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自主检测 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.It’s not easy for many students to find a job after from colleges in present situation. 2.My mother is a tailor and I like wearing clothes by her. 3.In the earthquake,people in Sichuan great losses. 4.With the development of IT, learning through computers is becoming popular.,graduation/graduating,designed,suffered,distance,,5.Take up your spirit and try to meet more (挑战) in life. 6.Jack left his job because he felt (厌烦) with it. 7.Many students keep (抱怨) about their too much homework.They al-most have no time to relax themselves. 8.At the moment we all (支持)his decision and he succeeded at last.,challenges,bored,complaining,supported,Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.I think a reporter’s life is meaningful and (relax). 2.It takes me less than fifteen minutes to get (change). 3.I can’t stand (laugh) at in public. 4.They hope to be (volunteer) of the 2012 London Olympics. 5.To promote sales,they spent a lot of money (advertise) their products.,relaxing,changed,being laughed,volunteers,advertising,6.It was so (crowd) around the Tian’anmen Square that I could hardly take a photo of myself. 7.He said he (prefer) to stay at home rather than go out. 8.It’s ten o’clock now.He is (suppose) to come.,crowded,preferred,supposed,,,品味构词 1.利用派生法,品句填词(1)The of the island isby the unwise .(govern)(2)—Do you know why the May 4thbroke out?—Sorry,I don’t know.Because at that time my family from Beijing to Hong Kong.(move)(3)The news caused greatamong her friends when she told them.(excite),government,governed,governor,Movement,moved,exciting,excitement,excitedly,,,,,自主检测 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.People all over the world gavehelp when the disaster happened in Sichuan. 2.I didn’t recognize him at that moment, butI knew he was Tom soon . 3.What you need to finish the task is  ,that is,you need to believe in yourself. 4.I don’t want to get in your arguments.,generous,afterwards,confidence,self-,involved,,,,5.We all hoped Liu Xiang would be theafter his return the race. 6.The two of them are (相等地) matched in their skills. 7.I’ll call a strike to (抗议) against the job cuts in our company. 8.If we manage to unite,we may win this (比赛).,champion,equally,protest,competition,,,Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.They showed the flags of China and the United Nations, (express) the wishes of the Chinese people to explore and use the space peacefully. 2.The PRC was (found) in 1949. 3.Men and women should be (equal) treated. 4.TV programs full of drugs and(violent) should be away from children.,expressing,founded,equally,violence,,,5.The sisters’ road to success has been (amaze) enough. 6.He had to see the doctor because of his back (injure). 7.I never thought of (commit) suicide during the hard times. 8.Their (explore) to the South Pole turned out to be a disaster.,amazing,injury,committing,exploration,1.利用派生法,品句填词(1)Though the old man usually what he should do,he never his honor.(forget)(2)The novel had interested him andhim,but his mother’s blame for reading the novel made him . (satisfy),forgets,forgets,品味构词,unforgettable,satisfied,unsatisfied,,,(3)Although I was to get more information,she was unable,or to give me any further details.(will),willing,unwilling,,2.利用派生法,品句填词(1)The entire全部的 ,it seemed,was watch-ing and news on TV. (nation)(2)He is just the we need for the job.Of course,this is a opinion. (person)(3)After spending a week in Paris,he suddenly appeared in London as if by .像施了魔法(magic),nation,national,international,person,personal,magical,magic,,自主检测 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.It’s just a joke.Don’t take it too. 2.They all received to the party except me.I felt upset. 3.He made a speech at the opening . 4.If you don’t have enough money to go to college,you can apply for afrom the college.,seriously,invitations,ceremony,scholarship,,自主检测 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.It’s just a joke.Don’t take it too. 2.They all received to the party except me.I felt upset心烦的,苦恼的. 3.He made a speech at the opening开幕 . 4.If you don’t have enough money to go to college,you can apply for afrom the college.,seriously,invitations,ceremony,scholarship,,5.He only wears his new suit on special (场合). 6.The earthquake hit the area suddenly,(毁坏) a lot of houses. 7.You have had plenty of (机会) to observe our way of doing things. 8.Give Mary my (祝贺) and tell her I’ll come soon.,occasions,destroying,opportunities,congratulations,Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.After (graduate) from college,he went abroad. 2.New buildings have been built up after the (destroy). 3.The Lantern Festival is a(tradition) festival of China. 4.The (produce) of H1N1 Flu vaccine was a great relief to people.,graduation/graduating,destruction,traditional,production,,5.People (attend) the third 20-country summit最高级会议 had a heated discussion during the meeting. 