Catch you on Monday.(见教材P66) 4.我必须准备数学考试。 I have to study for a math test.(见教材P67) 5.关于怎么做,我已经有了一个绝妙的主意。 I already have a great idea about how to do that.(见教材P69) 6.为了显现出我们会多么思念她,我们在(本月)28号下周五为她举办一场惊喜聚会吧! To show how much we’re going to miss her,let’s have a surprise party for her next Friday the 28th!(见教材P69),,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,7.请于12月20日星期五前以书面形式回复此邀请。 Please reply in writing to this invitation by Friday,December 20th.(见教材P71) 8.如果你参加聚会,你将会玩得很高兴。 If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time.(见教材P73) 9.能请你给我一些建议吗? Can you give me some advice please?(见教材P75) 10.生活中,(有)问题和烦恼是正常的。 Problems and worries are normal in life.(见教材P77) 11.她害怕告诉父母这件事。 She was afraid to tell her parents about it.(见教材P77) 12.最好不要逃避我们的问题。 It’s best not to run away from our problems.(见教材P77),,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,13.与人分担一个烦恼就像把麻烦分成两半。 Sharing a problem is like cutting it in half.(见教材P77) 14.因此,你只要跟人聊聊这个问题,你就已经解决了问题的一半! So you’re halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it!(见教材P77),,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.情态动词can表示邀请(见教材P67) 2.真实条件句If.will.(见教材P75),单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 9 邀请 Unit 10 下决心,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅰ.根据句意、首字母及汉语提示补全单词。 1.Are there any events (大事) in today’s newspaper? 2.Look at the calendar(日历).It’s Christmas Day tomorrow. 3.Would you like to go to Jay Chou’s concert(音乐会) tonight? 4.Tom goes to school on weekdays(周工作日) from Monday to Friday. 5.I need some tubes of glue(胶水). 6.Selina is going to invite(邀请) her pen friend to her hometown this summer vacation. 7.She is preparing(准备) for the English test. 8.He invited her to his birthday party but she refused(拒绝). 9.The girl had the flu(流感)and her mother took her to the hospital. 10.They have tried all available(可获得的) means to open the door. 11.She felt upset(沮丧的) when she heard the bad news. 12.My school is three miles (英里) from my home.,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,13.We’ll certainly feel worse unless(除非) we talk to someone. 14.Be careful(小心的) of the cars when you walk in the street. 15.We found some mistakes (错误) in this article. 16.He always tells lies,so I can’t trust(相信) him at all. 17.Mr.Li travelled(旅行) to the U.S. for the first time last summer. 18.The heavy traffic is normal(正常的) for this time of day. 19.Money can’t solve(解决) all his problems. 20.The man opened his wallet(钱包) and took out some money.,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅱ.根据短文内容和括号内的汉语提示,在空白处填入正确的单词。 Travelling is an amazing way to know the world around us and get away from daily work;but sometimes even experienced travelers can make these 21.mistakes(错误). 1.Forgetting your passport.This has happened to most people. 2.Getting 22.upset(沮丧的) with airport security (安全).23.Unluckily(不幸地),they hold all the power at the airport.Getting angry with them won’t help you get through the gate any faster.In 24.fact(事实上),you can end up missing your flight. 3.Drinking too much alcohol (酒精) on a flight.Airplanes 25.already(已经) make you thirsty—drinking alcohol will make that worse.It 26.may(或许) also stop you from sleeping properly. 