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Unit11. The future of the company will be very _____ if they can’t devise new models of products.A) bleak B) chillyC) dreary D) prosperous2. _____data have been collected for the building of the project.A) Effective B) Sufficient C) Efficient D) Affective3. The talks with the laborers got _____ down on the question of the pay rise.A) bogged B) dragged C) engaged D) occupied4. The old man became bored for lack of _____.A) profession B) occupationC) position D) career5. The endless appearances and shaking of hands are an evitable part of an election _____.A) battle B) thrust C) siege D) campaign6. After a three-day _____ by the policemen, the terrorists who had seized the restaurant had to give in.A) siege B) assault C) attack D) offence7. We have just installed a fan to _____ cooking smalls from the kitchen.A) eject B) exclude C) expel D) exile8. Mutual respect for territorial ____ is the base upon which two countries develop relationships.A) unity B) unification C) entirety D) integrity9. All the commodities sold in that shop are given one year’s _____.A) assurance B) pledge C) guarantee D) insurance10. Computers can provide information which allows businessmen to _____ their list of goods, by showing which items are being sold and how fast they are moving.A) keep track of B) keep pace with C) keep in touch with D) keep company with11. As far as the administrative power is concerned, Canada’s Prime Minister is the _____ of the U.S. President.A) counterattack B) countermeasure C) counterbalance D) counterpart12. We have planned an exciting publicity ______ with our advertisers.A) struggleB) campaign C) battle D) conflict13. We should concentrate on sharply reducing interest rates to pull the economy out of _____.A) rejection B) retreat C) restrictionD) recession14. The defeated army had to _____ hastily from the field of battle to the coast.A) advanceB) march C) retreat D) surrender15. The success of this exam is _____ to my graduation.A) crucial B) extreme C) cruel D) crude16. When we fit in a form, we will usually write down our names, addresses and _____.A) jobs B) works C) occupations D) employment17. This new machine is more _____ than the old one.A) effective B) efficient C) influential D) affective18. Napoleon was sent into _____ and then died.A) abolishment B) deportation C) transportation D) exile19. You have _____ me a great service.A) renderedB) reckoned C) stroke D) instructed20. Improved consumer confidence is _____ to an economic recovery.A) critical B) crucial C) elementary D) fundamental21. The accident was caused _____ the carelessness of the driver.A) in case of B) in the case ofC) thanks to D) on account of22. He went to Australia, hoping to find a teaching _____ without much difficulty.A) work B) occupation C) employment D) post23. The enemy finally had to _____ their troops from the occupied area.A) retreat B) dismiss C) withdraw D) return24. Hong Kong Special Administrative _____ was established on July 1, 1997.A) Area B) District C) RegionD) Neighborhood25. The manager decided to hire a more _____ secretary.A) effective B) efficient C) respectful D) sufficient26. Because of bad weather the plane was _____ for half an hour.A) cancelled B) delayedC) postponed D) suspended27. Do you know which country has _____ the largest number of man-made satellites into space?A) pursued B) shot C) projected D) launched28. I want to hear what the piano sounds like, just _____ I am asked to sing this afternoon.A) in case B) in case ofC) in time D) in order that29. When the man handed the boy a coin, he _____ it and ran.A) captured B) jerked C) siege D) grabbed30. _____ fish is one of favorite foods that many Japanese appreciate.A) Raw B) Crude C) Rough D) Original31. To _____ the law, a special organization is set up to make sure that it is carried out effectively.A) enhance B) enforce C) enlargeD) enrich32. The environment is an important factor to be _____ with when you make the investment.A) figured B) considered C) regarded D) reckoned33. She spent her life in the _____ for women’s rights.A) warB) campaign C) battle D) fight34. To most people, common sense means the ability to _____ sound, practical judgments on everyday affair.A) launch B) offend C) render D) instruct35. Much _____ the surprise of everybody, the ragged old man took out a bag of gold.A) in B) with C) to D) by36. It is rather _____ outside, so dress warmly or you’ll be frozen on the way.A) fierce B) roughC) raw D) windy37. We could take no chance if we failed in Normandy; the war might _____ on.A) pull B) dragC) bog D) limp38. By an unfortunate ______ of fate, the only witness of his innocence was dead.A) strike B) stretchC) stripD) stroke39. In July, 1916, the allied forces launched a massive ______, with disastrous results.A) invasion B) offensive C) assault D) ambush40. We must cherish experience acquired _____ our blood and sweat.A) at the cost of B) for the sake of C) in the case of D) in light ofUnit 21. The use of atomic energy will _____ the lives of coming generations.A) revolve B) revolutionizeC) resolve D) reserve2. The doctor _____ me to the dangers of smoking.A) informedB) alerted C) warnedD) cautioned3. All work and no play makes Jack a _____ boy.A) monotonous B) boring C) tediousD) dull4. The _____ domestic product of this year is two times as high as that of last year.A) coarseB) crudeC) gross D) raw5. I may sense the enthusiasm from his youthful _____ voice.A) vibrant B) shivering C) shaking D) vicious6. Features such as height, weight, and skin color _____ from individual to individual and from face to face.A) change B) vary C) alter D) convert7. The engineer explained the plane’s technical _____.A) capacity B) capability C) ability D) competence8. The _____ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods increases efficiency.A) application B) applause C) applicant D) appliance9. The army was poised _____ a major attack.A) to B) for C) with D) on10. Parents ____ some of their characteristics to their children.A) transmitB) transplant C) transportD) transform11. Doctors are interested in using lasers as a surgical tool in operation on people who are ____ to heart attack.A) infectiousB) poised C) accessible D) prone12. I had eaten Chinese food often, but I could not have imagined how _____ and extravagant a real Chinese banquet could be.A) prominentB) fabulous C) handsome D) graceful13. They are _____ investors who always make thorough investigations before making a decision.A) erratic B) conscious C) cautiousD) prompt14. It is impossible to _____ with a person whose methods are completely opposed to your own.A) contact B) connectC) cooperate D) incorporate15. She _____ a little money from her grandfather abroad when he died two years ago.A) acquired B) inherited C) owned D) received16. Because of _____, the population of this country has been increasing fast.A) immigrant B) immigration C) emigration D) migration17. Domestic ____ such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines make housework much easier.A) appliances B) equipment C) facilities D) installation18. There were ten serious _____ in the train crash.A) casualness B) casualties C) incidents