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How can we benefit from travelling?In some countries young people are encouraged to travel for a year between finishing high school and university. Why do so many parents allow their children to have such a trip in the most important stage of life? The answer is that it will benefit for their growth.How can we benefit from travelling? First of all, by traveling we can see many places read of in books, and visit some famous cities and scenic spots. We will enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places, which we can be never felt from the book.Second, we will meet people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs of other people, taste different foods and local flavors. In this way, we can totally understand how differently other people live.Last but not the list, travel will not only help us keep healthy and make us less narrow-minded, but also help them expand their scope of knowledge, especially geographical and historical learning, which will arouse our deep love for our motherland.Learn English well without going to an English-speaking countryWithout doubt, if you would like to learn a sort of language well, the easiest method is staying in the atmosphere of that kind of language-speaking. However, for Chinese, English learning has something different from others because English is more and more popular and can be learned well only in the domestic. It is entirely possible to learn English well without being to an English-speaking country for a certain amount of time.How to do? Much can be done. We, fore and most, can download and watch many English TV shows and movies with Chinese and English subtitles through the Internet. It helps us to contact the English world and construct the learning atmosphere. Furthermore, the number of foreigners who can speak pure English and come to China to study or work is significant increasing. To make foreign friends is not a difficult thing, and communicating with them in public or school class helps to improve the ability of English-speaking. Lastly, the learner attitudes have an important influence on mastering the knowledge of English. The harder we take practice with effective and efficient method, the better our capability of English will be.In a word, attitude is everything, and we can gain good English skills when we really want to speak it fluently, even without living in an English-speaking country.we should be allowed outsiders to do self-study in university classroomsUniversity, a unique symbol of civilization, provide a place to people thinking and learning. This place attracts so many students who have to try their best to past the university entrance exam to study and live. However, there are still a lot of outsiders hoping to do self-study in university classrooms. Should this behavior be allowed? As far as I am concerned, we should open the door and welcome them to learn with us.Why should we do that? Firstly, now that the outsiders choose the university classrooms as the learning place to do self-study, they would like the learning atmosphere there and be doing self-study quietly. What is more, the university spread the spirit of care in society, which teach us to care others, and we should understand their feelings. Lastly, when the outsiders have self-study in the classrooms, they also help the school to create a strong atmosphere of learning and thinking.In a word, the school should serve as a driving force, doing its utmost to encourage outsiders to do self-study in university classrooms, and the whole society will soon be populated with such a trend.Will paper books be replaced by e-books? Why or why not?In the period of electronic technology, the invention of e-books seems to be blessing to our students. Some folks prefer electric ones to textbooks, for such books are obviously handy and convenient and they are conductive to their readers, who can obtain much relatively updated information. However, will paper books be replaced by e-books? This question has brought in a heated discussion.There is no doubt that e-books are so convenient that people can easily get them on the Internet with cheaper cost instead of spending a lot of money to buy a traditional one. Moreover, it's more environmental-friendly and recourse-saving to read e-books as forests can be protected from being cut down to make paper.In this way, many people assert that traditional books may possibly disappear in the near future.But I don't think so. Traditional books still occupy an important position and they will not be replaced by e-books completely. First of all, it's an enjoyable time for someone wandering in the bookstore choosing the favorite books from the shelves. Besides, it can be harmful to people's eyes when keeping staring at the screen for a long period of time. With e-books, people cannot read for as long as you like, because they have to rest their eyes from time to time. More importantly, it will be a pity for those book-collecting fans if there are only electronic books, as there will be no more beautifully illustrated books to be placed orderly. And the happiness when you finally find a book you've desired for so long will be gone forever.In conclusion, convenient as e-books may be, it cannot completely replace traditional books. Just as the invention of the digital camera doesn't put an end to history of Chinese brush painting, traditional books are, and will still be a close friend of us.Never Humiliate Our TeachersNowadays there have been some examples that the students like to humiliate their teachers at school. Is this a normal phenomenon? As for me, I think that the students want to make fun during the study life, however, they use the wrong way. The causes for such happenings are as follows.Firstly, students always have the different thoughts with the teacher and sometimes they believe that the teacher play a role in the bad guys in their daily life. All of these may make the students dislike their teacher. Secondly, students have to bear a tremendous amount of stress. In this situation, the teachers who assign much homework may become the enemy that the students are against.Last but not least, the students have no venom, because they just want to make some fun to cheer themselves up. This is the main reason I think.In a word, no matter how boring the study life is, we should not humiliate our teachers absolutely. Our teachers always hope that we can become more and more excellent. If we do that, we should have broken their heart.Not to Be a Crazy StarchaserMaking track for a star, is a very common phenomenon in today's society.The young, especially teenagers, can spend a lot of money seeing their idols, even if it may take their living costs. As for me, I think that it is foolish behavior for young people to become a crazy star-chaser. It is obvious that there are lots of disadvantages to become a crazy star-chaser. The reasons are as follows.Firstly, as the young, especially students, being crazy about stars may cost too much time in their heroes, instead of learning or working. Secondly, many young people do not have a fixed income to offer their costs in attending their idols' concert or other activities. It means that they have to ask their parents to support such stupid behavior. Last but not least, many star-chasers do not care about their own healthy. They prefer to spend much money in seeing the stars rather than have big meals or buy new clothes for themselves.In a word, as far as I am concerned, we can make track for stars in space time but not becoming a crazy stat-chaser. Do not make the stars instead of your own life.Learning about the Past Lead to SuccessLearning about the past is like drinking a glass of elegant red wine, which leads a person to endless aftertastes. If there is anyone who thinks that it is no value to learn about the history, I will refute this view strongly. The reasons are as follows.Firstly, the past makes us remember the successful persons in our history.The attitudes and spirits of them are valuable assets for us. Perhaps a kind of quality learning from historical figures can have a positive influence on our whole life. Secondly, the past helps us avoid the same mistakes and lessons. When we learn about the past, we also improve our self-cultivation, which can help us distinguish between right and wrong. After that, we may summarize the mistakes and lessons that happened in history. Last but not least, the past leads us to achieve our goals. The more we learn about the past, the fewer mistakes we will make and the sooner we will reach our goals.A good case in point is the communist party of China. The reason why the communist party can lead the people to victory is that our party does well in learning the past, concluding the failures and sticking to fighting. Therefore, as for me, I am totally sure that learning about the past has important value for those of us living in the present.Be Positive to Face the DiscriminationAs more and more companies regard the appearance as one of the standards in the interview, many applicants have complained about the discrimination against their physical appearance. As for me, however, I believe that the companies have their own reasons to set up this standard and I do not care about the discrimination at all. The reasons are as follows.Firstly, we all know that some jobs just like flight attendants in the service industry need the employees to have a good image. These jobs have a high standard for appearance so that many people with ordinary appearance may be rejected. Is this called for discrimination? I do not think so. Secondly, the evaluation of appearance is one part of the assessment of our work capabilities.Why do I say that? The reason is that the dress sense and the mental state have a deep relationship with our temperament. If I fail to get the job because of my appearance, I may think that my image and temperament do not match with this company but not feel the company discriminate against my physical appearance.Lastly, even if I am discriminated when I am trying to find a job, I would not feel upset and negative. I would keep on practicing my abilities to make me more excellent.As far as I am concerned, we should stop complaining and become more positive to face the discrimination. The gold will be always shining.





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