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1高一英语必修二单选试题Unit 11. I have done most of the housework. Could you please finish________ in three hours.A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others2._______ the excitement of travel, one reason to go to XinJiang is that you’ll know more about LouLan Kingdom. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m A. Beside B. Except C. Besides D. Except for3. — Can you think of_______ person who can help me with work?— What about John? _______, he’s always ready to help others.A. the; I think B. a; Personally C. a; Generally D. / ; Often4. On our arrival, we found the police were_________ the ______boy.A. in search of; losing B. in face of; missingC. in need of; lost D. in search of; missing5. Although he was in a bad_______ of health, he remained________ by light of candles.A. state; reading B. condition; to read C. position; reading D. situation; reading6. I never fancied Mary---- so weak a girl -----_______ the football match and did pretty well.A. taking part in B. joining C. to join in D. to take part in7. Don’t worry. You shall get the book you want this Sunday, ____, according to the timetable, Mr. Brown is to come to return it.A.after B.while C.when D. before8. We should learn from the spirit of the Foolish Old Man ____ the mountains in our daily study. A. removed B. moved C. who removed D. moving 9. My little son promised to buy me a birthday present with the only _____.A. ten yuan remained B. ten yuan to remain C. remained five ten D. remaining five ten10. He’s given me so much help in trouble; I teach his daughter English _____.A. in turn B. by turns C. in return D. in answer11. Put everything _____ to you in your desk, nothing else.A. belongs B. belonged C. belonging D. to belong 12. The school _____ he visited last week is quite different from what it used to be.A .where B. in which C. which D. in that13. The workers in the garage are ____ apart his car and trying to find out where the problem is. A. telling B. falling C. taking D. setting 14. The book _____ cover is blue is now ______. A. who; lost B. which ; missing C. whose, missing D. of which; lost 15. Many foreign leaders are for our policy on Tai Wan problem, they all thought ______ the anti- separation Law. A. little of B. highly of C. nothing of D. much about Unit 21. We all sang high praise for the important part he ___________ in this match.A. played B. did C. had D. took2. It is generally believed that teaching is ________ it is a science.A. an art much as B. much an art as C. as an art much as D. as much an art as 3. Many competitors compete ______ the game ______ the gold medal. A. in; for B. for; in C. against; in D. with; for4. She watches TV _______ evening and changes channels 频道. ____ few minutes.2A. in; every B. every; every 5. Tom admitted ______ in the examination and he was not admitted _____ the school at last.A. to cheat; to B. cheating; to to cheat; as D. cheating; as6. The road is covered with snow. I can't understand ______they insist on going by motor-bike.A. why B. whether C. when D. how7. As we know, China ______ the next Olympic Games, which is a good chance to _____ the ancient culture of China. is hosting; advertise B. hosts; report holding; market D. celebrating; introduce8. You should not pay too much attention to all of the differences between ______ culture and your own.A. other B. the other C. some others D. another9. Without proper lessons, you could ___ a lot of bad habits when playing the piano.A. put up B. take up C. pick up D. grow up10. A large number of people would like to do some shopping during sales periods since they expect to get wonderful ________in the market.A. baskets B. bargains C. goods D. objects11. — I hear there will be a spoken contest on TV, is that true? — Yes,I think you can__________. A. join B. take part C. join in D. attend 12. After reading the book, you have to__________ the books on the shelves.A. take place B. replace C. put aside D. change13. It made her very angry that the doctor was_____ too much for the treatment he was giving her.A. charging B. spending C. offering D. costing14. If the meeting_____ this afternoon , please let me know as soon as possibleA. is put off B. will put off C. is going to be put off D. puts off15. — The book deserves ______ a second time.— Sorry, I can’t follow you clearly.— I said the the article is worth______again.A. studying; to study B. to be studied; to be studied C. studying; studying D. studying; being studiedUnit 31. Although they are good friends, ____ they have little ____.A. but; in general B. yet; in the common C. yet; in common D. /; in general2. We don’t know ____ to do with the problem. Could you tell us ____ we deal with such problems?A. how; how B. what; what C. how; what D. what; how3. At the end of the meeting, it was announced that an agreement _______.A. has been reached B. had been reached D. has reached D. had reached4. — I’m sorry I didn’t hand in my homework.— Never mind. You have tried your best, _________,A. At all B. All over C. In all D. After all5. — Did anyone support you at the meeting?— Mike was the only person who ____ my opinion.A. shared B. agreed C. cared D. accepted 6. -Shall we go to the art exhibition right away? - __________. . A. It’s your opinion B. I don’ t mind C. It’s all up to you D. That’s your decision7. --- I don’t believe the headmaster know who did it.--- Well, surprisingly he does. A student has been caught and ________ in the office now.A. has been questioned B. is being questioned C. is questioning D. has questioned38. .—Which one do you want to buy, the red tie or the blue tie?—To tell you truth,__________.I like both of them.A. I can’t make the decision. B. I have decided for the blue oneC. I don’t want to buy either D. that’s youe opinion9. The company introduced _________equipment from Korea, which saved a lot of labour.A. electronic B. electric C. electrical D. electricity10. —I’m afraid that we can’t come, but thanks for the invitation_________ —That’s all right. A. therefore B. anyway C. however D. though11. The sportsmen are all ready, waiting for the ________to start running. A. signal B. sign C mark D. suggestion12. ______ the day went on, the weather got worse and worse. A. With B. Since C. While D. As 13. Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture, but when and where ____ yet. A. hasn’t been decided B. haven’t decided C. isn’t being decided D. aren’t decided14. Before put into prison, the thief was ______ by three policemen.A. watched out B. watched over C. watched for D. on watch 15. --______ the sports meet might be put off. -- Yes, it all depends on the weather.A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’ m told D. I told Unit 41. —By the way, have you moved into the new flat? —Not yet. It ________.A. is being painted B. is painting C. was painted D. has been painted2. ---I’d like to invite you to dinner this weekend, Mrs. Brown. ---______.A. Oh, no, let’s not B. I’d rather stay at home. C. I’m very sorry, but I have other plans D. Oh, no, that’ll be too much trouble3. --- I’m terribly sorry that I broke your glasses.