D) accidents19. The price of vegetables _____ according to the weather.A) waves B) vibrates C) swings D) fluctuates20. She once again went through her composition carefully to _____ all spelling mistakes.A) withdraw B) eliminateC) abandon D) diminish21. The mechanic examined the car engine _____ but could find nothing wrong with it.A) exactly B) thoroughly C) approximately D) precisely22. If nothing is done to protect the environment, one million species that are alive today will have become _____.A) distinct B) extinct C) distinguished D) extinguished23. In the past few years, my brother has obtained a _____ return on his wise stock investment.A) handsome B) lucrative C) beneficial D) profitable24. After all, primitive man used his early stone tools for thousands of years, ___ without change.A) consequently B) virtually C) approximatelyD) inevitably25. Can you give me an _____ of how much it will cost to repair the car?A) evaluation B) assessment C) appraisal D) estimate26. He wanted to become a writer, but his father didn’t think it was a _____ profession.A) respected B) respectful C) respective D) respectable27. These studies will lead to an _____ of our knowledge of the Bronze Age.A) extension B) expansion C) exaggeration D) extraction28. As he spoke of his dead mother his voice began to ____ and tears came to his eyes.A) tremble B) shiver C) vibrate D) wave29. A couple of _____ readers wrote in to the paper pointing out the mistake.A) alert B) sensible C) smart D) intelligent30. She has many _____, including a sick husband and very little money.A) challenges B) assignments C) requirementsD) burdens31. Some of the strongest anti-smoking campaigns try to completely ____ cigarette smoking.A) eliminate B) blockade C) withstand D) transform32. Achieving a high degree of proficiency in English as a foreign language is not a mysterious ____ without scientific basis.A) process B) project C) procedure D) prototype33. The artist rented a large dirty attic, which he ______ into a studio.A) rotated B) renewed C) modified D) converted34. When a psychologist does a general experiment about the human mind, he selects people _____ and asks them questions.A) at length B) at random C) in essence D) in bulk35. The fire caused great casualties, but the factory tried to _____ the consequences by saying that it was not so serious as reported.A) decrease B) subtract C) minimize D) degrade36. After doing odd jobs for a month, he got a _____ position as an office boy.A) proficient B) permanent C) preliminary D) primitive37. Lottery tickets have been issued by the Government _____ the Sports Council.A) in accordance with B) in cooperation with C) in tune with D) in comparison with38. Science has a strong _____ on everyday life.A) motivation B) perspective C) impression D) impact39. The plane will be landing in ______ 20 minutes.A) abruptly B) inclusively C) exclusively D) approximately40. Radar is used to extend the _____ of man’s senses, especially the sense of vision.A) validity B) liability C) capability D) intensity第 1 题:答案:A 句意为:这家公司如果不能设计出新产品,那它的前途就非常暗淡。bleak 凄凉的,暗淡的;chilly 寒冷的;dreary 沉闷的;prosperous 繁荣的。第 2 题:答案:B 句意为:已经为这项建筑工程收集了足够的资料。effective 有效的;sufficient 足够的;efficient 高效的;affective 感情的,情感的。第 3 题:答案:A 句意为:关于增加工资的问题与工人们的谈判陷入了僵局。bog 使陷入困境(泥潭);drag 拖拉;engage 从事,使忙于;occupy 占领。第 4 题:答案:B 句意为:这位老人因无所事事而感到无聊。profession 职业(专职);occupation 占领,日常工作;position 职位;career 职业,生涯。第 5 题:答案:D 句意为:频繁的公众露面和握手是选举大战(运动)中必不可少的部分。battle 战斗;thrust 攻击,目标;siege 围困,包围;campaign 战役,运动。第 6 题:答案:A 句意为:被警察包围了 3 天以后,占领餐馆的恐怖分子不得不屈服了。siege 包围,围困;assault 攻击;attack 进攻,袭击;offence 冒犯,进攻。第 7 题:答案:C 句意为:我们安装了风扇把油烟排出厨房。