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第 0 页 / 共 8 页1.I want to make a banana milk shake, but I don’t know______milk I need.A.how many B.how long C.how much D.how fast2.Remember______off the lights when you leave the classroom.A.turn B.to turn C.turning3.Cut______these bananas and apples. Let’s make fruit salad.A.up B.down C.into D.off4.—______did you work out the problem in such a short time?—With Mr.Li’s help.A.When B.Where C.How D.Which5.I can’t see anything in the room. Please help me______the lights.A.turn on B.turn up C.turn down D.turn off6.______ wake up your sister,Ben.She needs a good sleep.A.Don’t B.Doesn’t C.Aren’t D.Can’t7.My father bought two______when he came back from Guilin.A.milk B.bread C.watch D.dictionaries8.When it’s spring in China,the season in Australia is______.A.spring B.autumn C.summer D.winter9.The well(井)was full______water and he covered it______the lid(盖子).A.with;for B.with;with C.of;with D.with;by10.She will make a banana milk shake.She needs three bananas,a cup of milk and two______.A.spoon of honey B.spoons of honeys C.spoons of honey D.spoon of honeys11.Would you like to add______to the salad?A.many more honey B.many honeys C.more honey D.much honeys12.—I want to______some sugar______the coffee.—Sorry.We don’t have any sugar.What about honey?A.added;to B.added;in C.add;to D.add;in13.______play with fire.______with fire is dangerous.A.Don’t;Playing B.Not;Playing C.Don’t;Play D.Not to;To play14.—You can cut up these vegetables at first,and then you have to______.—Yeah,I see.Thanks.A.mix they up B.mix up they C.mix them up D.mix up them15.His eyes were______tears when he heard the exciting news.A.covered with B.agreed with C.full of D.full withⅡ 完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分)My son likes sandwiches very much.So I told a story about sandwiches yesterday.The word“sandwich”is an English word.Sandwich was an English 16 .He lived in England about two hundred years ago.Sandwich had a lot of 17 .He was very rich(富有的).But he liked 18 cards for money.He often played 19 day and night. 20 day he played for twenty-four hours without stopping.He did not 21 the card table to eat.He asked his man to 22 him some meat and 23 第 1 页 / 共 8 页.So he put some meat between two pieces of bread.He did not want to stop 24 playing cards.From the name of this man,Sandwich,we have the word“sandwich” 25 .After that,my son was very excited and asked me to teach him how to make a sandwich.16. A.woman B.man C.place D.book17. A.money B.food C.bread D.cards 18. A.making B.keeping C.playing D.selling19. A.every B.only C.one D.all20. A.One B.Some C.Next D.This21. A.hold B.leave C.put D.show22. A.use B.take C.bring D.throw23. A.milk B.tea C.fruit D.bread24. A.before B.when C.after D.because25. A.in shops B.at school C.today D.this yearⅢ.A Learn to cookEgg Fried RiceIngredients:●A bowl of cooked rice●2 eggs ●4 spoons of oil(油)●Some green onion slices and carrots●A big teaspoon of mayonnaise(蛋黄酱)Instructions:●Mix rice and mayonnaise really well.●Heat up the oil.●Put the eggs into the oil. Remember not to cook them too long.●Add the rice, heat it and mix it well.●Add green onion slices and carrots, and cook them for a few minutes.Tips:Mayonnaise has all the important ingredients for fried rice—oil, salt and sugar. So try mixing them first,and then it will get the egg fried rice a good taste.26.Which is NOT the ingredient for egg fried rice?A.Carrots. B.Butter. C.Green onions.27.We need______if we want to cook a bowl of egg fried rice.A.four eggs B.two spoons of oil C.a big teaspoon of mayonnaise28.What is the second step to cook egg fried rice?A.Heat up the oil. B.Add green onion slices. C.Mix rice and mayonnaise really well.29.Why is it better to use mayonnaise?A.Because it is one of the ingredients. B.Because it can be cooked long.