6.Drink more (boil) water if you have a cold. 7.As (teenager),we should take an active part in activities that are good for us. 8.The job was (apply) by many appl-icants.,attending,boiled,teenagers,applied,自主检测 Ⅰ.品句填词 1.Stand (直) and take a deep breath,you will feel relaxed. 2.The full (细节) of the agreement have not yet been made public. 3.The two are so good that they can always share (快乐) and sorrow. 4.What she has in mind is beyond(想像). 5.Please be (同情) to the poor.They just want something to eat.,straight,details,happiness,imagin-,ation,merciful,,6.They went to the south with theof getting good jobs. 7.Some fish like to live in water,not in deep water. 8.The explorers found there was only a steep, path which led down the mount through the woods to the beach.,purpose,shallow,narrow,,9.Working in the hot weather,the farmer had to stop working for a moment to wipe the off his face now and then. 10.The father always the import-ance of studying hard whenever he talks with his son.,sweat,emphasizes,Ⅱ.用介、副词填空 1. 6∶00 p.m. Friday there will be a talk Chinese painting. 2.They’ve fixed Paris their hone-ymoon. 3.They’re trying a new presenterthe show. 4.Deep thought,she didn’t know what was happening her little boy.,At,on,on,on,for,out,for,in,to,,5.This course is designed so that students can progress their own speed. 6.The trip failed match to her expec-tations. 7.The landlady had no mercy us,so we had to move another house.,at,to,up,on,into/to,1. There are more than thirty p_____________ in China, such as Shandong, Guangdong and so on. 2. It was g__________ of him to give 100,000 yuan to the Hope Project. 3. The Asia Art Festival has p__________ understanding and friendship between Asian countries. 4.P___________, I think this is a good book, but you may not agree. 5.In the past, black people didn’t enjoy e________ rights with the white people.,provinces,generous,promoted,Personally,equal,一、单词拼写,根据句意,用本单元单词的适当形式填空。,6.I will never forget my ____________ (经历 ) in America. 7.Scientists are very interested in e___________ (探索) space. 8.Mary’s parents _____________ (离婚) when she was six. 9.A fire broke out last night, f_____________, it was discovered soon after it started and nobody was hurt. 10.The _________ (航班)to Beijing leaves at 7:30 in the morning.,experiences,exploring,divorced,fortunately,flight,1. A large ________ of air-conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high. (A. quantity B. quality) 2. People’s Republic of China was ______ on October 1st 1949. (A. found B. founded) 3. I __________ against being call an old fool. (A. protect B. protest) 4. There are many different ___________ on display in the museum. (A. medals B. metals) 5. He is suffering a _________ pain in the leg. (A. violet B. violent),A,A,B,B,B,二、词形辨别,选择适当的词填空并翻译成汉语。,1. The __________ (injure) to her head were so serious that she had spent three weeks in hospital. 2. There is too much __________ (violent) shown on television. 3. Jack is very __________ (skill) in repairing cars. 4. He is ___________(confidence) that he will pass the exam. 5. As is known to all of us, there’s intense__________(compete) in employment for the graduates at present. 6. My neighbor treated the children with __________ (generous) and thoughtfulness.,injuries,三、词类转换,用所给词的适当形式填空。,violence,skilful,confident,competition,generosity,7. Even employed women did not achieve full __________ (equal) with men. 8. It’s __________ (amaze) that so many people came to the meeting. 9. The two sides of the negotiation both hoped to see the problem settled_____________ (peaceful). 10. You should keep __________ (calmly) whenever you meet any emergency.,equality,amazing,peacefully,calm,根据句子意思,用本单元单词的适当形式填空。 1. Chinese l____________ is a small box made of thin paper that you put a light inside as a decoration. 2. 2005 is the 6th _______________( 周年 ) of the Anti-Japanese War. 3. The storm d_____________ a large number of houses and killed many people. 4. After ______________ ( 参加 ) the lecture, the students became more and more active in class. 5. Many top leaders attended the opening c___________ of the cultural festival the day before yesterday.,一、单词拼写,lantern,anniversary,destroyed,attending,ceremory,6. Nowadays, the ________________( 服务 ) in supermarkets is becoming better and better. 7. N_______________, more and more people get involved in charity. 8. In the old days, dragon boat races were only ______________( 组织 ) by Chinese people. 9. You must write your address on the e_______ clearly, or your friend can’t receive the letter. 10. She has accepted my ____________( 邀请 ) to come to visit our new house.,service,Nowadays,organized,envelope,invitation,1. Many children would like to have _______ for dinner at the ordinary time. (A. Turkey B. turkey) 2. All of us, __________ me, will be fired.( A. included B. including) 3. The party came to ________ at the last election.(A. power B. powder) 4. They held the wedding ________ at a five-star hotel. (A. repetition B. reception) 5. The room was in a _________. (A. mess B. mass),二、词形辨别,选择适当的词填空并翻译成汉语。