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选修8 各单元词汇 检测练习.doc

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选修8 各单元词汇 检测练习.doc
Unit 1 A land of diversity一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。第一组:strait, hire, apparent, seagull, racial, nationality, bakery, slavery, slip, majority, applicant, ferry1 It is _________ from her accent that she is from the north of China.2 China is a big country with 56 __________.3 The Taiwan _________ separates Taiwan from the mainland.4 Did I call you Richard? Sorry, Robert, just a __________ of the tongue.5 They have appealed for an end to the __________ discrimination in aspects such as employment.6 It was time to end the _________ and set slaves free.7 You can buy newly-made cakes from across the __________.8 There were more than 50 ___________ for the job, but only 10 were employed.9 The __________ of representatives are in favor of the plan, only a few are against it.10 There is no bridge over the river between the primary school and the village. So those children need to be __________ to and from school.11 He was ________ three years ago and he is content with the job in the company.12 A _________ is a seabird with long wings and usually with white or black feathers.第二组:swap, cattle, socialist, mixture, means, immigration, insert, indicate, percentage, luggage, aircraft, react13 China is a __________ country with the Chinese Communist Party ruling.14 Over the past years, there has been a big rise in __________ to the USA.15 __________ coins into the slot and press for a ticket.16 We own a big farm, where sheep and _________ are kept.17 What _________ of the population in China are farmers?18 Some people can _________ badly to seafood, such as shrimps.19 Research __________ that eating habits are related to health.20 An __________ carrier is a large ship that carries planes which use it as a base to land on and take off from.21 His telephone is out of service. Is there any other __________ of contacting him?22 I’ve finished this magazine. Can I _________ with you?23 Water is a _________ of hydrogen and oxygen.24 After getting off the train, I asked Peter to stay with our __________ while I found a taxi.二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):by means of make a life occur to team up with mark out take in a great/good many 1 Our trip __________ a visit to the old temple built in the Ming Dynasty.2 It never __________ me to ask him for help.3 I got to know Jack years ago and now we __________ each other quite well.4 Thoughts are expressed ___________ words.5 ___________ workers joined in the general strike last week. They wanted higher wages.6 The old man used to ___________ by selling newspapers.7 We _________ a tennis court on the lawn.Unit 2 Cloning一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。第一组:clone, arbitrary, moral, merely, resist, decoration, assumption, commercial, differ, straightforward, regulation, disturbing, media1 It is impossible to make _________ about how people feel about the new law.2 It is very _________ to think that a fierce tiger that escaped from a zoo wandered about.3 Dolly, the _________ sheep, lived for only six years.4 All the new employees are asked to learn about the rules and _________ of the company and they must obey them.5 Never draw an __________ conclusion before you think carefully.6 American English __________slightly from British English in vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation.7 The bank strongly __________ cutting down interest rates.8 The __________ covered Hu Jintao’s visit to Hong Kong in honor of the 10th anniversary celebrations since its return to China.9 Huaqiangbei and Dongmen are both the ___________ heart of Shenzhen City.10 He is _________ a boy of five, but he can speak very good English.11 That some evil leaders hoped to clone themselves raised some _________ questions among the world.12 I like to make friends with those _________ people. I hate those who are dishonest.13 Christmas is drawing near. Let’s go and buy some __________ to make our house and Christmas tree more beautiful.第二组:breakthrough, obtain, argument, forbid, reasonable, ceiling, accumulate, undertake, zebra, bother, retire, procedure14 Xiao Lin likes to spend all his time playing online computer games at a net bar. Now his mother _________ him to go to visit any net bar.15 Your application must go through a few __________ before it is finally approved.16 We had an __________ with the waiter about the bill because we thought he overcharged us.17 He was fortunate to have _________ a big fortune by investing wisely in the stock market.18 Professor Wang works very hard, for he both teaches and __________ research.19 His explanation was not _________, so all of us didn’t accept it.20 The electric fan is hanging from the _________ of the room.21 After years of hard work the five doctors achieved a ________ in cancer treatment.22 My father is currently 59 years old and will __________ from work next year.23 By reading this book I am sure that you will __________ a lot of information about Britain.24 Sorry to _________ you, but there is a call for you on line two.25 A _______ is an African wild animal like a horse with black and white lines on its body. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):be cast down object to in favour of be bound to (do) from time to time bring back to life pay off 1 During my stay in Japan my sister visited me ___________.2 I __________ to know that she failed in the final exam.3 All your efforts will ___________. Just keep it up!4 All those present at the meeting __________ the plan.5 He has made full preparations for the exam. He __________ succeed.6 Are there anyone __________ human cloning?7 I think some day dinosaurs may be ___________ through cloning.Unit 3 Inventors and inventions一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。第一组:discovery, criteria, dot, passive, patent, current, monitor, straw, tap, distinguish1 The countryside is _________ with small villages.2 I have bought a new PC with a 17 inch colour _________.3 The __________ of a child’s body in the river shocked the community.4 Remember to turn off the _________ after you wash.5 Insert a drinking __________ here and you will suck the milk out.6 The new regulation played a __________ but not active role in the reform of the factory.7 He made a new invention and applied for a _________.8 I am interested in ________ affairs so I surf the internet to read the latest news every day.9 What __________ do you think can assess a student’s ability?10 Liu Xiang has __________ himself as an athlete.第二组:perfume, valid, stable, helicopter, practical, power, application, product, file, triangle11 The __________ landed on the roof of the building to save those trapped in the big fire.12 My passport is __________ for only one month. I must renew it.13 The new _________ gained great success after it was introduced to the market. 14 Please draw a right-angled __________ with a set square(三角尺).15 If you want to be a member of our club, please fill in an _________ form first.16 __________ is one of the great four inventions in ancient China.17 After three days of treatment the patient’s condition is very __________.18 Every __________ on the same disk must have a different name.19 In that cosmetics section you can buy expensive well-known French _________.20 From a _________ point of view, this is not a good place to live in.第三组:refrigerator, committee, bear, forehead, version, court, abrupt, convenient, jam, mess, expectation21 A special _________ was set up to look into that matter.22 The weather here is changeable. Sometimes it has an _________ change in temperature.23 Would you like to play tennis with me? I have already booked a tennis _________.24 The temperature here is always below zero degrees. I cannot really __________ living in such cold weather!25 It is very _________ from here to downtown. There are many buses running along this street.26 The Chinese _________ of Harry Porter is due for publication this September.27 I was late because I was held up in a traffic __________.28 __________ of life for both men and women has improved greatly in China in the past 20 years.29 Put the ice creams in the __________. Or they will melt very soon.30 Your room is in a _________. Why not put things in place?31 I felt my son’s _________ and thought he must be running a fever.二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):call up now and then in case dive into set out to (do) get through in truth hang on out of order ring back ring off set about 1 It turned out that the newcomer was __________ a spy.2 I won’t __________ my brother unless something unexpected happens.3 Please __________. I will go and get her.4 Our freezer is __________ again. We’d better buy a new one instead of repairing it.5 Last winter that writer __________ writing a new long novel.6 The police __________ investigate the cause of the fire.7 Please take your credit card with you _________your money is not enough.8 He is not here right now; will you please __________ later?9 She _________ her bag and took out a few coins.10 The line is engaged; I cannot _________ to his office.11 I must _________ now because I will go to a meeting.12 ___________, I visit my grandpa and grandma in the country.Unit 4 Pygmalion一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。第一组:mistaken, sob, brilliant, compromise, plot, disgusting, status, bathtub, adaptation, superior1 At first neither of the two sides would give in but after lengthy talks they reached a __________.2 Over the years women want to be given equal _________ and pay with men.3 I thought I saw someone I knew, but actually I was _________.4 This film is an __________ of a famous writer’s works and it is well received.5 A __________ is a container that you put water in and then you get into to wash your whole body.6 Although I disagree with him, yet I cannot speak out, for he is my immediate __________.7 She has one of the most __________ minds in her country.8 They were put into prison because they were accused of __________ against the state.9 Listen! I hear a baby _________ in the next room.10 I think it is very __________ that some people show off themselves in public.