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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第五部分 九全 第21课时 Unit 13-14课件.pptx

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(课标通用)安徽省2019年中考英语总复习 第五部分 九全 第21课时 Unit 13-14课件.pptx
第21课时 Unit 13~Unit 14,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 13 1.litter v.乱扔 n.垃圾;废弃物 2.bottom n.底部;最下部 3.coal n.煤;煤块 4.ugly adj.丑陋的;难看的* 5.advantage n.优点;有利条件 6.plastic adj.塑料的 n.塑料;塑胶* 7.cruel adj.残酷的;残忍的* 8.industry n.工业;行业* 9.law n.法律;法规* 10. afford v.承担得起(后果);买得起* 11.recycle v.回收利用;再利用 12.gate n.大门* 13.bottle n.瓶子*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,14.president n.负责人;主席;总统* 15.metal n.金属 Unit 14 16.survey n.调查 17.standard n.标准;水平 18.keyboard n.键盘式电子乐器;键盘 19.method n.方法;措施* 20.instruction n.指示;命令* 21.double v.加倍;是……的两倍 adj.两倍的;加倍的* 22.overcome v.克服;战胜* 23.senior adj.级别(或地位)高的 24.text n.课文;文本 25.level n.水平* 26.degree n.(大学)学位;度数;程度,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,27.thirsty adj.渴望的;口渴的* 28.task n.任务;工作* 29.ahead adv.向前面;在前面* 30.separate adj.单独的;分离的 v.分开;分离* 31.wing n.翅膀;翼,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.fisherman→fishermen(复数形式)渔民;钓鱼的人 2.wood→wooden adj.木制的;木头的 3.harm→harmful adj.有害的 4.science→scientific adj.科学上的;科学的 5.care→caring adj.体贴人的;关心他人的 6.ours→we(主格)我们 →us(宾格)我们 →our(形容词性物主代词)我们的 7.manage→manager n.经理;经营者 8.gentleman→gentlemen(复数形式)先生;绅士,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.at the top of 在……顶部或顶端 2.take part in 参加 3.so far到目前为止;迄今 4.turn off 关掉 5.pay for 付费;付出代价 6.take action 采取行动 7.throw away 扔掉;抛弃 8.put sth.to good use好好利用某物 9.pull.down 拆下;摧毁 10.upside down 上下颠倒;倒转 11.in a row 连续几次地 12.make a mess 弄得一团糟(一塌糊涂) 13.look back at回首(往事);回忆;回顾 14.keep one’s cool沉住气;保持冷静,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,15.go by (时间)逝去;过去 16.believe in 信任;信赖 17.first of all 首先 18.be thirsty for渴望;渴求 19.be thankful to sb.对某人心存感激 20.ahead of 在……前面 21.along with连同;除……以外还…… 22.be responsible for对……有责任;负责任 23.set out 出发;启程 24.separate from分离;隔开,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,1.我们正在试图拯救地球。 We’re trying to save the earth!(见教材P97) 2.甚至河的底部也满是垃圾。 Even the bottom of the river was full of rubbish.(见教材P97) 3.这个镇上的每个人都应该参与打扫干净小镇。 Everyone in this town should play a part in cleaning it up.(见教材P97) 4.我们齐心协力就能带来变化,创造更加美好的未来。 Our actions can make a difference and lead to a better future!(见教材P98) 5.这不但残忍,而且对环境有害。 This is not only cruel,but also harmful to the environment.(见教材P99) 6.到目前为止,没有科学研究证明显示鱼翅对健康有益。 So far,no scientific studies have shown that shark fins are good for health.(见教材P99),,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,7.她房前的大门是用岩石和旧玻璃瓶做成的。 And the gate in front of her house is made of rocks and old glass bottles.(见教材P102) 8.我记得在7年级见过你们所有人。 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7.(见教材P105) 9.你们都长这么大了,我为你们自豪。 You’ve all grown up so much and I’m so proud of you.(见教材P110) 10.在新的旅行启程之际,不应忘了你来自何处。 As you set out on your new journey,you shouldn’t forget where you came from.(见教材P110),,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,复习现在进行时,现在完成时,被动语态,情态动词的用法等(见教材P100,P108),单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Unit 13 保护环境 Unit 14 学生时代,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅰ.根据句意、首字母及汉语提示补全单词。 1.Don’t play a joke on him about his weight—it’s cruel(残忍的). 2.You are supposed to know the law(法律) of your own country. 3.These materials are widely used in industry(工业). 4.They walked because they couldn’t afford(负担得起) a taxi. 5.To solve this problem,we need to learn more scientific(科学的) knowledge. 6.The bird has two wings(翅膀) and it can fly in the sky. 7.I am thirsty (口渴的).Could you give me something to drink? 8.Please use the machine according to the instructions(说明). 9.Hold on to your dreams and you can overcome(克服) all the difficulties. 10.My sister will graduate(毕业) from the university next month.,,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,11.The boss likes her very much because the standard(水准) of her work is high. 12.—How many students go to school by bike in our class? —I don’t know.Let’s survey(调查) about it. 13.Let us congratulate (祝贺) you on your new success. 14.Mr.Wang is one of the most popular teachers because he is knowledgeable and caring(体贴人的). 15.As soon as their parents left,the children made the house a mess(一团糟). 16.His father was so angry that he broke the keyboard(键盘)of his computer. 17.The man did the same job as us but was paid double(双倍). 18.We can see a line (排) of houses in the photo. 