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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第五部分 九全 第20课时 Unit 11-12课件.pptx

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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第五部分 九全 第20课时 Unit 11-12课件.pptx
第20课时 Unit 11~Unit 12,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 11 1.friendship n.友谊;友情 2.power n.权力;力量* 3.pale adj.苍白的;灰白的* 4.examine v.(仔细地)检查;检验 5.palace n.王宫;宫殿 6.wealth n.财富* 7.grey adj.(天空)阴沉的;昏暗的;灰色的* 8.lemon n.柠檬 9.shoulder n.肩;肩膀* 10.goal n.球门;射门;目标* 11.coach n.教练;私人教师 12.kick v.踢;踹* 13.courage n.勇敢;勇气*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,14.pull v.拖;拉* 15.nod v.点头 16.disappoint v.使失望 Unit 12 17.backpack n.背包;旅行包 18.oversleep v.睡过头;睡得太久 19.block n.街区 20.burn v.着火;燃烧* 21.airport n.机场 22.cream n.奶油;乳脂 23.pie n.果馅派;果馅饼 24.bean n.豆;豆荚* 25.market n.市场;集市* 26.fool n.蠢人;傻瓜v.愚弄*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,27.lady n.女士;女子 28.cancel v.取消;终止*,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.drive→driver n.司机 2.bank→banker n.银行家 3.uncomfortable→comfortable adj.舒服的 4.agreement→agree v.赞成;同意 5.disappoint→disappointed adj.失望的→disappointing adj.令人失望的 6.unexpected→expect v.期待;盼望 7.work→worker n.工人 8.burn→burning adj.着火的;燃烧的 9.live→alive adj.活着的;有生气的 10.discovery→discover v.发现 11.appear→disappear v.消失;不见,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.drive sb.crazy/mad 使人发疯/发狂 2.the more.the more.越……越……;愈……愈…… 3.leave out 忽略;不包括;不提及 4.call in 招来;叫来 5. neither.nor. 既不……也不…… 6.to start with起初;开始时 7.let.down 使失望 8.kick sb.off 开除某人 9.be hard on sb.对某人苛刻;对某人要求严厉 10.rather than 而不是 11.pull together 齐心协力;通力合作 12.in agreement(意见或看法)一致;同意 13.by the time 在……以前 14.give.a lift 捎……一程,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,15.in line with与……成一排 16.show up 赶到;露面 17.by the end of 在(某时间点)以前 18.sell out 卖光,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.悲伤的电影让我哭泣。 Sad movies make me cry.(见教材P81) 2.我宁愿去蓝色海洋饭店,因为我喜欢吃饭的时候听轻柔的音乐。 I’d rather go to Blue Ocean because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating.(见教材P81) 3.我对朱莉了解得越多,越意识到我们有许多共同之处。 The more I get to know Julie,the more I realize that we have a lot in common.(见教材P82) 4.很久以前,在一个富饶美丽的国家住着一位不快乐的国王。 A long time ago,in a rich and beautiful country,there lived an unhappy king.(见教材P83) 5.但是他发现他的身体没有毛病。 But he found nothing wrong with his body.(见教材P83),,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,6.生活充满不可预料的事。 Life is full of the unexpected.(见教材P89) 7.到我起床的时候,我的哥哥已经进了淋浴室。 By the time I got up,my brother had already gotten in the shower.(见教材P89) 8.我正要上楼,这时我决定先去买杯咖啡。 I was about to go up when I decided to get a coffee first.(见教材P91) 9.我们直愣愣地盯着燃烧着的大楼上升起的黑烟,无法相信(这一切)。 We stared in disbelief at the black smoke rising above the burning building.(见教材P91) 10.许多愚人节玩笑的结局并不是那么有趣。 Many April Fool’s jokes may end up being not very funny.(见教材P94),,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,过去完成时(见教材P92),单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 11 个人感受 Unit 12 出乎意料的事,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅰ.根据句意、首字母及汉语提示补全单词。 1.I don’t like the grey(灰色的) coat.Would you please change another one for me? 2.I prefer lemons(柠檬) to oranges.I like the sour taste. 3.What she said made me uncomfortable(感到不舒服的). 4.I think real friendship(友谊) is more valuable than money. 5.We can buy all kinds of fruits in the market (市场). 6.The man is very rich.He has much wealth (财富). 