4.Leaving your iPad,phone or 27.wallet(钱包) in the seat pocket in front of you.,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,5.Missing a meeting because of jetlag (时差).28.Check(检查) your alarm clock—know what it sounds like and then put it to an unreachable place so you can’t 29.simply/easily(简单) turn it off. 6.Missing flights because of 30.traffic(交通) conditions.Ask your hotel about peak (高峰) traffic hours and if anything special is going on in town. 7.Many cities have two or more airports.Make sure you know which one it is so you don’t find yourself in the wrong airport.,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点1prepare v.使做好准备;把……准备好(P65),,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳(1)prepare作及物动词时,常用的结构:prepare sth.“准备……”,后接名词或代词作宾语;prepare sb.sth.=prepare sth.for sb.“为某人准备……”;prepare to do sth.“准备做某事”。如: Our English teacher was preparing the lessons when I came into the office. 我进入办公室时,我们的英语老师在备课。 They were preparing to cross the river when it began to rain. 他们正准备过河时,天突然下雨了。 (2)prepare作不及物动词时,常用于prepare for sth.结构,表示“为……做准备”。如: The students are busy preparing for the final exam. 学生们正忙着准备期末考试。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点2until conj.直到……为止(P66),A.told B.tells C.will tell D.is telling 2.She didn’t go to bed D she finished her homework. A.when B.after C.before D.until Ⅱ.根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。 3.我们要直到雨停了才回家。 We won’t go home until the rain stops.,,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳until的用法 (1)在until引导的时间状语从句中,如果句子(主句)的谓语动词是延续性动词(即动作可以延续一段时间的动词),如:work,live,stay,study,play,wait等,那么这个句子(主句)常常用肯定式,表示动作一直延续到until所表示的时间为止。这时until可译作“直到……为止”。 (2)在until引导的时间状语从句中,如果句子(主句)的谓语动词是非延续性动词(即动作一会儿就结束的动词),如:come,go,leave,begin,start,finish等,那么这个句子(主句)常常要用否定式,表示某一动作到until所表示的时间才发生。not.until.意为“直到……才……”。,词语冲关,句型冲关,(3)until用作连词引导时间状语从句时,从句表示的情况如果还没有发生,习惯上也要用一般现在时而不用一般将来时,也就是说当主句用一般将来时时(或主句是祈使句时),until引导的时间状语从句要用一般现在时。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点3advice n.劝告;建议(P75),,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳advice的用法 advice是不可数名词,“一条建议”用a piece of advice 来表示。give sb.some advice “给某人一些建议”;take one’s advice “接受某人的建议”。 拓展advise的用法:作及物动词时,注意后接动词-ing形式或不定式的复合结构,即advise doing sth.“建议做某事”或advise sb.to do sth.“建议某人做某事”。如: He advised leaving early. 他建议早点出发。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点4Bring Ms.Steen to the party without telling her so that she can be surprised. 事先不通知斯蒂恩老师并把她带到聚会上来,就是为了给她惊喜。(P69),,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳(1)without的用法 without是介词,与with意思相反,意为“没有,缺乏”。如: He danced without music.他跳舞没有音乐(伴奏)。 We can’t live without water or air. 没有空气和水,我们无法生存。 (2)辨析surprised与surprising:,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点5I look forward to hearing from you all. 我期盼着你们的答复。(P69),2.—Have you seen the film Coming Home directed by Zhang Yimou? —Not yet.I’m D seeing it.It’s said that the film is great! A.looking down on B.looking out for C.looking up to D.looking forward to,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,Ⅱ.根据要求完成句子。 3.Mike heard from his friend just now.(改为同义句) Mike got/received a letter from his friend just now. 归纳1.look forward to的用法:look forward to意为“盼望,期待”,短语中的to 是介词,后面常跟名词、代词宾格或动词-ing形式。如: All the students are looking forward to seeing their new teacher. 所有的学生都盼望着见到他们的新老师。 2.hear from的用法:hear from意为“收到(某 人的)信”,相当于 get/receive a letter from。