19.This box is made of metal(金属).,,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,20.The man who is standing at the gate(大门) of school is Jim’s father.,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Ⅱ.根据短文内容和括号内的汉语提示,在空白处填入正确的单词。 How do you deal with 21.plastic(塑料的) bags from the supermarket?22.Throw(扔) them away or use them again?How about eating them? The bags are not 23.harmful(有害的) to the environment.Humans and 24.animals(动物) can safely eat them.Indian company EnviGreen has made a bag with 25.natural(天然的) materials.It looks and feels just like plastic,but can break down(分解) 26.easily(容易地). Ashwath Hedge who set up the EnviGreen company 27.spent(花) four years doing experiments(实验) with 12 natural materials.They 28.include(包括) potato,corn,vegetable oil and banana.He made the material into liquid(液体) and used the liquid to make the bag.,,,,,,,,,单词必会,词汇拓展,短语必背,重点句型和交际用语,语法链接,重点词汇过关检测,话题,Although the EnviGreen bag is more expensive than a 29.common(普通的) plastic bag,it has many advantages.It can naturally break down in 30.less(少) than 180 days.It also breaks down in less than a day in water,and in less than a minute in boiling water.,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,考点1afford v.承担得起(后果);买得起(P100),,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳afford的用法:常与can,be able to等连用,意为“承担得起(后果);买得起;花得起时间、金钱、精力”等,后面通常可接名词、代词、不定式等(多用于否定句或疑问句)。如: I can’t afford to buy a new coat.我没钱买新外套。 He can’t afford the time for it. 他抽不出时间来做此事。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点2separate adj.单独的;分离的 v.分开;隔开(P110),,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳separate的用法,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点3This is not only cruel,but also harmful to the environment. 这不仅残忍,而且对环境有害。(P99),,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳harmful形容词,意为“有害的”,常用短语是be harmful to,意为“对……有害”。harmful的名词是harm,意为“伤害;损害”,常用短语是do harm to,意为“对……有害处”。,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点4First of all,I’d like to congratulate all the students who are here today. 首先,我想祝贺今天所有在这里的学生。(P110),,词语冲关,句型冲关,,,,,,词语冲关,句型冲关,辨析first of all与at first,词语冲关,句型冲关,考点5Although you’ve all worked very hard over the last three years,none of you did it alone. 在过去的三年里,尽管你们学习都很刻苦。但你们都不是孤军奋战。(P110),,,词语冲关,句型冲关,归纳over the past/last three years“在过去的三年里”,over也可换成in,three也可换成其他数字,此类短语一般用于现在完成时中。如: In the last few years,he has learned to play the guitar. 在过去的几年里,他已经学会了弹吉他。,中考话题作文微讲堂系列——环境保护 话题分析安徽最近几年中考涉及了与“环境保护”相关的话题,内容主要表现在以下几个方面: ①低碳生活;②节约资源;③保护环境;④保护濒危动物等。 预测2019年安徽中考书面表达也可能涉及与“环境保护”相关的话题。 典题研析假定你叫张华,最近从报纸上得知美国某公司将在你的家乡建一座工厂,请给该公司写封电子邮件。要点如下: ●表示欢迎:有利于家乡发展等; ●感到担忧:造成环境污染等; ●希望了解有关环保措施及更多信息。,注意:1.词数80~100; 2.请不要逐句翻译,可适当发挥以使行文连贯; 3.邮件的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。 Dear Sir or Madam, I am a middle school student. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Zhang Hua,审题指导 1.文章要求给美国某公司写封电子邮件。写作形式为电子邮件,要求用委婉的语气表达自己的观点和立场;时态为一般现在时,人称为第一人称。 2.根据文章内容提示,首先应表示欢迎,其次写出担忧,最后希望了解到更多信息。 3.词数80~100;不要逐句翻译,可适当发挥以使行文连贯。,写作提纲,遣词造句,满分作文 Dear Sir or Madam, I am a middle school student.I have recently learned from the newspaper that you are going to build a factory here in my hometown.There is no doubt that it is good for the development of my hometown and it will provide us with more jobs.Most of us stand by the program.However,some of us are worried that the factory will make much noise and pollute the environment of the area.I would like to know whether you have any plans for the environment protection.Would you please offer us more information about it? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Zhang Hua,名师点评 本文能够根据提示进行书面表达,能够围绕主题准确使用一定的语法、词汇、短语和句型等,清楚连贯地表达自己的思想,进而完成写作任务。 出彩点:there is no doubt,be good for,provide.with,would like等短语和及现在完成时、whether引导的宾语从句的使用是本文的亮点。,对应训练 (2018·黑龙江齐齐哈尔) 习主席在十九大报告中提出要建设美丽中国、推进绿色发展、解决环境问题,足见习主席对环保的重视!作为新时代的中学生,应如何响应习主席的号召,从“我”做起保护环境呢?请用英语写一篇短文,表达你的想法。 要求:1.词数:80~100。 2.字迹工整,语言流畅,表达准确,逻辑清楚。 3.要有复合句的表达。,The environmental problems are very serious these days.In order to make our country more beautiful,we students should do something to protect the environment. I think we should turn off the lights to save electricity when we leave the room.And when we brush our teeth,we’d better turn off the taps.Also,we should advise our parents to take the bus to work instead of driving and use reusable bags when shopping.Only if we know what to do in our daily life can we make a difference. How important for us to protect the environment!,



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