第 2 页 / 共 8 页C.Because it has oil, salt and sugar in it.30.What do you think the passage is?A.A reply to an invitation. B.A page from a cookbook. C.A New Year’s resolution.B Every country has its favorite food.Italians like to eat Pizza.Indians like to eat hot food.Japanese like to eat fish. Often they don’t cook it.In England, one of the most popular kinds of food is fish and chips. People usually buy it in a fish and chip shop. They put it in paper bags,and take it home, or to their workplace. Sometimes they eat it in the park or on the road.The world’s favorite food is American fast food.If you go to some important cities in the world, you can find people eating hamburgers and chips, fish and chips. And Chinese take-away food is very popular in England.But they are less popular in the USA.In the USA, they eat take-away food, too,The food is the hamburger. It looks like bread with meat in it. Ham(火腿)is a kind of pork, but the hamburger does not have any pork in it. It has beef in it. Hamburgers with beef inside are delicious. They are also popular in England and Australia.31.Italians like to eat______.A.dumplings B.pizza C.hot food D.fish32.Fish and chips are very popular in______.A.England B.Australia C.the USA D.Canada33.In different countries people eat______food.A.different B.the same C.the different D.same34.The hamburger does not have any______ in it.A.beef B.pork C.fish D.chips35.The hamburger is a kind of______.A.meat B.drink C.food D.vegetableⅣ 根据句意及首字母提示 ,补 全单词( 每小题 1 分,共 5 分 )36.Eating much s______is bad for our teeth.37.F______,they got to Beijing at the end of last year.38.I want to buy a w______.It is very delicious.39.E______is a good place to take a trip in summer.40.Don’t worry about him.His t______is normal now.Ⅴ 请从方框内选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空(每小题 1 分,共 5 分)tomato,make,need,mix,check41.You should ______flour,eggs and water to make bread.42.The conductor ______the tickets just now.43.Thank you for ______the model plane for me.44.Come on!The old man over there ______our help.45.—Would you like to drink ______juice?—No,thanks.Ⅵ 根据汉语意思完成句子 (每小 题 2 分,共 10 分)46.首先,洗一个苹果。然后把它切成小块。______, wash an apple. Next,____________into small pieces.47.桌子上有两杯茶。There are________________________on the table.48.你能帮我把书放进这个箱子里吗?第 3 页 / 共 8 页Could you help me______the books______this box?49.天气太热了。吃一个西瓜怎么样?It’s too hot. What____________a______?50.谁吃了这块面包?Who ate this____________bread?Ⅶ 补全对话 (有两项多余) (每小题 2 分,共 10 分)A.French sauce is so delicious.B.I often put some yogurt in my salad.C.What other kind of relish do you add?D.I usually make salad at home. E.How do you make salad? F.What do you put in it?G.How many tomatoes do you need?A:I like salad. 51 B:I also like salad. 52 A:Some lettuce, tomatoes and onions.B:Are those all?A:Usually I add some pepper and salt.B: 53 A:I don’t like yogurt.B: 54 A:I pour lots of French sauce on top.B:Me, too. 55 Ⅸ 书面表达 (共 15 分)西红柿炒鸡蛋(scrambled eggs with tomatoes)是一道家常菜, 它既美味可口又简单易做。根据所给提示, 以“How to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes”为题写一篇 80 词左右的短文。原料:一个西红柿、三个 鸡蛋、一个青椒(green pepper)、盐、油(oil)步骤:1.把西红柿和青椒切碎;2.把鸡蛋打破(break) 放入碗里并搅拌;3.往鸡蛋里放些盐并搅拌;4.将平底锅(pan)加热, 锅里放些油 , 然后放入鸡蛋、西红柿和青椒;5.翻炒两分钟即可。