---______. A. You’re too careless B. Never mind C. Don’t mention it D. That’s right4. It was a pity that the great writer was greatly harmed ______ his works unfinished. A. for B. with C. from D. of5. Too much smoking and drinking ______ him greatly,which meant bad living habits had great ______ on his health.A. affects; effects B. affected; effect C. affected; effects D. affect; effects6. Much attention should be paid ______ the animals in danger of dying ourA. in protecting B. to protect C. protecting D. to protecting7. She won’t leave the TV set, _____ her husband and children are waiting for her supper.A. as if B. even if C. once D. so long as 8. ---Would you like to come to the dinner party here on Saturday?---I’ sorry, ________I’ll be out of town at the weekend.A. because B. and C. so D. but9. The commercial center ______ in the middle of the 1980s. A. came out B. came into being C. came over D. came in 10. Mary’s pale face suggested that she ______ ill and her parents suggested she ______ a doctor. A. should be;should see B. was;see C. be; seeing D. was; would see 11. The kind of animals is being hunted so that they has nearly _______. A. died out B. died down C. died off D. died away12. To our _______, Jane’s illness proved not to be as serious as expected before.4A. judgment B. relief C. opinion D. hope13. To keep your health, try to not eat foods which ________a lot of fat and sugar, ______chewing gumsA. contain; including B. include; containing C. contain; containing D. include; including 14. Our family greatly appreciates you_______ unselfish help. Without your help, we could not have complete the work on time.A. to give B. giving C. to have given D. gave15. To our joy, the meeting has certainly _______ the public realize the importance of protecting our earth. A. failed to make B. tried to make C managed to making D. succeeded in making Unit 51. In time of serious accidents,______we know some basic things about first aid, we can save lives.A. whether B. until C. if D. unless2. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ________ in your mind instead of before your eyes. A. form B. to be formed C. forming D. having been formed3. I saw a woman running toward me in the dark. Before I could recognize who she was, she had run back in the direction _______ she had come. . A. of which B. by which C. in which D. from which4. He talks as if he _____ everything in the world. A. knows B. knew C. had known D. would have know5. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, _______ was very reasonable. A. which price B. the price of which C. its price D. the price of whose 6. He likes to play a trick on others, but sometimes ________ . A. he plays a trick B. he plays a trick on C. he is played a trick D. a trick is played on him7. We saw several natives advancing towards our party, and one of them came up to us, _______ we gave some bells and glasses. A. to which B. to whom C. with whom D. with which8. He was educated at a local grammar school, ____ he went on to Cambridge. A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this9. His dream ________ to China never ________ . A. of coming; came true B. to come; came true C. of coming; realized D. to come; was made true 10. My parents will move back into town in a year or ______. A. later B. after C. so D. about Unit 1 答案 A DBDA, ACCDC CCCCBUnit 2 答案 AABAB AADCB BBAAC Unit 3 答案 CDBDA CBAAB ADABAUnit 4 ACBBB DBDBB ABABDunit 5 答案 CCDBB DBCAC5Unit 1 答案与解析 ADBDA, ACCDC CCCCB1.A 由 most of the housework 可知此空要填“剩下的,余下的”,the rest 用作名词,剩余部分;其余。表示两者中的另一个; housework 为不可数名词,而 C、D 项只能修饰可数名词。2.D besides 除了……之外还有, 符合题意。 except 除……之外把……排除在外); except 还可用于 except for 或 except that + 从句。但要注意它们和 except 表示的意义不同 : except 表示从一个整体中或某一范围内排除其中的一部分,而 except for 或 except that + 从句则表示对前面叙述过的情况进行修正或补充说明,即在承认整体情况的条件下对局部情况另作说明。3.B 用不定冠词 a 修饰 person, 表示泛指一个人; Personally 常用于句首, 意思为 “就自己而言”, 相当于 in my opinion。