7.Carla doesn’t eat too much to lose weight (体重). 8.Mr.Smith works in a bank.He is a famous banker(银行家). 9.Chongqing is in the west(西方) of China. 10.He felt like there was a heavy weight on his shoulders(肩膀). 11.We will kick(开除) you off unless you work hard.,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,12.Give some candies to the little boy.Don’t disappoint(使失望) him. 13.The teacher,Yang Xiangming showed great courage(勇气) to jump into the river to save the boy. 14.The officer(军官) ordered his soldiers to stay where they were. 15.The boy fell into the hole.We pulled (拉) him up. 16.We are not fools(傻瓜).We won’t believe you again. 17.The match had to be cancelled(取消) because of the bad weather. 18.Yesterday evening a TV show reported the discovery(发现) of special water. 19.Tom’s father bought a backpack(背包) for him as a birthday present. 20.We can eat some fresh beans (豆荚) in the restaurant.,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅱ.根据短文内容和括号内的汉语提示,在空白处填入正确的单词。 One night Sophie saw a large person in a dark room.The large person found Sophie,too.So he carried Sophie to his 21.hometown(家乡) in Giant(巨人) country. On the first day.Sophie felt 22.afraid/scared(害怕).She wanted to go back home.After one night,Sophie found that the large person didn’t eat people.He only ate some kinds of 23.vegetables(蔬菜).Sophie then called The large person the Big Friendly Giant (BFG).,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Sophie and the BFG soon 24.became(成为) friends.The next day,the BFG took Sophie to 25.collect(收集) dreams.Sophie was happy and had a great time.However,Sophie was soon in 26.danger(危险).The other Giants saw Sophie.They love eating persons.The BFG was 27.worried(担心) about Sophie.He wanted to send her back,but Sophie 28.refused(拒绝). In the end,the Queen of England 29.appeared(出现).She offered to help Sophie and the BFG.She 30.ordered(命令) the army took the giants and Sophie to an island.Sophie and the BFG were safe on the island.,,,,,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点1rather than 而不是(P81),A.staying;going B.stay;going C.stay;go D.staying;go,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,Ⅱ.根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。 3.是你而不是我要去野营。 You rather than I are going to go camping. 4.我决定写信而不是打电话。 I decided to write rather than(to)telephone. 归纳rather than意为“是……而不是……;与其……不如……”。它连接的并列成分可以是名词、 代词、形容词、介词(短语)、动词-ing形式、分句、不定式、动词等。如: He is a writer rather than a teacher. 与其说他是教师,不如说他是作家。 注意:rather than连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与rather than前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。如: You rather than I are going to go shopping. 是你而不是我要去购物。,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点2drive v.迫使(P82),,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳drive的用法,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点3nor conj.& adv.也不(P83),,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳(1)nor用来连接否定的并列成分,放在not,no,never等否定词后,表示“也不”,与or 的用法类似。如: The house was never clean nor tidy. 房子从不干净,也不整齐。 (2)nor与neither连用,构成neither.nor.结构,意为“既不……也不……”。neither.nor.通常用于连接两个相同性质的句子成分,但有时后一成分可能省略与前一成分相同的词;若连接两个成分作主语,其谓语通常与靠近的主语保持一致。 I have neither time nor money. 我既没时间又没钱。 (3)“nor+助动词/情态动词+主语”表示“……也不”。如: I didn’t go,nor did my sister. 我没去,我姐姐也没去。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点4I’d rather go to Blue Ocean because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating. 