,B,B,B,A,A,1. I can’t imagine such a ___________ (smart) dressed woman doing so dirty a thing. 2. He was ___________ (surprise) to find that he was the only person ____________ (apply) for the job. 3. ___________________ (congratulation) on your success. 4. The concert was held at the ___________ (invite) of the president. 5. Don’t play jokes on her. She takes everything far too___________ (serious).,三、词类转换,用适当的词填空,或用所给词的适当形式填空。,smartly,surprised,Congratulations,invitation,to apply,seriously,6. You can see many beautiful _______________ (decorate) in the shop. 7. Stay ___________ (calm) and take it easy. 8. His brother is quite tall ___________he is very short. 9. At the___________ (enter) to the village, I met him. 10. Mr. Smith is 60 years old and has reached the ___________ (retire) age.,decorations,calm,while,entrance,retiring,1. The plane c_________ into the mountain in the cloudy weather, but the pilot managed to survive. 2. After walking for almost 3 hours, they at last reached their d_____________ . 3. He is just an a________ student, don’t expect too much from him . 4. After years of life on the move , they finally s_________ in a peaceful place by the lake . 5. I was lucky enough to have a room on the second floor with a wonderful v________ of the sea.,单元基础过关,一、单词拼写,根据句子意思,用本单元单词的适当形式填空。,crashed,destination,average,settled,view,6. Auckland, l_________ on the North Island, is the largest city in New Zealand. 7. Unfortunately, a lot of houses were _____________ (破坏) in the earthquake. 8. To everyone’s surprise, the whole hall was __________ (淹没)with people from the neighborhood. 9. It is a truth that computer games can be very ____________ (有害) if you are addicted to it. 10. With the teacher’s help, he finally made __________ (迅速) progress.,located,destroyed,flooded,harmful,rapid,1. It is reported that this disease ___________ the brain. (A. attacks B. attracts) 2. What he said in the meeting has no _________ on the change of my mind. (A. affect B. effect) 3. I've seen her perform on television, but never in the _________. (A. flesh B. fresh) 4. I very much like Sichuan _________. (A. cuisine B. cruise) 5. If you ________ your finger into the water , you will know how it feels like. (A. dip B. tip) 6. Many workers in that factory gathered together to _________ against the bad working situation. (A. protest B. protect ),二、词形辨别,选择适当的词填空并翻译成汉语。,attacks,effect,flesh,cuisine,dip,protest,1. Could you tell me the _________ (locate) of No. one Hospital? 2. The lake is in the _________ (central) of the square. 3. ___________ (tour) has become one of the biggest industries in China since 1990s. 4. The _________ (crime) was put in prison for ten years. 5. Trees take many years to reach their full _________ (grow). 6. You can visit some ___________ sites when you go to Xi’an. (history) 7. Early ___________ in this area had a different life. (settle) 8. It is hard to understand that article for there are too many ___________ terms(术语) in it. (science) 9. There are a few tourist ____________ (attract) worth visiting in Yunnan. 10. Just keep doing it , I’m sure you will turn all your dreams into __________ one day. (real),三、词类转换,用所给词的适当形式填空。,location,centre,Tourism,criminal,growth,historical,settlement,scientific,attractions,reality,1.I don't want to ____________(使失望) my fans. 2.His speech won the applause of the __________(观众). 3.I'm making every effort to ___________(使印象深刻) my new boss. 4.My greatest __________(财富) is my family. 5.He always masks his real __________(身份). 6.You ask how deep my love is to you; the moon __________ (代表) my heart. 7.There are around 8000 daily newspapers ______________ (全世界). 8.He felt _______________(负责) for her death. 9.I can play on several Chinese musical _____________(仪器). 10.A dictionary explains words and an ________________(百科全书) explains facts.,单元基础过关,根据句子意思,用本单元单词的适当形式填空。,一、单词拼写,disappoint,audience,impress,treasure,identity,represents,worldwide,responsible,instruments,encyclopedia,1. The medicine sometimes has an unpleasant side _______, which may _______ your health. (affect effect) 2. It is _______ whether a _______ power station will be built here. (unclear nuclear) 3. I have to say I'm rather _____________ about your situation because it's illegal to read people's private letters without ___________ . (permission pessimistic) 4. In fact, when people's minds are clouded by _______ or hatred, no _______ can reach them. (anger angel),二、词形辨别,选择适当的词填空并翻译成汉语。,effect,affect,unclear,nuclear,pessimistic,permission,anger,angel,5. The clumsy _______ put on a _______. (clown crown) 6. It is a _______ for children to wear special _________ with the mask during Halloween. (costume custom) 7. Courtesy is by no means a _______ , but a _______ of thoughtfulness and sensitivity .(mask mark) 8. I decided to _______ the job, and settle down in a _______ town to start _______ a new business. (quit quite quiet),clown,crown,custom,costume,mask,mark,





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