How to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________第 4 页 / 共 8 页答案和解析[第 82 页 第 1 题][答案] C[解析] 考查疑问词辨析。句意:我想做香蕉奶昔,但是我不知道我需要多少牛奶。 milk 是不可数名词,用 how much 修饰。故答案 选 C。[第 82 页 第 2 题][答案] B[解析] 句意:你离开教室时记 得关灯。remember to do sth.记得做某事(还没做);remember doing sth.记得做过某事(已做 ),由句意可知选 B。[第 82 页 第 3 题][答案] A[解析] 考查短语搭配。句意:切碎这些香蕉和苹果。咱们 做水果沙拉。cut up 是固定搭配,意思是“切碎”。[第 82 页 第 4 题]第 5 页 / 共 8 页[答案] C[解析] 考查疑问词辨析。句意:——你是如何在这么短的 时间内解出这道题目的?——在李老师的帮助下。由答语可知,问句是对方式的提问。[第 82 页 第 5 题][答案] A[解析] 考查动词词组辨析。句意:我在房间里看不见任何 东西。请帮我打开灯。 turn on 意思是“打开”。故选 A。[第 82 页 第 6 题][答案] A[解析] 句意:不要叫醒你的妹妹 ,Ben。她需要好好睡一觉。本题考查祈使句。祈使句以动词原形开头,其否定形式为:Don’t+ 动词原形,故答案为 A 项。[第 82 页 第 7 题][答案] D[解析] 句意:我爸爸从桂林回来 时买了两本词典。根据句中的 two 可知后接可数名词的复数形式,故选 D。[第 82 页 第 8 题][答案] B[解析] 根据地理知识及常识我们可知答案是 B。[第 82 页 第 9 题][答案] C[解析] be full of 充满,填满;cover.with sth.用某物覆盖……,故选 C。[第 82 页 第 10 题][答案] C[解析] 考查名词用法。不可数名词没有复数形式,但其前可加数词和量词,当数词大于 1 时,量词用复数形式,所以 C 正确。[第 82 页 第 11 题][答案] C[解析] more honey 是唯一正确的选项,honey 是不可数名词。[第 82 页 第 12 题][答案] C[解析] 考查固定用法。want to do sth.想要做某事;add.to.加……到……,所以答案选 C。[第 82 页 第 13 题][答案] A[解析] 句意:不要玩火。玩火是危 险的。前一句否定祈使句用 “Don’t+动词原形”构成;后一句用动名词 playing 或不定式 to play 的形式作主语,故选 A。[第 82 页 第 14 题][答案] C[解析] mix up 后跟名词时,放在词组的中间或后面;宾语为代词时,用代词的宾格,且只能放在中间。所以 C 正确。[第 82 页 第 15 题][答案] C[解析] 句意:当他听到这个激 动人心的消息时,眼里充满了泪水。 cover with 意为“用……覆盖”;agree with 意为“同意”;be full of 意为“充满,装满”;D 项搭配错误。故答案选 C。[第 82 页 Ⅱ]第 6 页 / 共 8 页[答案] 16.B 17.A 18.C 19.D 20.A 21.B 22.C 23.D 24.B 25.C[解析] 16.B 由下文的 He 可以看出,应该是 man。17.A 由下文的“He was very rich(富有的).”可知。18.C play cards 打牌,固定搭配。19.D all day and night 是“ 日日夜夜 ”的意思。20.A 根据上下文可知此处应该是“有一天”, 所以选 A。21.B 句意:他没有离开牌桌去吃饭。故 B 项符合题意。22.C 句意:他叫他的下人给他带来一些肉和面包。表示“带来”用 bring。23.D 根据常识三明治应该是用面包和肉做成的。24.B 根据语境可知,当他打牌的时候,他不想停下来。25.C 根据上下文,应该是才有了今天的三明治。[第 83 页 Ⅲ.A][答案] 26.B 27.C 28.A 29.C 30.B[解析] 26.B 根据配料列表中的 Some green onion slices and carrots 可知,A、C 两项是配料中的原料。B 不在配料单中,故答案 选 B。27.C 根据配料单最后一项 A big teaspoon of mayonnaise 可知,答案选 C。28.A 根据操作说明第二条可知,答案选 A。29.C 根据说明后面的 Tips 可知,蛋黄酱里面含有油、盐、糖。故答案选 C。30.B 根据标题 Learn to cook 以及短文内容可知,这是烹饪书上面的内容。因此答案选 B。[第 83 页 Ⅲ.B][答案] 31.B 32.A 33.A 34.B 35.C[解析] 31.B 由 “Italians like to eat Pizza.”可知,意大利人喜 欢吃 Pizza。故选 B。32.A 由第二段第一句“In England, one of the most popular kinds of food is fish and chips.”可知。33.A 由全文可知,在不同的国家,人们吃不同的食物。34.B 由“but the hamburger does not have any pork in it”可知。35.C 由“The food is the hamburger.”可知,汉堡包是一种食物。[第 83 页 Ⅳ][答案] 36.sugar 37.Finally 38.watermelon 39.England 40.temperature[解析] 本题无解析[第 83 页 Ⅴ][答案] 41.mix 42.checked 43.making 44.needs 45.tomato[解析] 本题无解析[第 84 页 Ⅵ][答案] 46.First;cut it 47.two cups of tea 48.put;into 49.about eating/having;watermelon 50.piece of[解析] 本题无解析[第 84 页 Ⅶ][答案] 51.D 52.F 53.B 54.C 55.A[解析] 本题无解析[第 84 页 Ⅷ][答案] 56.每个人都能学习烹饪。而且烹饪可以给予人们成就感。57.Having a cooking class is also a good way to learn to cook.58.Learn from a cookbook;learn from someone who can cook;learn from a cooking class.第 7 页 / 共 8 页59.Some cookers.60.Everyone should learn to cook because it’s not hard.[解析] 本题无解析[第 84 页 Ⅸ][答案] One possible version:How to make scrambled eggs with tomatoesDo you like scrambled eggs with tomatoes? The dish is delicious and easy to cook. Here’s a recipe for it. First cut up one tomato and one green pepper. Next break three eggs and put them into a bowl and mix them. Add some salt to the bowl and mix again. Then heat the pan and pour some oil into the pan. Put the eggs, the tomato and the green pepper into the pan. Finally cook for two minutes. Now you can enjoy it.[解析] 本题无解析





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