4.D in search of sb/sth 寻找,表示 “丢失的,失踪的”, 要用 missing 或 lost 表示。In face of 在……面前;in need of 需要。5.A state 意思为“状态,状况”,为可数名词,前面需要用不定冠词,remain 用作系动词时后面可以接形容词、名词、介词短语、ing 形式、 ed 形式等做表语。第二空用 reading 表示持续的状态。6.A fancy 用作动词 , 后接动词的 ing 形式。join 参加;作.的成员,后接表示团体、组织集团等方面的词,如:join the army,join the Party。join in 后接表示活动的词。7. C when 引导的非限制性定语从句, 可意为“到那时” 。还要注意 according to the record 为插入语。8.C who removed the mountains 用作定语从句,remove 意为 “移开”。9.D remain 为不及物动词, 要用 remaining 做定语。10.C in return 意为“作为报答”。in turn 轮流地;依次 by turns 轮流 in answer 回答,答复。11.C belonging 此处是现在分词,用作定语,相当于定语从句 that belongs to you。12.C which 引导定语从句,which 在定语从句中作动词 visit 的宾语。13.C take apart 拆、卸开;tell apart 区分开;fall apart 散开;set apart 储蓄。14.C whose 引导定语从句修饰 the book, whose 在定语从句中作定语。如选 D 应为 The book of which the cover is …15.B think highly of 高度赞扬; think little of … 认为不怎么样;think nothing of … 觉得不怎么样。Unit 2 答案与解析:AABAB AADCB BBAAC 1. A. take part in 意为“ 参加”, 与句意不符; play a… part/role in 意为“在……起……作用”, 符合语境和句意,故选 A。part 受定语从句的修饰,所以用了定冠词 the。2. B .句意为:普遍认为教学既是一门科学又是一门艺术。as much an art as…表示程度上的等同比较。也可以说 an art as much as…。3. A. 句子的意思是“很多选手为了争夺这枚金牌参加了这个比赛 ”所以选择 compete in… for…结构。compete具体用法如下:compete in 参加……比赛/竞争:compete with/ against sb. 为争取……和……对抗:4. B“every+单数名词” 是“ 每个…”之意;“every + fewtwo, three…. +复数名词”是“每隔. 几两、三……. ”之意。5. B admit 作“承认;供认”解时,后接动词的 ing 形式作宾语,即 admit doing sth 或 admit having done sth,故排除 A、C 项。句意为:汤姆承认在考试中作弊了,他最终没被录取。6. A 句意为 “我不理解他们为什么坚持骑摩托车去”。7. A 第一个空用现在进行时表示将来 , host 意思为 “作.主人或东道主),主办,主持”。Advertise “宣传,展现”。8. D 一般情况下,another 表示“又一;再”时,后接单数名词,不可接复数名词。但其后可接 few 或数词+复数名词。other 作形容词表示“ 另外的;其它的”时,其后通常接复数名词这一点是 other 与 another 的主要区别。. 另外,another 用于表示 “三者“ 或“三者以上” 中的另一个。 other 用于表示“两者”中的另一个。根据常识,除了自身文化外,其他文化肯定有三个以上。故选 D。9. C pick up 拾起,抱起;无意中. 学会见到;听出,收听到;搭载。pick up a lot of bad habits 染上坏习惯;take up 占地方;开始从事;讨论;从事;; 继续 put up 升起, 举起; 建造, 搭起; 供给…膳. 宿; 进行殴斗、抵抗、斗争等. ;grow up 长大。610. B 句意为: 很多人喜欢在大减廉价季节购物 , 因为他们希望在市场上买到物美价廉的便宜货。bargain 廉价品,特价品,便宜货。11. B a spoken contest 是有组织的活动, take part 后不接宾语, 接宾语时要加 in。join in 指参加一些正在惊醒的小活动、游戏, 有时可以用 join sb, in sth/doing sth; join 加入团体、组织、集团等组织,成为其成员;attend 指 “出席,到场” , 相当于 be present at/in。12. B replace 放回原处;复置; put aside 留下…供将来用,留下 …供专用; 丢弃; 不顾;不考虑; take place不及物动词)发生。句意为“读完书后必须放回书架。 ”13. A 句意为:医生索要的治疗费很高,这令她很生气。要价;收费;spend 花费时间、金钱等);出价;开价买. ;使花费主语一般为物. 。14. A 由 this afternoon 可知,本句的动作表示将来,理应要用一般将来时,但在条件、时间等状语从句中,要用一般现在时代替一般将来时,又知 the meeting 和 put off 之间为被动关系,故用一般现在时的被动结构。15. C deserve 后接 doing,主动式表示被动意义, 等于被动语态的动词不定式, 即 deserve to be done , 意思为 “值得做某事”。be worth 后接动词时只能用 doing,主动式表示被动意义。 w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Unit 3 答案与解析 CDBDA CBAAB ADABA 1. C 注意 although, though 用作连词时,后面的从句不能再有 but,但可以用副词 yet。 have… in common为固定搭配, 意思为 “有共同之处”。 in general 一般地2. D what 与 do with 搭配;how 与 deal with 搭配。3. B 句意:会议结束的时候,他们宣布达成了一项协议。首先我们来确认 agreement 和 reach 间的关系为动宾关系,因 agreement 作主语,故应用被动语态,这样淘汰 C 项,又因“ 达成协议”发生在“宣布”之前,应用过去完成时,故选 B。4. D 答语的意思为:没关系,毕竟你尽力了。after all 毕竟,终究;虽然这样。at all 常用 于否定句和疑问句中,加强语气,可译为 “完全,根本;到底”;all over 到处;全部;结束;in all 总共。5. A share one’s opinion 指“同意某人的观点”;agree 是不及物动词,其后要加介词 to/with。 6. C It’s all up to you 由你决定吧。Shall we ….?用来表示征求对方的建议。7. B 由 now 可知应该用现在进行时,又知 man 与动词 question 之间为被动关系,故用现在进行时的被动形式,即答案为 B8. A 根据 I like both of them 可知 , 对于买哪个还没有作出决定。故 A 项为正确答案。9. A electric equipment 电子设备, electronic 意思为 “电子的,和电子有关的”。electric 用来指“用电来驱动的;由电产生的” ,指任何电动的或发电的装置,被修饰的物体本身可带电,如 electric ligh²耀 lectrical 为“电的,与电有关的,电气科学的”,指与电有关的事物,被修饰的词本身并不能带电,如 an electrical book 一本电学方面的书。10. B 句意为:恐怕我们来不及了, 不过还是感谢邀请。 anyway 即使怎样,无论如何。 therefore 因此;however 然而,表示相反的观点或看法,语意与 but 重复; though 虽然,即使,也不与 but 同时使用。11. A 句意为:运动员们都





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