我宁愿去蓝色海洋饭店,因为我喜欢吃饭的时候听轻柔的音乐。(P81),,词语冲关,句型冲关,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳would rather意为“宁愿”,表示句子主语的愿望与选择,后接省略to的动词不定式;其否定形式为would rather not do sth.意为“宁愿不做某事”。如: He’d rather join in the English Group. 他宁愿加入到英语小组中来。 I’d rather not tell you. 我宁愿不告诉你。 拓展would rather do sth.than do sth.意为“宁愿做某事也不愿做某事”。would rather与than后面所连接的两个对比部分一般要一致。例如: He’d rather work than play. 他宁愿工作也不愿玩。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点5I was about to go up when I decided to get a coffee first. 我正要上楼,这时我决定先去买杯咖啡。(P91),,,词语冲关,句型冲关,Ⅱ.根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。 3.她刚要开口,我就皱眉示意她别出声。 As she was about to speak,I frowned her down. 4.明天他们将去拜访他们的老师。 They are about/going to visit their teachers tomorrow.,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳be about to do是一种表示将来的结构,这个结构着眼于“眼前的;眼下的”将来,不可与具体的将来的时间副词或副词性短语连用,但可以与as或when引导的时间状语从句连用。如: They are about to leave.他们即将动身。 She was about to go to the cinema when I came. 当我来的时候,她正要去看电影。 拓展be going to+动词原形也可以表示将来,但其表示“计划、准备、打算”做什么,可以与表示将来的时间状语连用。如: There is going to be an English movie in our school this evening. 今天晚上我们学校将有一场英文电影。,中考话题作文微讲堂系列——提建议 话题分析安徽最近几年中考涉及了与“提建议”相关的话题,内容主要表现在以下几个方面: ①关于学习的建议;②健康生活安全类建议;③行为举止类建议;④人际关系方面的建议等。 预测2019年安徽中考书面表达也可能涉及与“提建议”相关的话题。,典题研析假设你是某英文杂志的编辑Susan,你收到了一封来自张林的求助邮件。在邮件中,张林表示他学习压力大,脾气变得暴躁,最近经常和父母、朋友发生争吵。请你根据所给出的提示内容写一封邮件,给张林提供一些建议。 内容包括: 1.向父母道歉,并和他们谈一谈你的情绪问题。 2.做一些休闲活动(听音乐,做运动……)。 3.将卧室涂成蓝色,蓝色会使你平静、放松。 要求:1.邮件内容必须包含所有要点,语句通顺,逻辑合理。 2.80~100词。,审题指导1.本文是一封电子邮件,要求给对方提建议,因此以第二人称为主; 2.正确书写电子邮件的格式; 3.时态以一般现在时为主; 4.内容包含所有给出的提示要点; 5.词数为80~100。 写作技法“四步法”写提建议的短文 第一步:首先要知道提建议的格式,常用书信格式。 第二步:写出提建议的原因。 第三步:根据具体情况给出明确的建议。 第四步:写出希望。,写作提纲,遣词造句 经典词句,满分作文 Dear Zhang Lin, Thanks for your e-mail.I am very happy to give you some advice. First,you must say sorry to your parents and friends.Talk about your problems with them.When you are in trouble,your parents and friends will always be there.They may help you.Second,you should spend some time listening to soft music,reading books or doing some exercise.They can make you relaxed.Third,try to paint your bedroom blue.This color can help you be calm and peaceful. I know that your problems make you feel upset. I hope my advice can help you. Best wishes, Susan,名师点评 本文正文部分分三层给对方提出建议,层次分明,条理清楚,中心突出。 出彩点:say sorry to,talk about,listen to等短语和时间状语从句、祈使句和情态动词的使用充分体现了作者驾驭语言的能力和娴熟的写作技巧。,对应训练 (2018·四川绵阳) 假定你是班长李华,请回复新同学Mike的求助邮件,给他至少3条建议并说明理由。词数80~100,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 To:Li Hua From:Mike Hi Li Hua, You know I am new here.I found it hard for me to get along well with people here.When I have trouble with my study,I don’t know how to get help.I really want to be a good part of the class.Would you please give me some advice? I am looking forward to your reply. Mike,To:Mike From:Li Hua Hi Mike, Because you’re new there,it’s normal to have these problems.You should try to get along with them and take an active part in their activities.Activities can help you keep good friendships.You should be friendly to them.I believe if you smile at them,they will smile back.As for your study,you should consult your teachers and classmates more.There is a saying:“There must be one out of three who can be your teacher.”Therefore,it is important to ask more questions.In addition,you should help them more so that you can help each other.I’m sure you’ll be one of them. Li Hua,



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