eject 驱逐,喷射;exclude 排除,排斥;expel 排放,开除;exile 流放,放逐。第 8 题:答案:D 句意为:相互尊重领土完整是两国发展关系的基础。unity 团结,联合;unification统一;entirety 整体,全部;integrity 正直,完整,完整性。第 9 题:答案:C 句意为:那家商店出售的商品给一年的保单。assurance 保证;pledge 承诺;guarantee 保证,保单;insurance 保险。第 10 题:答案:A 句意为:计算机提供信息使商人了解产品的销售情况。keep track of 跟踪了解,记录;keep pace with 跟上步伐,同步;keep in touch with 保持联系;keep company with 与…结伴。第 11 题:答案:D 句意为:就行政权利而言,加拿大总理相当于美国总统。counterattack 反攻;countermeasure 对策;counterbalance 抗衡;counterpart 对应的角色。第 12 题:答案:B 句意为:我们打算与我们的广告商们举办一次令人兴奋的产品宣传运动。struggle 斗争;campaign 战役,运动;battle 战斗;conflict 冲突。第 13 题:答案:D 句意为:我们应该集中力量降低利率,从而把经济从衰退中来出来。rejection 拒绝,丢弃;retreat 撤退;restriction 限制;recession 后退,衰退。第 14 题:答案:C 句意为:被打败的敌人只好从战场仓皇撤退到海岸边。advance 前进,推进;march 行进,行军;retreat 撤退,退却;surrender 投降。第 15 题:答案:A 句意为:这次考试成功对我的毕业至关重要。crucial 至关重要的;extreme 极其的,极端的;cruel 残酷的;crude 粗鲁的,天然的。第 16 题:答案:C 句意为:填表时,我们通常填入姓名、住址和职业。jobs 工作,活儿;works 作品;occupation 职业,日常工作;employment 就业,雇佣。第 17 题:答案:B 句意为:新机器比旧机器效率高。effective 有效的;efficient 高效的;influential 有影响的;affective 感情的,情感的。第 18 题:答案:D 句意为:拿破仑被流放,后来就死了。abolishment 废除;deportation 驱逐出境;transportation 运输;exile 流放。第 19 题:答案:A 句意为:你帮了我一个大忙。render 给予,使得;reckon 思索,考虑;strike 击打;instruct 指示,指导。第 20 题:答案:B 句意为:消费信心的提高对经济的恢复是至关重要的。第 21 题:答案:D 句意为:由于驾驶员的粗心而造成了这起事故。in case of 如果,万一;in the case of 就…而言;thanks to 多亏,由于;on account of 由于,因为。第 22 题:答案:D 句意为:他去了澳大利亚,希望轻松地找到一个教书的职位。work 工作(不可数);occupation 职业,日常工作;employment 就业;post 岗位,职位。第 23 题:答案:C 句意为:敌人最后只好把部队从占领区撤出。retreat 撤退,退却(不及物);dismiss 解散,解除;withdraw 后撤,撤回(及物);return 返回,归还。第 24 题:答案:C 句意为:香港特别行政区是在 1997 年 7 月 1 日建立的。area 泛指的一个地方;district(城市中)区,小区;region 地区(较大);neighborhood 街坊,周围地区。第 25 题:答案:B 句意为:经理打算雇佣一个效率更高的秘书。effective 有效的;efficient 高效的;respectful 恭敬的;sufficient 足够的。第 26 题:答案:B 意为:由于天气航班被耽搁半小时。cancel 取消;delay 耽搁,延迟;postpone(活动)推迟,延期;suspend 暂停,悬而未决。第 27 题:答案:D 句意为:你知道哪个国家发射升空的人造卫星最多?pursue 追求,追赶;shoot 射击;project 投影,投射;launch 发射,发动。第 28 题:答案:A 句意为:我想要听听钢琴的声音,万一我下午要唱歌呢。 in case(接句子)如果,万一;in case of(接名词)如果,万一;in time 及时;in order that 为了。第 29 题:答案:D 句意为:当这个人给了小男孩一枚硬币,他一把抓过就跑了。capture 占领,俘获;jerk 猛拉(扭);siege(名)包围,围困;grab 猛抓。第 30 题:答案:A 句意为:生鱼是许多日本人喜欢的食物之一。raw 生的,未加工的;crude 天然的,未加工的;rough 粗糙的,粗略的,粗暴的;original 原始的,最初的。第 31 题:答案:B 句意为:为实施这项法律,专门成立了一个机构来保证有效执行。enhance 提高;enforce 实施;enlarge 扩大;enrich 丰富。第 32 题:答案:D 句意为:你投资时,环境是一项重要的考虑因素。figure 计算,估计;consider(及物)考虑,认为;regard 看着,看待;reckon 估算,考虑。第 33 题:答案:B 句意为:她把全部精力都投入到了争取妇女权利的运动中。第 34 题:答案:C 句意为:对于大多数人来说,基本的判断力就是指对日常事物做出正确切实的判断。launch 发射,发动;offend 冒犯;render 给予,促使,作出;instruct 指导,指示。第 35 题:答案:C 句意为:使大家感到惊讶的是,这位衣裳破烂的老人拿出了一袋黄金。(固定搭配)第 36 题:答案:C 句意为:外面相当的阴冷,多穿点衣服,不然路上会冻僵的。fierce 凶猛的,激烈的;rough 粗糙的;粗暴的;raw 生的,阴冷的;windy 刮风的。第 37 题:答案:B 句意为:如果诺曼底登陆失败,我们就没有机会了,战争就会拖延下去。pull on 拉紧,戴上;drag on 拖延下去;bog 阻碍,使陷入困境;limp 跛行。第 38 题:答案:D 句意为:不幸的是,对他的清白的唯一证人也死了。strike(动词)打击,(名词)罢工(课);stretch 延伸,伸出;strip 剥去,剥夺;stroke 一次,一回,一击。第 39 题:答案:B 句意为:不幸的是,对他的清白的唯一证人也死了。strike(动词)打击,(名词)罢工(课);stretch 延伸,伸出;strip 剥去,剥夺;stroke 一次,一回,一击。第 40 题:正确答案:A 句意为:我们必须珍惜用血汗换来的经验。at the cost of 以…为代价;for the sake of 为了,由于;in the case of 就…而言;in light of 根据,按照。第 1 题:答案:B 句意为:原子能的应用将彻底改变后代人的生活。revolve 旋转;revolutionize 革命化,变革,彻底改变;resolve 解决,决心;reserve 储备,预定。第 2 题:答案:B 句意为:医生警告我吸烟的危害。inform 告知,通知(和 of, about 搭配);alert 引起警觉(和 to 搭配);warn 警告,告诫(和 of, against 搭配);caution 使注意,使小心。第 3 题:答案:D 句意为:只学习,不玩耍,使聪明的孩子变傻了。monotonous 单调的,单一的;boring枯燥无味的;tedious 冗长烦闷的;dull 傻的,迟钝的。第 4 题:答案:C 句意为:今年的国内生产总值是去年的两倍。coarse 粗糙的;crude 天然的,未加工的;gross 总的,显著的;raw 生的,阴冷的。第 5 题:句意为:从他富有青春活力的声音,我感觉到了一种热情。vibrant 振动的,有活力的;shivering 发抖的;shaking 颤抖的;vicious 恶意的。第 6 题:答案:B 句意为:像身高、体重和肤色等特征每个人和没张脸都不一样。change 改变





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