第二组:pence, classify, pronunciation, hesitate, alphabet, betray, overlook, antique, dismiss, uncomfortable11 Mary’s ___________ is the best in our class. She speaks very standard English.12 The books are often ___________ according to subject.13 Since it was a well-paid job I didn’t _________ for a moment about taking it.14 She was terrified of saying something that would make her _________ herself.15 –How much altogether? – Fifty ________, please.16 Looking into the matter, the police _________ an important fact.17 From across the street there is an _________ shop, where you can see very old but often valuable objects.18 School is _________. The students will enjoy a two-month summer holiday.19 The chair is so hard that it feels _________ to sit on.20 The English vocabulary is arranged in the order of __________.第三组:classic, pronounce, condemn, musical, outcome, nail, troublesome, fortune, effective, ambassador21 My daughter is very __________. She can play quiet a few instruments.22 A high school diploma (文凭) __________ him to work in a factory with a low pay.23 The film Casablanca is really a __________ among the many foreign films.24 President _________ the country to be in a state of war.25 He graduated from a foreign affairs university and worked as the British __________ to the United Nations.26 His son is addicted to computer games and cannot get rid of them. It is really a __________ problem for him.27 This kind of new drug is very __________ against cancer but a little expensive.28 Please bring me a hammer and I will _________ the painting up.29 She is hoping her US performance will be the first step on the road to fame and _________.30 The negotiation is still on. We are waiting for the final __________. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):pass…off as make one’s acquaintance(make the acquaintance of sb.) in amazement generally speaking in terms of show…in the other day take away fade out in need of1 It was a bad year for films, __________ both quantity and quality.2 He escaped by __________ himself _________ a guard.3 Peter, please _________ the man at the door ________.4 It was in London that I ____________ Jones, who was an electrical engineer.5 I don’t know who has ____________ my dictionary.6 I happened to have read this story in a magazine ___________.7 ___________, girls are more careful than boys.8 Our school is badly ___________ two teachers of English.9 ___________ the music at the end of the scene.10 I looked at him ___________.Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。第一组:patient, systematic, applaud, accuracy, alternative, punctuation, tentative, division, yogurt, affection, preserve, analysis, skilful, radioactive, botany1 A river forms the ________ between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.2 Our troops made a ________ plan to attack the enemy, which was well prepared and organized. Finally it worked out quite well.3 This is a 14th century house, which is perfectly ________ and visited by lots of people.4 We had no ________ but to wait for the rain to stop.5 I have lived in New York for years and have a great _________ for it.6 Some kids prefer ________ to pure milk.7 _________ is the scientific study of plants and their structure.8 I made a _________ arrangement to see him on Friday and I would let him know if any change.9 She works as a teacher at a kindergarten. She is very _________ with those children.10 Only those __________ teachers are qualified to teach Senior 3 students.11 Radium(镭) discovered by Madame Curie is a kind of _________ element.12 Your blood samples(样本) are sent to the lab for _________ to see if you have got infected with AIDS.13 He kicked the ball with great ________ and scored a goal.14 _________ marks in English are not completely the same as those in Chinese. 15 My speech was so exciting that all the audience began to _________.第二组:somehow, interrupt, primitive, relief, dizzy, ample, specific, arrest, assume, significance, category, sharpen, accelerate16 Those money was collected for a _________ purpose, that is, to sponsor those poor children living in the remote mountain villages.17 Please don’t _________while we are talking.18 The central government decided to raise interest rate, for inflations continued to __________.19 The results of the survey can be divided into three main _________.20 Let us _________ that the plan succeeds. Then what would you do next?21 Don’t look at him. He did so in order to __________ others’ attention.22 The meeting is of such great _________ that I have to attend it.23 My knife is blunt. It needs _________.24 Climbing to such a height makes me feel _________.25 Don’t be worried. We have _________ glasses for all the guests.26 News of their safety came as a great _________ to us all.27 __________, I don’t feel that I can trust him.28 There still existed a few __________ tribes in that African country.二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):regardless of cut up look ahead 1 He went ahead and did it, __________ its consequences.2 I ________ the meat on t



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