如: I haven’t heard from my brother for a long time. 我很长时间没有收到我哥哥的来信了。,,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点6Unless we talk to someone,we’ll certainly feel worse. 如果我们不和别人交谈,我们当然会感到更糟糕。(P77),,,词语冲关,句型冲关,Ⅱ.根据要求完成句子。 3.You won’t study well unless you really know how to study.(改为同义句) You won’t study well if you don’t really know how to study. Ⅲ.根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。 4.我们都知道,他是不会来的,除非邀请他。 As we all know,he will not come unless he is invited. 归纳unless的用法 unless是从属连词,意为“除非,如果不”。引导条件状语从句,含有否定意义,相当于if.not。因此本句可以说成:If we don’t talk to someone,we’ll certainly feel worse。 You won’t catch the bus unless you run. 如果你不跑着去,就赶不上公共汽车。,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点7So you’re halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it! 因此,你只要跟人聊聊这个问题,你就已经解决了问题的一半!(P77),,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,中考话题作文微讲堂系列——提供建议 话题分析全国各地最近几年中考少量涉及了与“提供建议”相关的话题,内容主要有以下几类: ①环境保护类建议;②学习方法类建议;③养生保健类建议;④人际关系方面的建议。 预测2019年安徽中考书面表达也可能涉及与“提供建议”相关的话题。,典题研析成长中每个人都要面对烦恼,并解决问题。假设你叫刘明,是美国中学生爱丽丝的朋友,你收到了她的电子邮件,请给她回复,回答她的问题,提出你的建议,并就此事谈谈你的看法。 Hi,Liu Ming, I’m so sad.Angela is a friend of mine.This morning she wanted to borrow some money from me.If I lend her the money,I’m afraid she won’t pay me back.I don’t know what to do.Do you have the same problem?I need your help. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours, Alice 请根据中文和英文提示,写一封意思连贯、符合逻辑、词数为80~100的回信。信的开头和结尾已给出,其词数不计入所完成的回信内。请不要写出你的校名和姓名。,Hi,Alice, I’m glad to hear from you. I hope what I said can help you. Yours, Liu Ming,审题指导 1.根据所给内容,要求写信人与对方沟通,因此用第一人称和第二人称; 2.体裁以记叙文为主; 3.针对问题提出建议,动词时态应该用一般现在时; 4.符合逻辑,80~100词。 写作技法“三步法”写“建议类”作文 第一步:开头(问候),引出话题; 第二步:正文,分析问题并给出建议; 第三步:结尾(提出看法或以祝福或期待收尾)。,写作提纲,遣词造句,满分作文 Hi,Alice, I’m glad to hear from you.Yes,I sometimes have the same problem. I think if she really needs the money,you’d better lend it to her.You don’t need to worry too much.She’ll pay you back when she has money.If you don’t lend her the money,I’m afraid you may lose this friend because she may be hurt. A friend in need is a friend indeed.I think everyone may have trouble in life and we should help each other.So when my friends need money,I will try my best to help them.We should trust our friends to return money. I hope what I said can help you. Yours, Liu Ming,名师点评 本文是电子邮件,属于应用文。文章包含四个方面的内容。第一部分:开头简单问候,并引出话题。第二部分:分析朋友的问题。第三部分:发表自己的看法。第四部分:结尾,叙述自己的愿望。 出彩点:too much,be afraid,in trouble,try one’s best等短语和条件状语从句的使用,充分体现了作者驾驭语言的能力和娴熟的写作技巧。,对应训练 (2018·湖北) 为了更好地开展八年级学生的研学旅行(study travel),学校现面向全年级征集活动意向。假如你是李华,请谈谈你建议的时间和地点并陈述理由,简要介绍打算开展的活动。 要求: 1.文中不得出现真实的人名和校名; 2.80~100词,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。,Dear leaders, I am Li Hua from Class 4,Grade 8. I advise we go to Beijing for the study travel because Beijing is well worth visiting.It’s not only the capital with a long history but also a big modern city.The trip will help us learn more about our traditional culture. The best time for the travel is Autumn.It’s the best season to travel in Beijing. We can visit the Palace Museum and walk around Beijing hutongs.We can also walk along the Great Wall.I’m sure we can have a happy and educational trip. We can discuss the details later. Yours, Li Hua,



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